Vol1 Ch23: Dragon Bloodline

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This was a little girl about 10 years of age. She had a beautiful head of flowing blond hair, if only a bit messy, the clothes she was wearing were full of patches. Her face was dirtied with black and grey ash that made her look like she was pretending to be a boy.

If one carefully looked at her face, one would find that she looked inhumanly pretty. Having inherited her parent's best points, she was born with a natural aura that caused others to trust her.

This little girl that looked like she was pretending to be a boy was Isabella and Jacob's daughter, Nala Dakmi.

Chris stood from afar, observing the pair of mother and daughter. He was wearing a hat attached to a piece of cloth that wrapped around his face, concealing his scar. At the same time, he was also wearing a thick robe that concealed the various tokens he always carried around.

After a few moments of observation, Chris suddenly scowled, let go of his scarf and began to breathe rhythmically. His body harmonized with his surroundings, almost as if he was melting into thin air before exhaling a long breath, as if to expel something from his body.

"Negary" Chris once again covered his face and mouth with his scarf, doing everything he could to avoid direct contact with the air around himself, silently thinking to himself: "I need to inform Augustin as soon as possible, I can't believe this Evil Spirit has already grown to this extent"

"So he was able to expel it from his body" Wang Yuan observed Chris' actions through an infected person's gaze and praised him.

The entirety of Reystromia was his territory, even if he accepted a large number of outsiders, with Wang Yuan's personality of wanting to dominate everything, how could he not have an eye everywhere?

[Diffuse] germs, this bacteria didn't have the strongest infectivity or unique power, the only praiseworthy point about it was its great reproductive power and stability.

And currently, the [Diffuse] germs had spread to every corner of Reystromia, making it so that any person who lived here was basically living inside a sea of germs. Everything they breathe, eat, and drink was mixed with the germs without fail.

The infectivity of these germs weren't particularly powerful, so it took an average of 2 weeks for a normal healthy person to thoroughly be infected with these germs, and even if they were infected, nothing would happen to them. At most, these germs would cause their stamina to drain a bit faster than normal, other than that, it posed no harm to the human body.

However, the [Diffuse] germs had extremely impressive stickiness. Once a person becomes infected, it would be nearly impossible to remove these germs. As soon as they entered a human body, these germs would quickly adapt to the host's constitution, multiply and spread to every corner of the host's body, and form a symbiotic relationship with them.

Getting rid of these germs meant that the host must cleanse themselves thoroughly from inside to outside, and such a person would be not too far away from death. What Chris had been doing within this environment full of germs was periodically expelling the germs that entered his body like he did earlier.

"That rhythmic breathing method, is that the rumoured [Respiratory Art]?" Wang Yuan recalled the strange breathing rhythm that Chris used, questioning the essence of this power.

[Respiratory Art] was one of the few supernatural powers of this world. The information Wang Yuan obtained these past years had only ever briefly mentioned the existence of such a power.

Apparently, very few aristocrats or royal families still hold this method of cultivation. Through sensing the rhythm of all things and a unique breathing method, one would harmonize themselves with this rhythm and enter a heightened state that improved one's senses.

Otherwise, how could a living mortal like Chris sense the microscopic germs inside his body and successfully expel them?

Of course, Wang Yuan had also heard that the [Respiratory Art] had other uses and powers, but he only managed to find out that much. Today was the first time he actually saw someone perform this [Respiratory Art], this low-magic world truly was 'low'.

Currently, Wang Yuan had only discovered three types of supernatural power. The first belonged to the Church of Divine Grace, where they claimed that by basking in the grace of God, they obtained various powers that normal people didn't possess. Wang Yuan had also witnessed a bishop from the Church of Divine Grace who came into Reya and confirmed that they do indeed have a bit of supernatural power. The second kind were remnant souls, or as these people called it, Evil Spirits. The third was the [Respiratory Art] that Chris had just performed.

Naturally, among the records that Wang Yuan had collected over the years, quite a few other kinds of supernatural powers were also mentioned. For example, the Cauchy people's shamans who claimed to have unlocked the 'spirit' meaning of the word 'Cauchy', they could supposedly connect with all things and utter the names of Gods to borrow their power, Wang Yuan's 'Righteous' Noah was able to utilize a bit of this power.

Next was the Royas Kingdom. This country was said to hold a supernatural power called the Ancestral Spirit Armor. According to the records, a holder of this power could go against 100 people by themselves on the battlefield, but Wang Yuan had never seen it before.

In addition to this was the most widespread supernatural power, the 'Witch'.

From the records that Wang Yuan collected, Witches were able to use various materials to perform their spells, some of which were nothing more than magic tricks that simply used chemical reactions, like creating fire or smoke.

However, there were some actual signs of supernatural power, Wang Yuan once saw a Witch performing their spell in the memories of a mercenary. That Witch poured some kind of liquid out of a flask and turned a real living person into a frog.

There were still many supernatural power records in this world, but a large majority of them were only presumed to have existed, while the others had already been lost in this world, perhaps their heritage was cut-off at some point.

"I need to get this [Respiratory Art] into my hands" Wang Yuan had such a thought. [Respiratory Art] was the art of perceiving and using rhythm, it had very little relation to True Spirit and origin. Even if Wang Yuan couldn't use [Respiratory Art], it didn't hurt for him to obtain the knowledge as a part of his foundation for the future.

"I also need to speed up my research on Nala" this was Wang Yuan's main research topic for the last few years.

Nala's mother came from the 'Children of Dragon' Tagula family, a family said to be able to awaken the bloodline of the dragon. Perhaps it was due to Wang Yuan's germs, or perhaps a reaction to the mixed bloodline of the Cauchy and the Tagula family, but the Dragon Bloodline that had laid dormant in the Tagula family for several generations had now begun to awaken within this little girl.

And the Dragon Bloodline had half-fused with Wang Yuan's germs from when she was still inside Isabella's womb, making it so that Wang Yuan had no way to control them.

But it was also because of this reason that Wang Yuan was able to study the Dragon Bloodline inside Nala's body through the germs.

Through his research of the Dragon Bloodline these past few years, Wang Yuan had obtained quite a bit of results. For example, the [Diffuse] germs that now existed all over Reystromia was the result of Wang Yuan purposefully controlling the germs' mutation, in an attempt to artificially create the strain of germs inside Nala's body.

Even so, the [Diffuse] germs was nothing but a pleasant byproduct of his experimentation, he was still far from achieving the ideal germs in his mind. And Nala's body that contained the Dragon Bloodline that had half-fused with his germs was the perfect petri dish.


"Mama, today I sold quite a bit of fabric again, aren't I great?" the little Nala looked up at Isabella seeking praise, a faint golden gleam briefly appeared in her eyes before vanishing without a trace. 

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