25 Chapter 25 - Be Obedient And A Very Understanding Lover.

"Ah! What are you going? Let go of me!"

"Your Royal Highness! Please forgive me!"

"Your Majesty! Please give mercy!"

"I don't want to die, someone save me!"

A shrill scream echoed out along with the sound of fear and panic as a numerous maids, guards, eunuchs and even some important people with official duties was being taken roughly and violently one by one as the Imperial Guards forces everyone of them to kneeled down before the sitting figure that the highest person with authority in the entire Rong Dynasty, along with the other important and authoritive figure beside him.

The Young Emperor turned his head around, opening his mouth, only for Rong Nie to stop for a few seconds as his red eyes couldn't help but blink dazely as he seemed to be unable to form a few words for a bit.

Another few seconds later, with great will, he forge on and continue to speak, while his adorable young flace couldn't help but flush a bit as he stare at the currently out of tune scene before him, specially when what is currently happening before them was not the appropriate time to be doing such a thing.

Rong Nie impression of his mature, strong willed and powerful Imperial Uncle seemed to be shatterig a bit as he continue to look at the two figure before him.

"...Umm... Imperial Uncle, is this all the people in the lists?"

Hearing the voice of the Young Emperor calling him, Snow turn his head around to the Young Emperor as his attention has finally been able to move away from the person that he has been interacting with, Snow amber eyes blinking innocently, seemingly unaware or just unashamed over the fact that he was currently sitting obediently at Li Chen lap and has been fliritng shameless in front of everyone just a moment ago while letting his own lover sat at the supposed chair of the Regent King without worry.

Jun Wei that happen to be meeting with the Young Emperor to discuss important matter has also been told about the incredible news of what has happened during the time that Wang Lou has tried to deal with the Regent King and even going after his own grandson in a fit of jealousy.

And after all of those things has been done and dealt with when a shadow guard has finally been order by the Regent King to finally report to the Young Emperor about what happened when it was finally finish.

Jun Wei old face couldn't help but wear an abash expression as he stare with widen eyes filled with disbelief at his currently shameless grandson that has been flirting nonstop and acting intimately with the Regent King the whole entire time after finally meeting again after forgetting even his own family when he has left with his royal highness and has stayed in the Moon Palace.

Such a very ungrateful grandson, the old man couldn't help but secretly diss his own grandson while also secretly feeling overjoyed as he give his grandson a thumb up!

His grandson sure work fast, that is the famous stubborn, strong willed, cold and indifferent Regent King we are talking about!

"Yes! Snow those are all the spies in the entire Palace!" Flake happily report while floating around as he has been silently helping Snow make sure that all those people has been caught.

Snow praise Flake with a well done words in their connection, watching as the currently blue light that Flake has been emitting turn pink from shyness and happiness causing Snow to smile at his adorable Flake before getting back to the matter as he nodded his head toward the Young Emperor.

"Yes, all those people are the one on the lists, we can begin now."

Before turning his attention back toward his sulking Lover, Snow could tell even if it doesn't show on Li Chen face, before raising his small and soft slender hand and placing it over to Li Chen cheek, soft amber eyes met with the deep dark ink eyes of his lover.

"Hey love... we can start now... how about using those beautiful and wonderful purple flames of yours again?" Snow softly and lovingly whisper, causing the arms that has been wrapped around his slender waist to tighten up a bit more but not strong enough to hurt him.

Dark ink eyes blink slowly, before leaning his head down a bit and placing a soft and gentle kiss to Snow forehead as he just nod silently.

Although Snow has already figure it out that Li Chen has been jealous all along but Snow can still feel that dark aura on his lover, even though Li Chen has hidden it quite deeply that not even Rong Nie and Jun Wei was not able to sense and tell that there was something wrong about the current Li Chen, only Snow was somehow able to understand and sense it all along.

Despite the fact that Snow has already let Li Chen beat Wang Lou miserable and has even shut him off to the dungeon so that Li Chen can deal with that man anytime but it seemed that it was still not enough as Snow can still sense that bit of madness within Li Chen.

Maybe Li Chen needed to let out more of his feeling and needed something to put out those pent up emotion of his?

Snow couldn't help but sigh as he thought about how a very understanding lover he was because even though Snow like the way Li Chen has been acting very sticky with him in every single moment, but he also has to think about the mentality of his lover after all.

Even if Snow doesn't mind about it one bit but it was still a bit worrying so Snow can only pamper, spoil and shower Li Chen with love.

What can he do? That was his man after all!

