408 World 7: Please Put Down The Gun (2)

"Y-Young Master…."

Snow gracefully sat in a small boat with a small sail that could be ridden for ten people and continued to smile gently as the traitor servant of the client stuttered with an extremely pale white face while staring at him with horrified eyes.

"Why are you afraid now? You should know the consequences when you choose to betray me right?"

The client named Jiang Wu, age twenty-two is born in a large country similar to China in the past, where the Imperial rules had just been overthrown when he was still a child. The Country is also a time of chaos since it was the Warlord era.

Nonetheless, it was also a time of freedom for the people living in their country, where the old traditional opinions and views had become pointless. At the same time, foreigners in various other countries had slowly appeared and influenced their cultures.


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