24 Chapter 24 - Amber Eyes Blink in Surprise!

Snow holding a chopstick on his hand suddenly stop moving as his amber eyes stare at the remaining delicious foods place on the table before him.

Although the food look entirely delicious, right at this instant Snow was unable to really taste anything, finding the food taste so bland and least appetizing even though Snow know that it was a really delicious foods as it is made from the Imperial Chef that has work to the Royal Family from the last generation.

Even if the person didn't work in the Imperial family in the last generation, it was easy to tell that everyone has to do their very best, specially when presenting something to the Royal family, one single mistake of getting a displease of a higher person can mean the end of their life after all, that is how the life of the people living in the Palace.

Sighing deeply, Even if Snow was really worried over Li Chen well being, as it was already the third day that he has been sleeping, Snow still knows that he needed to eat even if he doesn't really want to, so Snow has wipe his mouth and washes his hands as he ordered the servants around to take away the remaining foods.

He has already calculated the amount of food that he needed to intake in order to survive and has the to carry on for the day.

"Your Highness, the Right Prime Minster son is here again requesting an audience." a different eunuch and not Ren at this time made a bow toward him respectfully, his forehead sweating slightly.

Even the servants in the Palace has now completely known that the Regent King has been getting a very persistent visit during the past few days and the identity of the person has been the one the Regent King has cancelled his engagement with before in the past few years.

Snow amber eyes twitch before coldly saying, 

"This King has no time to meet the son of the Right Prime Minister and has far more important matter to handle than to see him."

Waving his hand and with a foul mood, Snow left the dining hall of the Moon Palace before walking toward the sleeping quarter that he has prepared for Li Chen to resides.

Amber eyes watching the beautiful flowers blooming as he walk pass his Imperial Garden, his gaze turning with a bit expectant as he made a plan to take Li Chen out for a stroll later on after he woke up because the scenery will look far more better if Li Chen was by his side as they watch the blooming flowers in his Imperial Garden.

Before suddenly a questioning voice that contain great anger has immediately reach Snow ears, causing his amber eyes to narrow down with a cold glint of it.

"So he is the important matter that you have been saying that you refuse to meet me? Xen, open up your eyes, how can he be far more important than meeting me? I know that you will not forget me so easily Xen! I know that deep inside, that you still has great affection toward me!"

Hearing the unscrupulous words being spoken by the disgusting man, Snow mind flash as he thought about how this person was able to appear before him since he has already order the servants not to let the man enter his Moon Palace, only if there is another person with a high authority to order around the servants in his place and that person can only be one person.


A name flash on Snow mind causing the already narrowed amber eyes to turn more bitting cold, he wanted to use this person more but since that person was looking for death then he will definitely not wait to deal with him later on.

But first Snow needed to deal with this overconfident and self assured person before him.

"Firstly, Wang Lou watch over that tone of your voice, This King can give you a crime for disrespecting the Regent King!"

Snow was currently wearing a purple royal robes the same color as the one that Li Chen has choosen from him before just with an entirely different design along with a jade crown on top of his long silky black hair, beautiful and charming small face bitting cold as his gorgeous amber eyes was currently shooting contempt as he look at the older man.

"And as a man, don't you have any shame at all to be saying such a thing? Lets not forget about the fact that this King has already cancelled our engagement so easily in the past. This King definitely doesn't have any so called 'great affection' toward you. Secondly, you are also a married man with another person already along with a children of your own. This King is not that desperate and shameful to ruin a person marriage, specially fighting over a man that was already own by another person, so please don't give this King a bad reputation by saying such a misunderstanding words."

Wang Lou green eyes widening in disbelief, as he stare at the unfamiliar person before him, the amber eyes no longer containing any affection toward him as he only saw the utter disgust and apathetic emotions on this person eyes as it coldly gaze toward himself.

Unconsciously, he doesn't know why, but he felt that he has lost a very precious thing.

And as Snow speak his last words, amber eyes suddenly turn soft and gentle as intense affection suddenly brimming within, it was so brilliantly dazzling that Wang Lou felt like he was being blind by how bright it was.

"As for Li Chen, there was no reason for you to compare yourself with him. Li Chen is my lover, the person I will be marrying and will live the rest of my entire life."

Lover? Wang Lou thought blankly, before suddenly making a move as he quickly dash toward Snow with a fierce light on his green eyes as the words lover and marrying was being repeatedly echoing on his mind.