So the best way Snow could think of aside from being obedient and acting intimate with Li Chen the whole time was to let him deal with this people, letting out his lover bloodlust once in a while is not too bad after all.

Snow will not forget about the real fact that even though Li Chen has been acting kind and gentle most of the entire time that he has been with him, he was still a cold blooded killer down to his very bone, a person that has been fighting nonstop with the zombies and people in an end of the world.

A little bit of violence can sometimes be slightly helpful after all.

Li Chen that has been charmed and please by the lovely and adorable action of his little Xen couldn't stop his heart from thumping more faster than ever, before finally moving as he raise his other hand slowly while the other one remain stubbornly gripping the slender waist of the person sitting on his lap.

Another purple flames suddenly appeared before everyone eyes, this time Li Chen doesn't have any scruples as he let out all his ability for all people to see, dark ink eyes brightening up in happiness at the thought that his little Xen has accepted that dark side of his.

Indifferent dark ink eyes watch with a blank expression as a shrill scream of pain and fear began to echoed out loudly in the entire palace a second later as everyone found themselves being burn by purple flames.

Rong Nie red eyes couldn't help but blink with a bit surprise at the display of power by his Imperial Uncle lover before quickly feeling great joy over the fact that Li Chen was very strong as the Young Emperor sincerely thought about the fact that he will be able to protect his Imperial Uncle and keep him safe.

Not even a single doubt and suspicious gracing his mind at the display of unusual great power of the person before him as Rong Nie only thinks about the well being of his Imperial Uncle while feeling apathy at the same time on the dying people before him because he has already learned long ago that there was no need to treat his enemies with kindness and mercy because his love one and himself will be the only one that will suffer in the end.

While Jun Wei was surprise carrying with a bit of wariness at his own grandson before nodding his head in acceptance and approval because after he was gone, someone can keep protecting the Royal Family, finally relaxing as he could finally put down and let go all of his worries about leaving the Royal Family unprotected when he died since he is already very old, he doesn't know how many years he has left to live.

Snow that has been watching in interest the whole time got his full attention at the purple flames burning before him, as he suddenly felt so fascinated by it, specially when he has this unexplainable feeling inside him about that unusual purple color the most.

And as the people die a miserable death before them, right at this moment, the Entire Palace are currently in a blood path as Snow has finally started cleaning up all those hidden spies that everyone has planted inside the Palace, not missing a single person as he has uses the Appraisal skill to figure out all those hidden spies, of course along with an entirely new skill that he has bought in the Black Trade Shop to compliment with his Appraisal Skill as even for someone like him will find it very difficult and troublesome to process all of it if did it only by himself because it will take a long time.

There are more important thing for him to do than spend all his entire time checking the peoples in the Entire Palace one by one.

Snow might be buying more golden finger in the Black Trade Shop at this moment, specially when this is only his first world but Snow doesn't have any scruples about spending his Soul Karmas Energies that he has been using, after all, now that he has the time to slowly think and planned ahead as he buy everything he might need as for the future worlds that he will be travelling later on, while conveniently using those skills to test it now in order to get use to it rather than not having any idea on how to use it when he bought it when he was in a great danger and doesn't have the time to check it out.

He is just planning ahead for the future trouble that he will be meeting later on, although Snow like challenges, it doesn't mean that he will place himself in great danger because of being overconfident about his strategies and abilities.

And as he stare at the Holographic Panel Map that only he can see aside from Flake that was being displayed before him, Snow watch as the red dots in the map has started disappearing and turning gray one by one, while the other color in the map which was in blue was the figure of Rong Nie and Jun Wei, while the green dots was the neutral people around them.

Before smiling softly as amber eyes turn at the purple shape dots in the Map, that was Snow Lover, Li Chen.

Game Map, that was the one that he has choosen among the other similar skills that was in the Black Trade Shop, it was the useful skill that Snow can level up when he needed it while complimenting all those other skills that he has gotten.

There was also an artifact scroll map that was more cheaper but other people will be able to see it and even has the abilitiy to use it their own, so if someone has seen it in accident despite the fact that an item like that doesn't exist in their world then Snow doesn't have the time to think about any explanation on where it came from, it was more troublesome to have, so he has choosen the Game Map.

As the hidden spies died and only one red dot left, Snow withdrew the Game Map, as he lean more closer to Li Chen warmth chest feeling a bit weak since he was still healing the damage from the Cold Poison.

