1 Chapter 1: The Opening System Runs Away, Leaving Me Behind.

In a dim, cold, and damp alley, a slender figure appeared inconspicuous in this city.

This is Douluo Continent, the Fasinuo Province, Nuoding City.

"I'm shrinking, my head is shrinking, my body is shrinking, everything is shrinking..."

Ye Hao, dressed in tattered clothes, rapidly shrank before his very eyes at a visible speed. This might be beyond common sense, but it was indeed happening to Ye Hao...

Ye Hao, eighteen years old, male, a promising youth of the 21st century, a future pillar of society.

Just after finishing reading the novel "Douluo Continent," feeling regretful for the demise of the Spirit Hall, he unexpectedly crossed over and arrived here.

That's right, it's the newbie village, Nuoding City.

"Where am I?"

In a daze, Ye Hao opened his eyes to see a slender alley, filled with various foul odors. Wearing ragged clothes, Ye Hao had no idea what had happened and was engulfed in confusion at this moment...

"Ding, the Life Simulation System is at your service..."

Ye Hao's eyes lit up as he listened to the voice in his mind. As an avid novel reader and a self-proclaimed otaku, he naturally understood that this was a typical plotline in novels.

He walked down the alley until it was pitch black, and Ye Hao looked up at the deep blue sky above his head.

"Perhaps, I haven't really crossed over after all..."


He realized that things had become smaller...

Ye Hao's pupils contracted as he leaned over a small puddle in front of him, his eyes fixed on the reflection of a slender figure in the water.

Black short hair, large pupils, a delicate face covered in ashes, and this ragged clothing—this was undeniably a true portrayal of a beggar.

"This...is me?"

Ye Hao was puzzled, reaching out to touch his small body. Subconsciously, he felt a chill...

After taking a while to adjust, Ye Hao finally accepted the reality of his transmigration. However, where exactly was he?

"The Life Simulator System is at your service..."

Ye Hao was overjoyed. The system had arrived!

"Where am I?"

"Douluo Continent, Nording City."

The system replied in a detached tone.

"Douluo Continent! Nording City!"

Had it really come true? Ye Hao had just finished reading the novel "Douluo Continent" and now he had crossed over. Novels weren't supposed to happen like this.

"What is the current time? Who is the Pope of the Spirit Hall now?"

Ye Hao's heart raced. He was afraid of missing the prime golden opportunity. It was well known that he was not the only transmigrator in this land, as there was another person who did not belong to this world.

"The Pope of the Spirit Hall is Bibi Dong."

The system continued to answer.

Hearing this, Ye Hao breathed a sigh of relief.

Looking at himself in this state, he was undoubtedly six years old. In the world of Douluo Continent, where martial souls were predominant, one's martial soul could be anything, ranging from weapons and spirit beasts to tools for daily use. From powerful spirit beasts to ordinary objects, everything had the potential to be one's martial soul.

As a transmigrator, Ye Hao was currently contemplating what his martial soul would be.

"System, what is your function?" Ye Hao asked.

"Simulation," the system replied.

"Simulation? Simulate anyone? Anyone can be simulated?" Ye Hao asked again.

"Yes, after my conditioning, your body is currently six years old, which is the optimal age for awakening a martial soul. Considering your special identity, you have one opportunity to choose who you want to simulate. The target can be a person or a spirit beast. Please make your choice."

Anyone can be simulated!

In other words, Ye Hao had the freedom to choose and unleash the full potential of simulating someone's martial soul, awakening that person's martial soul.

Douluo Continent was a vibrant and colorful world, giving birth to numerous powerhouses and unique martial souls.

The first-ranked Tool Martial Soul, Clear Sky Hammer; the Seraphim of the Spirit Hall; the first-ranked Beast Martial Soul, Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon; and the first-ranked Auxiliary Martial Soul, Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda. These were the most representative martial souls in Douluo Continent.

Considering that each of the aforementioned martial souls was associated with a prominent figure, Ye Hao immediately passed on them without hesitation.

The reason was simple.

The first Clear Sky Hammer. Such martial souls can only be possessed by disciples of the Clear Sky Clan, and it is passed down within the clan. Apart from the one who was expelled from the clan early on, there are hardly any disciples of the Clear Sky Clan on the continent.

Since that incident, the Clear Sky Clan has closed its doors. If someone with a Clear Sky Hammer martial soul were to appear now, it would undoubtedly attract significant attention.

The second Seraphim, as a representative of the Spirit Hall, this type of martial soul awakens with a full innate soul power of level twenty. It can be said that they have a head start right from the beginning.

Even so, Ye Hao wouldn't choose it. Come on, he had already transmigrated, why not choose a twin martial soul for some fun?

The third Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon, not interested.

As for the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda? Who plays support these days?

Not even dogs play it!

"You have thirty seconds left to make a choice. If you exceed the time limit, the system will randomly match for you..."

"Thirty, twenty-nine, twenty-eight..."

After careful consideration, Ye Hao made his final choice...

"Give me a batch of Bibi Dongs!"

(Bibi Dong: Ah-choo!)

The reason Ye Hao chose Bibi Dong was not without cause.

Firstly, before transmigrating, Ye Hao had just finished reading Douluo Continent and felt a sense of pity for Bibi Dong. The actions of her Master, the lack of understanding from others, and even her own biological daughter only called her "Mom" on her deathbed. It was her first and last time.

Secondly, Ye Hao felt that this continent was cruel, where the nobles held power above everything else, and the commoners had hardly any opportunities to rise. Perhaps the existence of the Spirit Hall obstructed their path...

Thirdly, it was simply a matter of disliking certain things and people. Since he had come here, it wouldn't hurt to make up for some regrets, right?

"Ding, simulating life, choosing Bibi Dong..."

"Selection complete. You have obtained the Death Spider Emperor and Soul Devouring Spider Emperor martial souls. Status: Not yet awakened. Please proceed to the nearest Martial Soul Pavilion for the Martial Soul Awakening Ceremony."

In an instant, Ye Hao's whole body trembled.

"Ding! Ding! Ding!"

"Huh? Did they get the wrong person?"

"Apologies, the system encountered a temporary error. Please forgive the inconveniences caused earlier. Wishing you a pleasant journey. As compensation, the previous rewards will be counted. Best wishes for you to become a Title Douluo soon. Goodbye, dear!"

Ye Hao: "!!!"

"System! System? System..."

It was over. The system ran away, leaving him alone and neglected.

Ye Hao sat on the ground, regardless of how dirty or messy it was. After a moment of silence, he sighed in frustration...

What should he do now?

Strength is the key in the world of Douluo Continent, and being a Soul Master is undoubtedly the noblest profession. With the recent actions of the "former" system, Ye Hao now possessed the Death Spider Emperor and Soul Devouring Spider Emperor martial souls, but they were still not awakened.

Currently, Ye Hao planned to go to the Martial Soul Pavilion in Nuoding City for the Martial Soul Awakening Ceremony. With these two invincible martial souls, Ye Hao refused to believe that he couldn't make it...

Without the help of the system, he couldn't make his mark in the Douluo Continent and create his own legend.

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