329 Chapter 329 - Snow And Claude Exchange Of Words.

"Oh, why are you surprised? Oh yeah, you don't know about what object you have picked up! Even an A rank Fallen in the way of becoming a dangerous S Class wouldn't be capable enough to set an array like this you know?"

Snow contaminated crimson eyes glowed with amusement before taking a side step when another undetected swift attack appeared behind his back, which is caused by the Halfling Fallen, unfortunately, it doesn't work on his Game Map skill.

However, Snow eyes couldn't help but flicker in another direction shown in the Game Map with a flash of surprise before it quickly returns to normal and began to confront the cunning Fallen who continue to target his life, well, more precisely, wanted to swallow his special heart.

"... Hahaha… you wanted to swallow my special core? Well I understand, the temptation is extremely hard to control because I also wanted to swallow what you have since it smells absolutely delicious..."


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