Vol1 Ch26: The final whispers (2)

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"Herlo!" Noah chanted the name of the God of strength, calling upon the spirit of strength in the world and imbuing his body with physical prowess.

"Samira!" intense wind once again began to pick up. The wind was indeed strong, but the most it could do was make someone topple over from losing balance, the true threat came from hidden things inside the wind, if you carelessly let them sweep across you, a long wound would be drawn on your body.

Bukittel wasn't panicked, once he fought without holding back, his fighting strength could easily rank among the top of this world. He had a total of 5 Graces gifted from God.

The Grace of Salvation, capable of curing wounds and diseases.

The Grace of Protection, capable of forming a barrier that shields against damage.

The Grace of Understanding, capable of forming a special sight to observe things that normal people can't see.

The Grace of Justice, capable of cutting apart anything he deems to be unjust.

The Grace of Vitality, capable of giving the owner a powerful physique.

It was because Bukittel managed to take 5 Graces from God that he became the most powerful Warrior of Divine Grace among everyone in the Church of Divine Grace.

"My Lord's Grace declares my power to be just! Young man, for serving an Evil Spirit, I declare you unjust, and I shall cut you down!" Bukittel wielded the sword in his hand high. Glowing with the light of faith, he cut the wind apart, not allowing the things inside it to approach him. The Grace of Vitality gave him a powerful body that allowed him to immediately shorten his distance with Noah.

"Stromiano!" Noah wasn't panicked, he calmly and swiftly chanted the name of the God of the wall. Several invisible things quickly converged and stopped in front of Bukittel's sword.

Black liquid splashed everywhere as a wall of meat suddenly manifested in front of Noah. The wall itself looked like it was made from black, squirming pieces of meat, so as it was hit by Bukittel's sword, it started to 'bleed' a black liquid while squirming even more intensely, trying to swallow the sword whole.

"Blasphemous thing!" Bukittel scowled, the sword in his hand glowed brightly and sliced the wall of meat apart, melting it into a pile of black liquid.

The rune on his head still shining, Bukittel stared intensely at the calm Noah and couldn't help himself praising the young man. This boy only looked to be about 10 years old, but he wasn't panicked in the face of trouble, almost like he could maintain his calm at anything.

Even the most talented youths of the Church of Divine Grace pale in comparison to him.

Bukittel sighed, as he was an enemy, the more talented he was, the more he needed to be eliminated.

"As a follower of evil, my hands of salvation do not reach out to you, I am sorry for that" Bukittel didn't say much and stepped in, stabbing Noah with his sword imbued with the power of justice.

"Clergyman, where do you think we're fighting?" Noah looked at the tip of the sword coming for him without a shred of fear, he understood very well that if this was a real clash of strength, he couldn't win against Bukittel.

Even his powers as a Spirit Shaman was only at an amateur level, the few God names that he was able to use right now was a result of long trial and error over the years. They were far from enough for a real fight, the only reason they could exert this much power at all was because he was standing in the territory of his Lord.

"Negary!" unlike the other God names, Noah was chanting this name with extreme respect, as this was his Lord to whom he offered his forehead, his Lord with whom he had a Covenant with since birth, his Lord to whom his loyalty belonged to for the rest of his life.

The germs in the air began to quickly gather. Using the God name Noah chanted as a catalyst, the germs stuck to one another and manifested as a black blob of flesh. The blob of flesh easily caught Bukittel's sword.

The black flesh was still constantly shifting and forming, slowly manifesting a humanoid shape. White mucus then began to flow from the black flesh and quickly dried up to form a layer of pale white skin. Finally, a fully naked man had appeared in front of Bukittel, tightly gripping the blade of his sword.

Noah took off his coat and draped it over the shoulder of his man before respectfully stepping to one side.

"NE.GA.RY!!" Bukittel loudly shouted, wanting to swing his sword, but felt an overwhelming force holding his sword in place, unable to move it at all.

As soon as he saw the man, an ominous feeling attacked his psyche, telling him that the one in front of him was indeed the Cauchy God of legend, the embodiment of disease and omen, Negary.

"You may call me that, clergyman of the Church of Divine Grace" Wang Yuan didn't refute Bukittel. He was only a remnant soul without a True Spirit so he naturally didn't have a true name. Calling him Wang Yuan or Negary held the same meaning.

"Is this the power of 'Grace' that belongs to the Church of Divine Grace? How interesting!" Wang Yuan gripped Bukittel's sword tightly to sense the unique power imbued in it as he stiffly moved his body forward.

This body was created from countless germs so it didn't have a skeleton, inner organs, or blood vessels. It only looked human, but it was still, in essence, a cluster of germs being controlled by Wang Yuan's manipulation over viruses.

"My Lord's Grace grants me the power of justice, I shall cut through the darkness!" Bukittel declared and channelled Grace from all over his body into his sword as a blinding bright light. But the result only caused Bukittel to feel despair.

The sword was still tightly gripped by Negary, the power of Grace granted to him didn't cause Negary even a little bit of damage.

"How is that possible!?" Bukittel shouted in disbelief.

"Nothing is impossible" Wang Yuan smiled: "As I have seen through the nature of your Grace of Justice, I no longer need to fear this power. Everything that exists has a weakness, and because I have found your weakness, you can no longer win"

"Weakness…" Bukittel suddenly thought of something, the rune on his forehead glowed as he looked down at the sword in his hand, finally noticing that the essence of the sword had changed at some point.

The Grace of Justice, in essence, is the power to reject all things, but this power is based on my beliefs, and the belief I established is to cut down anything with my sword

But now this sword has been completely replaced by Negary!

Bukittel saw that his sword was covered in countless black lines. The sword had already broken into tiny pieces at some point, completely relying on germs to hold it together. Because of this, the germs had become a part of the sword while the fragments of the sword had also become part of the germs. And the Grace of Justice couldn't act on germs.

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