"Since you refuse to listen to me Xen, then don't blame me for what I am about to do!"

If words doesn't work then he doesn't mind using force! Being refuse repeatedly along with the contempt on Xen eyes already making him lose his entire mind, this person was the only one that has given him nothing but shame on his entire life!

So what if you are the Regent King? Wang Lou has always told him that there was no need for it in the past, besides there was no reason to listen to the words of a person that will soon be defeated.

"Such Insolent! Imperial Guards! Come and catch this person that want to harm this King!"

Even Snow was a bit surprise at the sudden move of the person before him, but becoming more surprise when suddenly a group of people wearing black clothes has appeared before him while not a single one of the Imperial Guards was coming to where he was at after loudly giving an order, specially when the palace should have a maid and eunuch doing their work in every corner of the Palace even if he wasn't the person that take a group of servantsalong to follow him around.

"Snow! The Imperial Guards is currently fighting over the black people while discrimitely killing the servants around! There was also a layer of rune covering the entire Moon Palace so that the people outside will not be able to tell what is currently happening inside!"

Flake suddenly appeared before him as he circle around Snow in a fluster manner.

So much courage?

Snow couldnt help but raised his eyes brows as he indifferently watch the rushing man before him, even though Flake can clone himself, there was still a certain limit on how much he can split himself.

Right now, he already place Flake clone to follow different people, and Wang Lou wasn't really count on it, the one that should be following him was currently use to watch over the unconcious Li Chen.

Really such a coincidence, Snow lip suddenly raised up, though surprise about what is happening, he is still retaining that calm mind of his as he watch everything with undisturbed expression, specially when amber eyes glint a bit of excitement, this person is definitely making a move base on his decision alone because there was no way that Wang Lau has known about it, that person has always been meitculous, there was a reason why Rong Xen and Rong Nie has lost and died in the past.

Wang Lau would definitely have not allowed his son to make his sudden move now, specially during this uncertain time.

A chance, something glint on Snow amber eyes, since its happening now, then he just have to start moving right?

Though, Snow could figure out why Wang Lou was making his move at this moment with that great confident of his, this person has grown up with Xen, he should have known that he was capable to fight back and also only if he still think that he was terribly weakened by poison.

But Wang Lau and Wang Lou doesn't know that Li Chen has removed his Cold Poison already, although he still felt a bit weak, he wasn't the person that was weakened by the Cold Poison any longer.

Narrowed amber eyes watch as the man hand raised seemingly wanting to grasp his arm, only for Snow to move faster than the current Wang Lou, watching in detach manner at the disbelief expression on the man face.


Wang Lou suddenly felt a strong blow, as Xen small feet wearing a luxurious purple shoes met his chest with a great strength causing some of his ribs to break and piercing his lungs as he felt the blood running up his throat, coughing it out.


That was the only thought that rang loud and clear on Wang Lou mind as his body flew away, as pain wrecked his entire chest.

Snow who is still raise up a bit in the air after making his jump to kick Wang Lou chest, slowly descend to the ground, purple royal robe flapping in the air before quickly reaching out and taking out a bunch of papers cover with rune on his wide long sleeves, throwing all of it as they glowed and the paper started to surround his body.

Suddenly a very strong thunder lightning has appeared on the rune papers as it shoot up with a great speeds toward the group of men wearing a black clothes, causing those men to drop one by one, their eyes wide open with disbelief because not even a single one of them was able to even dodge the lightning strike, even if some of them even move faster to dodge, they were still got hitten by it.

Everything just mean that the Regent King before them, has already calculated all of their move with great precision, making the lightning to strike them accurately without missing a single one of them.

As the bodies of the group of men started hitting the ground one by one, Snow luxurious purple shoes has finally touch the ground softly.

"Impossible right?" Snow said with a gentle smile, but the narrowed amber eyes were very sharp as he ruthlessly watch the man who has already stood up painly as he grasp his injured chest.

"You are cured? That is impossible! There is only one person in this world that has the capability to cure your poison!"

Wang Lou green eyes widen with disbelief while warily watching Xen when he just saw his performance of taking down all of his men at once.

What happened? Xen wasn't this powerful before!

Snow nod his head in acceptance because there is only one person in this world that can really cure his poison, "Yes you are right, the one who poison this King was the only person that was able to cure it after all."