Li Chen feeling his little Xen soft body lean closer while at the same time seeing the weak expression on his beautiful and charming face causes Li Chen heart to feel ache before standing up immediately as he gently and softly carried Snow over his arms, before walking away and leaving the place not before forgetting to remind the people around them about their 'current' relationship.

"Your Majesty, please handle all of it, my baby need to rest, he is still healing after all."

Rong Nie red eyes couldn't help but twitch and swear inside as he heard the somehow shameful name Li Chen seemed to call his Imperial Uncle, baby? Damn, that is his Imperial Uncle, the honorable Regent King! You can't just give him that childish name! Why not choose something much more noble and appropriate with his Imperial Uncle standing? Even his Imperial Uncle call you 'love' which was far more better than 'baby'!

Only for the Young Emperor mind to shake suddenly as he seemed to have caught a glimpse of the suddenly shy and crimson expression over the face of his Imperial Uncle before they completely disappear in their view.

Imperial Uncle!

"Your Highness! Please, please give mercy to this servant! I was wrong! Your Highness!"

Red eyes immediately turned cold as his attention was taken by the only person being left alive.

"Ren... we are disappointed. Imperial Uncle and We trusted you but only for you to betray us in the end. It seemed that we were treating you so nicely that you seemed to have forgotten who is your Real Master."

Ren face immediately paled, eyes frightened before quickly bowing his head hard at the floor as it hit it again and again that his forehead started bleeding.

"Your Majesty! Please forgive this servant! Show mercy to this unloyal servant life!"

"We will not kill you." the still emotionless voice of the Emperor sounded causing Ren eyes to brighten up as hope flash on it before quickly dying down as he heard the next words of the Young Emperor, causing his body to lost all of its strength while feeling great regret of what he has done.

"Don't worry, we will not kill you, it such an easy punishment for you. First we will have to let you experience hell, this will show anyone that has the guts to betray us!"

Red eyes open wide coldly, the young face carrying a hint of chill and ruthlessness as he stare at the eunuch that has grown up with his Imperial Uncle.

Such a Traitor!

Nothing in this life that Rong Nie detest the most!

All those people that has the nerve to betray them has to pay the price!

"Ahhh!" soon a howl of agonizing pain echoed out loudly, causing those other servants and soldiers face to whiten as they watch what has been transpiring from start to finish, while lowering down their head in reverence and fear at the authoritive figure before them.

This is the current Emperor of the Rong Dynasty, Rong Nie!

Every single one of them can feel that a storm will be coming soon.


"Sleep and rest well, I'll take care of the rest!"

Snow that was gently place and layed down on a very soft bed felt the large warm hand cares his cheek before a cold thin lip gently kissing his forehead causing Snow heart to beat faster as it seemed to echoed out loudly on his ears with a, 

Thump, Thump, Thump

Unable to hold himself, Snow quickly raise his hand up and grasping the front robe of the young handsome man before him tightly, before pullling him down as his pink lip met the thin cold lip of Li Chen and this time feeling the surprise emotion of Snow lover, he couldn't help but smile a bit before his small and soft tongue entered the open mouth of his lover.

Li Chen who was surprise by the action of his little Xen, immediately got his bearing back before reacting quickly, his own much larger tongue catching the soft and slippery tongue moving naughtily inside his own mouth as his entire body lowering down a bit to entirely cover the small body underneath him.

The sound of small pants and slight moan echoing out loudly in the silent sleeping hall, along with a heavy sound of breath as the two figure on the bed passionately kiss each other, the smaller figure underneath the taller young man was clinging tightly on the man upper body.

After a few more seconds, Li Chen has finally remove his lip with great difficulty as both of them pant harshly from the suddenly passionate and intense kiss that they just did.

"Be obedient and go to sleep." a deep and husky voice echoed out, as dark ink eyes darkening with a bit of lust as he saw the appearance of the person underneath him.

Snow was currently panting a bit more harshes than the first kiss he has experience from before, his thin chest going up and down, while wet amber eyes brimming with desire, unaware that his current appearance was making the person crazy on top of him.

Seeing the pale and creamy skin that was out in the open from the intense kiss that the two of them has just shared cause Li Chen breath to hitch a bit as a green light seemed to flash on his dark ink eyes seemingly wanting to swallow up the person before him whole, specially when he saw the red mark on the slender pale shoulder of his, the proof of him still being untouched by others.

It took all of his will power to not continue on, specially when wet amber eyes filled with desire for him met his own darkened dark ink eyes that contain the same.

