Vol1 Ch13: Qualified specimens

Translator: La0o9

"That feels quite decent" Wang Yuan carefully selected the emotions he needed, absorbed them, then did his best to discard what he considered useless emotions.

Among these useless emotions, the majority of them were his longing towards his family. These emotions that Jacob treasured even to his death were discarded by Wang Yuan like a pair of ragged shoes. However, Wang Yuan was quite interested in the woman called Isabella.

Thanks to Jacob's memories, Wang Yuan now knew quite a bit about Isabella.

The woman Isabella wasn't a Cauchy tribeswoman, but rather a Degen woman from the kingdom of Interkam, furthermore, one that came from an aristocratic family, the Tagula. They could be considered a branch family of the Interkam kingdom's royal family.

A few years ago, the royal family of the Interkam kingdom was caught in internal strife, and as the royal bloodline's branch family, the Tagula family was naturally affected. Isabella Tagula had escaped to this place to avoid the bloodshed, settled down here and married Jacob Dakmi, changing her name to Isabella Dakmi.

But the point that Wang Yuan was interested in was that the Tagula family was once hailed as the 'Child of Dragon', rumoured to have the blood of true dragons flowing through their veins.

From a rational standpoint, this low-magic world couldn't possibly give birth to a dragon, so the supposed bloodline of the dragon would be fake 80-90% of the time. But according to Isabella's explanations, a 'Child of Dragon' had in fact once been born in their family, inheriting their power.

"Most of the people in this village are Cauchy, so unique specimens like these can stay" Wang Yuan was currently thinking about his plans, especially since Isabella was now a pregnant woman.

"About the adaptability of a fetus to the bacteria" Wang Yuan recalled a few movies from his previous life, for example, 'Planet of the Apes' or 'Blade', in which they used the mother's body as a springboard to allow the fetus inside their mother to slowly adapt to those serums and powers.

It was because of this that Blade was able to become a Daywalker, while Caesar gained high intelligence.

"If I infect Isabella with the bacteria and suppresses its growth, I wonder if the newborn child would become adapted to the germs" Wang Yuan silently thought: "From this, I might be able to grow bacteria that are compatible with humans"

"There are quite a few similar specimens in the village. It's still unknown if Isabella would have a different reaction to the bacteria as she belongs to a different race of humans"

After absorbing the memories of quite a few people, Wang Yuan had a much clearer understanding of this world.

In the Cauchy's myth of origin, the vast Whiteness killed the Progenitor of all things, the Progenitor's body turned into the current world and gave birth to its living beings, while the Progenitor's will became the spirits of all things, thus gave birth to their faith of Gods in all things.

Calling the names of these Gods would grant you the aid of these spirits, naturally, no matter how much the crazy Cauchy people called out to the Gods, they didn't help them.

According to the Cauchy's myths, the many races of humans in this world were born from different spirits. The Cauchy was the representative of the spirits, that was why they could recognize the names of Gods, and why the word Cauchy had the meaning of 'spirits'.

The Empire of the Cauchy people, Trilancia, once had a glorious past, but it was now destroyed. The majority of Cauchy people had now scattered all over various countries, some of them formed villages like this one, others were said to have formed a Cauchy restoration organization that was still active today, but hadn't gotten any results for their efforts.

From these myths, Wang Yuan managed to obtain quite a bit of information. The most important of which was that different races of humans would indeed manifest different characteristics that were clearly displayed in daily lives.

For example, the biggest enemies of this village, the Kent tribe. The Kent people were natural-born bandits, the will to invade was already engraved into their blood, and a few particularly powerful Kent humans even manifested strange changes on their bodies.

"What an interesting world" Wang Yuan slowly absorbed the rest of Jacob's white mist.

Under Comoros' guidance, the gathered villagers began to follow Negary's orders and formed a new hunting party. Their main mission was no longer to hunt for food, but rather to find crows or crow's eggs and bring them back to the village.

While Comoros was observing the group of obedient people, he felt an unprecedented feeling of satisfaction, then noticed a middle-aged man with a complicated expression standing not too far away from him.

As the middle-aged man noticed Comoros looking at him, he turned to leave. As he had a limp in one of his legs, he couldn't move very quickly.

Comoros' lips twitched, losing over half of the satisfaction he was feeling before and hurriedly chased after the limp middle-aged man.

"Dad, why did you also come?" Comoros maintained his calm and asked.

"I am not your father. My son has already died with the old hunting party" the limp man angrily spoke while continuing to walk forward.

Comoros stopped as his expression turned sour: "I'm doing this for the village, why are you disowning me?"

"My son is a hero who hunts for the village, not a coward who came back to slander his companions" the limp man replied: "You've already forgotten, it was Jacob who helped you join the hunting party, it was Dax who taught and helped you from scratch. But you pushed Jacob to his death and you slandered Dax's name. My son is not a person like that!"

"And that's why you think that I was wrong!?" Comoros suppressed his anger and refuted: "Everything I did, I did for this village, for our family. Otherwise, why did you think I joined the hunting party!?"

"If not for my unborn little sibling, would I have joined the hunting party? If not to prevent the plague from befalling our village, would I push Jacob to his death?" Comoros viciously spoke.

The middle-aged man stopped, said nothing, then continued to limp back home, but his back seemed to hunch a lot more than it used to.

Comoros swallowed his anger and decided to not return home. But if he had, he would notice that the two messengers that he cared for were currently perched on top of his house, while Wang Yuan was already hovering inside his house, looking over the pregnant middle-aged woman, recalling some of the basic information that he absorbed from Dax's and Jacob's memories about Comoros.

Comoros' father used to be a member of the village guard, but during a struggle with the Kent tribe, he took an arrow to the knee and couldn't help but resign. Yet a few months ago, Comoros' mother once again became pregnant.

To not abandon this child meant that their not-to-wealthy family needed another source of income, so Comoros was entrusted by his father into the hunting party.

Using his interference force, Wang Yuan put a certain amount of bacteria from the crows into Comoros' mother's body through her breathing. After confirming that she had indeed been infected, Wang Yuan ordered the crows to fly away.

After he controlled the rate of growth of these bacteria, Wang Yuan continued to hover towards the next house, as there were quite a few more people that needed to be infected, and he would need to carefully culture them during the next period of time. Also, there was one more problem.

According to the absorbed memories, it would soon be winter. And so, for the sake of goods, the natural-born bandits of the Kent tribe would soon pay them an unwelcome visit.

The Kent tribe sounds like perfect specimens to experiment on as well.