Suddenly Snow smile proudly as his soft voice said boastful words about Li Chen, "Who made my man so very powerful, talented and capable that he was able to do the impossible right?"

"What!? Jun Chen?" Wang Lou felt like he felt lightheaded from all those words coming out from Xen mouth, green eyes already shooting flames of rage, how could that man be more talented and capable than his self?

Flake who has been silently watching as Snow fight the scum man, something Snow has told him about, nodded his imaginary head as he was finally beginning to understand more deeply about the gold thigh and cheat meaning that Snow has mention once before.

So, Snow definitely needed a cheat and a gold thigh in every worlds that they will be traveling from now on right?

He will do his very best, Flake cheerfully thought as he watch his awesome Snow play with the scum man.

Snow unaware about his Flake thoughts that will cause a great misunderstanding in the later future, continue to speak words that cause nothing but make the man before him feel utter anger.

"Ofcourse, it is the man I settled on after all. Not only is he very capable and talented, he is also very handsome with a great body." At this, Snow amber eyes show a very shy look causing Wang Lou to cough up blood, "He also take good care of this King as he made a very delicious food. This King is being treated as a very precious treasure. So how can he be compared to a boorish and worthless man like you?"

Wang Lou who has been silently listening as he seethe was finally unable to stop himself from roaring, "If he is so precious and important to you, then Xen I'll let you see his dead body! Right at this instant, that man is definitely dead! Hahaha! Do you really think that I will leave that man alone and just face you only?"

"Oh?" Snow pupil immediately emit a dreadful killing intent as he coldly stare at the injured Wang Lou, while in his ears, he could hear the sudden young voice of Flake telling him that a group of men in black has suddenly appeared before Li Chen resting place.

So there is a reason why the group of men that has appeared was fewer than what he thoughts about, so all of them went to Li Chen place? This man sure has extreme hatred toward Li Chen, Snow wonder why in amusement.

However, despite hearing it, Snow still showed a derisive smile to Wang Lou, that has immediately cause him be on his guard.

"You don't really think that I will not even make a preparation to protect my lover right?"

"What do you mean?" Wang Lou asked mystify, while Snow body started emitting a domineering air as he spoke with great confidence.

"In this world, no one will have the capability to hurt this King Lover. Anyone who make a move, much less think about it, will get a miserable ending."

Snow suddenly move and Wang Lou who tried to move out of the way, suddenly felt his entire body paralyze, and at the same time felt the burning feeling on his throat causing him to cough up blood again, but this time, the color entirely look different as it was black rather than red.

"You..." Wang Lou was only able to utter a single word before he felt his body fall down roughly at the ground, face grimacing as his handsome face violently hitting the earth with grass cover ground.

"From here on out, starting today, This King will show you and let experience what a real utter despair felt like."

Such courage to have the impudent thought to touch Snow lover!

While also returning all the things that they have all done to Rong Xen, letting him have a very hard and miserable life.

A small slender hand has suddenly reach out and ruthlessly grasping Wang Lou hair causing the man to let out a muffled sound of pain.

"Now, then this King will go see how is my lover situation is."

Snow calmly walk to where Li Chen sleeping place is, while conventiently and cruelly dragging Wang Lou along as Snow use his hair to pulled him from behind.


"Protect the Young Master Jun!"

"Kill anyone that come closer!"

"Impudent! Traitors! Die!"

A group of dark shadows that has appeared out in the open was currently fighting along side the Imperial Guards as they take down the group of people wearing black clothes that has suddenly appeared in the Moon Palace, specially when another group of different Imperial Guards was along with them!

Obviously, what happening is currently a small scale of rebellion and everyone could tell that these people target was the currently unconcious Jun Chen!

That was his Royal Highness important person, they have to protect him even at the cost of their lifes!

However, despite how loyal and brave the people on Xen side was, there was just too many people right now as they found themselves in the losing side.


A dark shadow couldn't help but widen his eyes as he tried to quickly dash ahead as a group of people has suddenly by past their defense and was already close to the door of the sleeping hall of the Young Master Jun before another peson has suddenly block his way.

"Get out of the way!" the dark shadow coldly said only to find a sword being plung behind him, as his eyes widened in surprise, he has been so focus to the group of people that was about to open the door of the sleeping person that his royal highness told them to protect that he miss the person sneaking behind him.

"Hahaha! Come, lets go take the life of that person!"

