Vol1 Ch30: I am Negary

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With a box-shaped container in his hands, Noah entered a secret room. Inside this container was the golden blood he extracted from Comoros, who was also his older brother.

10 years ago, when Nala was born, Wang Yuan had begun to study the awakening Dragon Bloodline inside Nala's body.

Wang Yuan had never stopped studying the Dragon Bloodline during these past 10 years. The most widely adopted application of which was the [Diffuse] germs that exist all over Reystromia and slowly spreading to the areas around it.

Other than that, the research that Wang Yuan valued the most had begun to take shape 3 years ago.

The Dragon Bloodline inside Nala's body had the following characteristics.

No.1, the Dragon Bloodline can alter the host's bodily constitution, causing the vitality of someone with the Dragon Bloodline to be exceptionally tenacious.

No.2, there was some 'inheritance information' hidden inside the bloodline, as well as a type of power named [Dragon's Pressure], a person who has awakened their Dragon Bloodline will slowly learn [Dracotongue]1 as well as develop to become like a dragon.

Wang Yuan had checked the profiles of those who awakened Dragon Bloodline in the Interkam Kingdom's history records. Without exception, they all had unique characteristics, powerful, whimsical, gluttonous, greedy, and liked to sleep. And even more so, they all had an extreme sense of personal charm, making it so that many people were more than willing to follow and die alongside them.

What surprised Wang Yuan the most was that during the entire Interkam Kingdom history, not once had a woman been able to awaken the Dragon Bloodline. Perhaps it was Wang Yuan's germs that caused Nala to mutate just enough to awaken the Dragon Bloodline. Simply put, during these few years, Nala had indeed awoken some dragon characteristics.

Regretfully for Wang Yuan, he wasn't someone who inherited the Dragon Bloodline. He had been able to extract the 'inheritance information' within the Dragon Bloodline, but he didn't understand a single word of [Dracotongue]. He had already tried searching for someone who knew [Dracotongue] but to no avail.

No.3, Dragon's blood has an inseparable connection with itself, even the Dragon's blood that was extracted from Nala still held a firm connection to her.

The golden blood inside Comoros' heart was Dragon's blood that Wang Yuan extracted from Nala's body bit by bit through his germs. This Dragon's blood was modified by Wang Yuan through injecting his own signature into it, then injected into the body of a qualified specimen to enter constant gestation.

The so-called 'qualified specimen' referred to people who could inherit the Dragon Bloodline. It was currently unknown if the Dragon Bloodline had mutated, but a 'qualified specimen' must fulfil a total of three conditions, the first of which was to be infected by Wang Yuan's germs, and they must be thoroughly infected.

Secondly, they must be a half-breed Cauchy person. Comoros and Noah had the same mother who came from a different race of human.

Anyone who fulfills those two conditions can be injected with Dragon's blood without dying, but the carrier will slowly be unable to endure the constant [Dragon's Pressure] inside the Dragon's blood and turn mad.

Only those who fulfilled the third condition, which was their soul nature being biased towards the 'Dragon' attribute, would be able to endure the [Dragon's Pressure] and even turn that into their own ability.

There weren't many who were able to fulfil all three of these conditions, among them, were Comoros and Noah. But as Noah was the 'Righteous' who had a Covenant with Wang Yuan, he naturally couldn't be used as an experimental specimen. There were still a lot of unstable factors within this experiment, and the Dragon's blood that Wang Yuan synthesized was only a prototype.

After three years, this Dragon's blood had changed hosts a total of 5 times, Comoros was the 5th one. Thanks to Comoros, this Dragon's blood had finally been completely altered and turned into 'Soul's Blood' that was fully grasped in Wang Yuan's hands. Of course, you could call it by its other name, the [Negary virus].

Dragon's blood and Soul's blood were essentially the same, however, one of them had the main attribute of 'Dragon', while the other had the main attribute of 'Negary'.

In Wang Yuan's mind, the Soul's blood could improve the host's constitution and even reinforce their minds, to an extent, allowing them to awaken their Spirit Shaman abilities as Noah did.

Some of the earlier prototypes Wang Yuan had could also achieve this, the reason why Wang Yuan valued Soul's blood so highly was because of its two remaining effects.

Noah looked down at the golden blood inside the container, just by shaking it a bit, he could see a jet black liquid behind its outer golden hue. Without fear, Noah undid his clothing and picked up the ceremonial blade that was prepared earlier.

He sunk the ceremonial blade into the container to soak it in the golden blood, then plunged it into his heart without hesitation.

As he pulled the blade back out, not a single drop of blood was spilt. The golden blood visible on the wound on his heart moved like living creatures, quickly healing the hole made by the blade before finally forming a strange insignia on top of the scar. It looked like a crow spreading its wings to fly, but at the same time, it looked like a soaring dragon.

Noah could sense that something within his body was extracted, and something else was starting to be conceived. This emotionless boy appeared joyful for the very first time as he could sense it. He could sense that he was becoming a part of the Great Negary, and that he was becoming closer than ever to his God.

At the same time, Nala who was walking home with her mother suddenly clutched her chest and felt her heartbeat becoming faster. But this feeling quickly vanished without a trace, and her eyes became even clearer than before, inhumanely clearer.

Under the great forbidden tree of Reya, Wang Yuan picked up a leaf that just dropped. He could sense his soul becoming whole at a speed greater than ever before, filling the places that he lacked.

 A sense of will suddenly swept across him, something from deep inside this world started to descend upon Wang Yuan. He felt his soul becoming unprecedentedly active, Wang Yuan soul's instinct was telling him to receive that 'something' and put it back into the deepest part of his soul to make himself whole again.

This made Wang Yuan understand what that 'something' was. That was the most important part that was missing from him, the True Spirit that he had lost, the origin of his soul, his most basic essence.

If he took it and obtained another living body, he would turn into a true living being and not the remnant soul that he currently was. If he took it, he would be able to use the Soul Transmigration method he learnt from the monster of 10 years ago and travel to another world, no longer having to worry about being trapped in this low-magic world.

'Wang Yuan' could sense it, his own soul was madly urging him to take it and reform himself. Only by reforming himself would he truly be Wang Yuan and not a remnant soul that took Wang Yuan's name.

Those who hadn't experienced this feeling wouldn't understand how tempting it was to the current Wang Yuan, the feeling of once again obtaining something he had thought be lost caused Wang Yuan to almost feel addicted.

Wang Yuan had offered his hand to many, encouraging them to surrender to him, and at this very moment, Wang Yuan felt that a certain existence was offering their hand to him, offering to be his God.

Seeing himself almost becoming whole again, 'Wang Yuan' suddenly took a step back. His soul began to boil and collapse, the things that once belonged to Wang Yuan was madly insisting him to return. Every step he took back was one step further from him becoming the true Wang Yuan.

"If that is so, from today onwards, I truly am Negary!" he cut off the remnant soul of the past, supported his collapsing soul and showed a particularly brilliant smile.

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