405 World 6: White Space

Many years later after the death of the famous Siren became known as a Disaster Class during the fight against the last war known as the Last Generation and his lover, the head of the Heinrich Family, Claus Heinrich. 

Kyler with wisdom and intelligence in his eyes caused by countless years of experience, and also quite well-known for creating the biggest pet store in the entire world, which also has a high chance of the animals turning into demons.

Was letting out a deep sigh and currently doubting how he raised his younger brother all these years.

Oh, he made sure that his younger brother Jesse wouldn't turn the same as his old self in the past, but it seemed, he did a good job so much that his ten-year-old in human age younger brother had become mature at such a young age.

Like a little adult, but there are also times when he couldn't understand what is really going on inside his younger brother's mind.


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