Li Chen really want to eat this person before him right here and right now but he wanted to give this person the respect he deserve, specially when he remember what kind of world he was currently at, his little Xen deserve to have all the best thing in the world has to offer.

He just has to wait for bit more, before he can finally and openly eat him dry.

"Come on, baby close your eyes and take a rest." deep magnetic voice still filled with desire, gently coaxed the person under his body as he gently rose up, before fixing the messy robes of the both of them.

Snow who still wanted to continue, couldn't help but pause a bit, amber eyes staring in wonder at the handsome young man before him before a thought cross his mind causing him to smile wryly inside with a bit of amusement.

Alright then, who tell him that despite being a cold blood killer, his lover can still be a gentleman?

So Snow obediently close his amber eyes, finally willing to take a rest and believing his lover to handle the rest.

A few minutes later, as Li Chen sat and watch the figure of his lover finally sleep, he couldn't but reach out to gently cares the still flush smooth cheek of his little Xen before finally standing up and leaving the bed chamber of the Regent King.

After casting a numourous spell on his own at the Regent King Sleeping Hall while sensing the shadow dark that is currently guarding his lover, Li Chen finally left to deal with another important thing that he learned from the reward that was given by the World Rule.

It was the other future, when Li Chen didn't meet his little Xen.

Li Chen couldn't help but stop walking and stood still while the shadow seemed to move and cover most his entire body, left hand raising up to cover his handsome face, only showing his dark ink eyes that earily began to emit an intense amount of madness, finally unable to hold the overwhelming dark emotions that he has been trying to burried down deeply as the memories of that future flash on his mind repeatedly that he felt like he was being hunted by nightmares as the world seemed to turned gray, making Li Chen doesn't feel like living in such a world.

In that world, his little Xen has died.

The Young Emperor dying a few months later.

The Wang Family winning and finally taking hold of the Power of the Rong Dynasty.

Li Chen couldn't help but to let out a chuckle, though it doesn't sound happy at all and sounding more of a derange laugh, as he thought about what happened to his little Xen.

"His little Xen died?"

"He doesn't exist?"

"He is not alive?"

Full blown up laughter with an unhinged flavor on it echoud out loudly a second later as dark ink eyes filled with ruthlessness and cruelty glowed in the dark.




He won't let them all go!



Amber eyes slowly open up as Snow has woken up as Flake appeared and made a report about the one that Snow has given him to look into.

"Snow! Snow! Flake finally know the reason why Li Chen is acting that way! The World Rule has given the memories of the future Li Chen to the present one, where the Original Xen has died. Black said that there was nothing he could do since it was the rewards that that Future Li Chen has made a trade with that World Rule."

Snow blink slowly, processing what he just heard before finally figuring out why he felt those darkness and negative emotions on Li Chen.

So that is why, Snow thought calmly and while he felt very distress about his lover current mentality, since he was sure that Li Chen isn't in his right mind a bit at this moment, Snow also felt warmth all over as his heart skip loudly at the thought that his lover seemed to be unable to live without him from the reaction that Snow is currently seeing.

As for whatever transaction that Future Li Chen did to the World Rule in the original future that will not exist anymore doesn't matter to Snow, although he was a bit interested and curious to know, the only thing that was important was that Li Chen really treasure him the most.

"Isn't that great..."

Amber eyes lighting up overjoyed as he thought about how Li Chen is really the best!

Snow couldn't help but lick his small but swollen pink lip seemingly tasting something very delicious.

Such a man, that is what he want!




A figure of a man is currently has his eyes open wide in surprise and disbelief at the person that was currently grasping his neck while his entire body dangle in the air.

He wanted to speak but only to gasp in pain as the hand grasping his neck tighten a bit before the familiar but unfamiliar and dangerous figure lean down and whisper some words over his ears to hear, eyes widening up in fear, panic and astonishment before it flash a calculation look despite the fact that the person currently has his life over his hands.

Li Chen lean back as emotionless dark ink eyes just gaze at the emotions that is currently flashing on the person eyes that he has been grasping over his hand the entire time silently, the moment that Li Chen has met this person, he has always known that he wasn't as simple and honest as he seemed to be showing, although he was very well deep hidden that even those closest to him was unable to tell his true nature, but Li Chen has already experience where everyone has let go or hidden their deepest and darkest nature in that end of the world, added to the fact that he has been a very great and skilled killer.

Nothing can escapes Li Chen eyes, "Is that a Yes or a No?"

