55 Chapter 55 - First World Mission Complete!

After the day of Snow and Li Chen finally leaving their children in the Rong Palace in order to be able to travel the world with only the two of them, a frantic and worried voice of his Little Nie has arrived to inform him about the two missing children of theirs.

Amber and Dark ink eyes gaze at each other in silent as they learned about the antics of their children, though there wasn't a bit of surprise emotion that flash on their eyes after hearing the supposedly worrying news.

"Love... wasn't I right? Told you those two children will ran away from home."

"Yes... but baby, why is Yanmei staying in the Rong Palace? I don't want him staying with the Emperor at all!"

Li Chen couldn't help but mumble with a worried expression on his handsome face at the way their youngest child has stayed in the Rong Palace and was concern more about him than their other two children that has decided to travel the world than staying in the Rong Palace that they left for them to stay with.

Although, as a parent, they knew that they shouldn't have a favorite one among their children, but Snow and Li Chen has a child that they favor the most among the rest of their children, but this doesn't mean that they don't love their other children at all.

As the proof of their love with each other, those three children of them are their treasures in the entire world, it just that their children just happen to have an unusual parent that is all.

So Snow just showed a gentle smile on his beautiful and charming face while Li Chen handsome feature showed a worried expression about their youngest child, Yanmei, life in the Rong Palace.

Ofcourse, Snow can tell the exact reason why Yanmei has been their children that Li Chen has love the most, because among the rest of their children Yanmei was the exact carbon copy of himself, which in turn has cause Li Chen to worry more harder than their other children that has decided to go out on their own after learning that their Parent has left them in the Rong Palace in order to travel by themselves.

At least, Snow and Li Chen has already manage to prepare all the needed items to keep their lifes safe from danger and harm way while preparing people and places for them to use to while they have been travelling all around the Rong Dynasty places.

And if those saftey planned and items that they left for them to use and help with arent' enough then the two of them can only just use the transfer method to appear in their children side in order to deal with the troubles and problems that they can't manage or having difficulty with.

Yes, Li Chen has somehow manage to create a talisman with complicated mystic art spell that will be able to transfer them to their child sides during their time of great troubles and needs.

Specially when Snow and Li Chen know for fact with their instinct that their children life will not be simple at all and all of them will have to face certain circumtances that will test theirselves.

And that talisman rune spell is something that Li Chen will only be able to create, unless there will be another exact same special person that the World Rule will pull into its world in the later future since one needed the acceptance and blessing of the World Rule to be able to create it, while also needing an enormous source of energy of the world to make the transfer talisman that Li Chen has created.

As for what Snow favor the most among his children it isn't really that surprising when he love the Young Jian the most, their first child and only son which was someone that Li Chen has always fighting for Snow attention though since Young Jian always prefer to stay by Snow side than Li Chen.

So one could imagine the antic between father and son when it comes to Snow attentions.

As for their second child, their only daughter, well she was a bit more unusual and special among Snow and Li Chen children.

Oh, if Snow were to explain it more clearly, their parental love is something that Young Yue doesn't need the most in her life, or more precisely their parental love will not be the one that can filled that void that has been hidden inside of her at all because in this world, there is already a special person that has been fated to fulfill the thing that even Snow and Li Chen can't do.

So, when Snow and Li Chen left their children in their own accord and Snow has finally received a prompt of a Special Mission that has finally turn 100% in completion then there wasn't a bit of surprised expression in Snow face since he already receive the start of Special Mission percentage after he finish birthing their second child on that day.

Yes, Young Yue, Snow and Li Chen second child and only daughter has been the reincarnation of the original Xiao Feiyu that has his life and fate completely change and cut off by the fake protagonist existence.

It was surprising but when he thought more deeply about it, everything has made sense but Snow couldn't help but complain about the Super Easy part of the Special Mission request by the World Rule since it was definitely not an easy thing to do when he was giving birth to his children, specially after finishing his first born child.

Snow felt like dying as he experice the wonder of giving birth with his own body.


World Rule Special Mission

Completion: 100%

Cut of destiny between two people finally manage to mend and combined as they finally meet each other again for the first time after from their long years of separation.

As for what will happen after this and into their future destiny, it will completely depend between their own decisions.

Rewards: Aura of World Blessing 50 Points of Resistance

- the higher of Aura World Blessing you have, the higher resistant to another World Rule/Will that you will be against with in your future missions.

Then as soon as Snow recieve the completion of the World Rule Special Mission, another prompt has appeared before him while hearing a genderless voice announcing the completion of Snow missions.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Granter Snow Completion of Mission of First World!

Regent King, Rong Xen: 100%


Enjoy your remaining stay in this world until the end of your life before fulfilling another missions in your next world!

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