404 World 6: Snow And Claus Ending

"... Wow… the world seemed to be trying to get back at me for causing chaos to its world."

Although Snow knew that the sudden change was something the World Rule Will had accepted, but, there are bound to be consequences for his actions, which happened to be a problem he needed to deal with when he only had a few years left to live.

"... Flake, it seems we will be leaving a bit earlier than we thought."

Snow let out a sigh before gently caressing the forever ten-year-old flake's silky blue hair while staring in the distance with a faraway look on his face. And here he thought that he could die at the same time and day with his lover in this world in a peaceful way.

"My Love, would you hate me for what I'm about to do?"

After making a decision, Snow finally decided to talk to his lover who came back after deciding to be the one to cook their lunch for today, which most of the time.


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