"What if I refuse?" The person couldn't help but felt his heart turn cold as soon as those words was out of his mouth, as he sense a very intense danger practically scream on his mind, as a chill run down his spine as soon as he saw the person eyes change before him from the emotionless to ruthless, cruel and bloody way.

No longer was it as indifferent from before and only overwhelming madness was entirely left, it almost look like it was going to burst out his eyes just from how intense it was.


A Lunatic!

"I... I accept... but I have a condition... it will not goes against your plan!"

In this moment, any calculation he has on his mind has been thrown out, as he could tell that his life will be wipe out any seconds if he doesn't speak soon, because the look on that person was the gaze of someone powerful and strong, where there was only an ant and an insignificant person in their view, that such a life of a person was nothing to them.

Dark ink eyes savagely gaze at the person that was still on his hand before letting go without warning, watching in apathy as the person fall down roughly on the ground while coughing as he took a hold of his painful throat.

"I already said that I know what you want, all you have to do is be obedient and follow what I said." Li Chen coldly said with a detach manner, before his lip curving up evily as he showed a very sexy smile, his face becoming more handsome with a bit of an alluring taste on it.

If Snow was to see Li Chen current expression, he will definitely kiss him again and this time changing his mind as all he will think was to top the person before him and not becoming the bottom one despite being a Fair, consequences be damn.

"If you dare to betray me, then watch as I destroy what you wanted right before your very eyes."


In a place far away from all those that was currently happening on this very day, two very important people with high position is currently meeting in a secluded room, one of the people was a person that is holding the highest authority in the royal court among the current officials in the court while the other one has the highest authority in the military as he hold a great deal of power over the military army on his hands.

Right at this moment, the two of them has just finish talking and has already become allied, still unaware about the stormy situation that was currently happening in the Entire Palace.

The person with the highest authority in the royal court couldn't help but glance at the person before him with a very interesting and thoughtful expression, opening his lip as he spoke with amazement and wonder at what has cause this all to happen.

"Well, its surprising! I, Wang Lau, admired your suddenly unexpected determination. I never thought that you would suddenly join on this fight, specially approaching me for an alliance when your entire family has been staying neutral stubbornly the whole time."

The other men in the room choosing to remain silent but his fierce eyes flashing a warning at the person before him that continue to speak with no fear on his face.

"Though, This Minister haven't even thought that you, Hong Tai would all do this just because of a single person."

"Don't speak nonsense." the middle age man that has been named Hong Tai, couldn't help but spoke harshly, unable to remain quiet when the man before him has spoken in that tone about his precious daughter. 

His daughter deserve the best and nothing less!

Since she has been destined to be the Empress of the Dynasty then as her father, Hong Tai will give her everything that belong to her, be it the Dynasty or a person!

Wang Lau, couldn't help but shoot the man a very complicated expression, this person before him sure has the perfect definition of a very doting father, someone that can do anything to their children.

A father blind love toward his daughter has already made this usually dilligent and careful person to plunge in deeply into a very dangerous situation, specially when he would have been able to keep his entire family safe from all these fighting that is currently happening before inwardly shaking his head, since it was already a great opportunity to have a very powerful ally, so why should he make it difficult and question the position that this person has choosen?

Before showing a very ironic smile a second later, weren't he the same as this person?

Although he has been entice to the power of the throne, but as the beautiful visage of the person that has been staying at the Palace flash on Wang Lau mind, specially feeling the longing on his heart, this all has started because of his love toward that person.

Silence remain at the two of them before the middle age man sitting in the dark, Hong Tai spoke strenly again with a hard glint on his eyes as it flash in determination.

"Whatever, as long as you fulfill your words, I don't care what you do after they died."

Wang Lau has just smiled calmly, blue eyes flashing with a cunning glint before shaking the golden scroll that he has been holding on his hand the entire time, seemingly trying to empashis something before walking out the room of their meeting place.

"Even if I do something, I will be punish by the Heaven isn't it?"

Hong Tai, eyes gaze at the other golden scroll place that is currently laying on the table before him silently, before closing his eyes as he let out a weary sigh.

Although he was doing all of these for his precious daughter, there are still these anxienty and worry that couldn't help but fill his heart.

As the current Patriach of the Hong Family, to even gamble the fate of it just for his daughter wish, even he know how wrong his current move was but that is his daughter, the only person that his wife has left him with.

He has already failed his late wife before, how could he fail his daughter now?

One and for all, either win or loss will depend on how the fate will work it out.

And if he were to loss this fight... Hong Tai eyes flashes, he will make sure that nothing bad will happen toward his daughter at the end of it all.

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