Vol1 Ch21: 10 years later

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"Noah, a troublemaker!" with a childish voice, a little girl in braids shouted from below.

Noah, who was reading by the window of the second floor, closed his book and looked up.

The 10 year-old Noah appeared to be very strong, his neat demeanour as well as his meticulous and careful personality made him the natural leader of the Cauchy youth organization.

Putting the book down on one side, Noah jumped down from the window, his black hair was neatly combed, not at all like a 10 year-old boy.

"What's the matter, who would dare cause trouble here?" Noah squinted his eyes, this place was no longer the small village of 10 years ago.

8 years ago, after the great Negary performed a miracle that completely pushed the Kent tribe out, this originally small village was hailed as Reystromia, meaning 'the place observed by greatness'. 'Greatness' here meant devils, ghosts, or gods, existences that far exceeded humans.

Gradually, the name Reystromia was adopted by the Cauchy people, after all, this village originally didn't even have a name.

After that, the Kent people launched another invasion in revenge, but under the glory of Negary, the Kent tribe was once again pushed out, Reystromia also entered a period of rapid growth. Many Cauchy people from various places gathered here to seek asylum. After all, Negary was a part of the Cauchy people's legends, so regardless of him being a righteous or evil God, the Cauchy's loyalty towards him was a lot greater than others.

In just 10 years, Reystromia had become the largest trading place in the surrounding area, turning it into a place of mixed and complicated make-up.

With the Cauchy people at the center, they worshipped Negary and formed the Crowmen organization to keep the order of Reystromia. The other people here consisted of merchants from the two countries. Not official merchants, of course, as official trading between them was banned due to the current tense relations between the Royas and the Interkam kingdoms.

However, in front of profits, the ban on trading was only a little bit more than a joke. Quite a few people still conducted trades, and there was no better place than the growing Reystromia.

The large number of smugglers brought immense wealth to Reystromia, and wealth brought more people. Among them were mercenaries looking for jobs, which ranged from protection of cargo to underground jobs, and all kinds of things.

Besides mercenaries, pickpockets, hitmen and prostitutes also gradually gathered in Reystromia, simply because there was wealth here. Of course, there were also those who didn't come here for the wealth, like fugitives, deserters, and intelligence personnel.

From a geographical standpoint, Reystromia was still part of the Interkam Kingdom, but since this was a barren land without many valuable resources where various Cauchy villages lived while keeping to themselves, the Interkam Kingdom didn't really pay attention to them and didn't send anyone here to manage it.

Furthermore, even if they wanted to, the current Interkam Kingdom was powerless to do so. This country had been greatly weakened by the internal strife of several years ago, it was also the reason why the relations between Royas and the Interkam kingdoms were so tense.

There were many rumours of the Royas Kingdom's aristocrats conscripting men for the war, and that an inevitable war would soon break out between the two countries.

Because of that, Reystromia as a whole was also becoming restless. Not only did the Interkam Kingdom want to become its leader in name, but they also wanted to take it over to create a fortress against the Royas Kingdom's invasion.

At the same time, the Royas Kingdom also wanted Reystromia under its wings, since that would mean that the Interkam Kingdom would lose a valuable natural barrier against the Royas army.

Between the two, the people in charge of Reystromia were leaning more towards helping the Interkam Kingdom.

Firstly, the Royas Kingdom wasn't like the Interkam Kingdom. They were an orthodox segregated kingdom, all the nobles of the country were Royas whereas other human races in Royas were considered 2nd rate citizens, some were even 3rd rate or slaves.

Secondly, the current Royas was too powerful, if they really sided with Royas right now, they had to be prepared to be completely swallowed up by Royas in the end.

As he walked along the chaotic yet eerily orderly streets of Reystromia, a large number of Cauchy youths slowly gathered behind Noah.

As the smuggler merchants around saw this group of youths, they were clearly cautious. Similar to the Crowmen who were made up of Cauchy people to keep local order, this Cauchy youth organization that was made up of young children also had considerable fighting strength.

At the start, this organization was thought to be a group of ignorant children who played around, but not too long after they formed, they incorporated large numbers of pickpockets in Reystromia and became the lawmakers of the underworld.

These Cauchy youths, especially the children who were born after Negary's appearance far surpassed other peers, both in mind and body. In fact, they were almost equal to adults.

"A lone wolf who just came to Reya1 today. After Lars got him, he was chased all the way to the base" the girl explained what happened to Noah, the 'lone wolf' in her words meant a mercenary who hadn't formed a party yet. 

"So the lone wolf is asking for reimbursement? Or what does he want?" Noah wasn't surprised, a pickpocket would slip up sooner or later, and there were always strong people among those that made it to Reystromia. If the other party was strong or had backing, the pickpockets would usually apologize and give the money back. Since they were Cauchy people, the other party would most likely accept that apology and leave without pursuing the issue any further.

But if the other party both had no backing and no skills, then they could only consider themselves unlucky. If they still didn't know their place, then they would likely join the crow's portion of food for the day, the flock of crows never complained about having more to eat.

"That's not it, he detained some of our comrades and hoped that he would gain our help, apparently he's here to look for someone" the girl appeared puzzled: "He seems to be looking for the crazy girl's house"

Noah's footsteps stopped, the crazy girl that the young girl was talking about was Nala, one of the few Cauchy youths who refused to obey him. Of course, even if she agreed to, Noah wouldn't accept her, since she was the daughter of a sinner.

"Let's meet our lone wolf first" Noah headed for the pickpocket base.

Sitting on a large tree deep inside Reystromia, Wang Yuan opened his eyes. Large numbers of jet black figures moved on the tree, hundreds, thousands of crows took flight at once, forming a huge flock of crows.

"Someone looking for Nala and Isabella?" as Noah was Wang Yuan's 'Righteous', Wang Yuan naturally learned about everything that he knew.

"Not a member of the Interkam royal family, but a mercenary?" Wang Yuan found that a bit strange, but only a little bit. His research on Nala was currently reaching a crucial point, so Wang Yuan didn't intend to let anyone take Nala away, at least, not yet.

Because of that, even though Isabella had attempted to leave Reystromia several times during these past years, Wang Yuan had always stopped her.

"Let's have Noah find out a bit more" Wang Yuan silently thought.

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