A person sneered, as he reach out and about to open the door only for a strong of energy to appear, blasting toward the group of people trying to enter, causing them to let out a loud scream of pain as their body flew high up in the air before thudding roughly in the ground, while everyone seemed to has stop moving as they remain eerily quiet.

The group of people that has been fighting couldn't help but stop as everyone turn their attention at the group of people that was blasted away, and as they look more closely at the bodies on the ground, they couldn't help but take a deep breath.

Because those people was already dead!

Everyone couldn't help but warily stare at the sleeping Hall of the Young Master Jun, before their eyes widened when a rune spell has suddenly appeared before them, as it entirely covered the entire room from the outside, as the spell glowed and circulate in the air.

That was a mystic art spell prepared in case anyone with malicious intent got near the sleeping quarter of the person that the Regent King treated with care.

Everyone could tell that this was all the doing of the Regent King, secretly the subordunates of Xen couldn't help but feel great envy at the person their are trying to protect.

That was the Regent King, a very honored person, to even get even a sliver of his affection was a great honor itself!

And from the look of it, as they watch the mystic art runes glowing in the air, that young man has that honored person all affections!

Even the person that the Regent King has been engage with before has never got that much treatment from him!

So, the dark shadows and Imperial Guards that work with Xen focus more in the enemies knowing full well that no one can easily enter the sleeping hall of the young Jun, their eyes brimming with more determination as they figure out how very important that person was to their royal highness!

The enemies suddenly found themself having to fight harder as the people before them are now more focus to fight them back rather than defending against them as they protect the people sleeping in the Hall.

All of the enemies give a dreaded look as they took a step back when their gazes saw the activated rune spell in the air, their master has never told them about facing a mystic art rune spell!

They dont have a person with them that can fight it back, specially when this rune spell was cast by the powerful Regent King, everyone know how terrifying he was at using a mystic arts, specially after the event that happen during in the Jun Family celebration!

The eyes of the group of leader of the enemies immediately flash as he decided to make a retreat, he will just has to tell all about it to his Lord!

But suddenly a very unusual thing has happened, the usually close door has been open and a tall and slender figure instantly appear in everyone eyes and that was the supposedly unconcious Young Master of the Jun family, Jun Chen!

"No, watch out! Master Jun, please don't step out and go back inside!" A man with a very sharp vision immediately saw the young man feet move as he step outside of the sleeping hall.

Its dangerous, the glowing mystic rune that the Regent King has place will not be able to protect the young master life however it was already far too late as the young man has already step out and become defenseless in the wide open area.

The leader of the group eyes suddenly light up, a great chance! Inwardly rejoicing at the sudden stupid move of the man as he immediately move, dashing out quickly, a sword raise up high to slash at the unmoving figure while the shadow guards that was behind him  has made a move a bit more slower.

"No!" everyone eyes widened in panic, nothing bad cant happen to this person, that is the person that his royal highness has place a great deal of importance!

Li Chen that has suddenly been silently all the entire time, slowly raise his head, showing everyone a very blank expression on his handsome face, before everyone eyes seemed to move up and meet the young man dark ink eyes causing everyone to instantly shudder in fear.

The group leader that was a few distance away from the Young Jun has suddenly stop moving, before a purple flame surrounded his entire body causing him to scream in shock and pain.

Everyone couldn't help but widen their eyes, even though they were unable to tell, everyone thought the same thing, that suddenly purple flames appearing was cause by the young man before them even though he didn't even make a single movement aside from raising his head, the people has a feeling that he was the one who did it!

Silence as everyone bodies tense up as all of them gaze with horror and fear at the young man quietly standing in front of the sleeping hall, specially when a dreadful murderous intention suddenly release from his entire body while his handsome face remain blank.

But what everyone cause them to be wary the most was the young man dark ink eyes, no longer was it the usually gentle and kind gaze that everyone has known him for, the man eyes was so gloomy and terrifying as it contain a frighteng amount of inhuman cruelty.

It was a very savage and insane eyes, containing with overwhelming madness!

Everyone instincts was screaming danger, Snow subordunate took everything in their power from bolting out of the place as they know that they have to remain to protect this person, even though they are already starting to figure out that this person doesn't need any help at all!

While the enemies felt chill inside when they saw that their leader was still screaming and alive despite the fact that all they already could see some of his bones appearing out in the open air when some of his skin has already melted and turn into ashes long before, it was a very unusual scene, specially the abnormal purple flames!

One by one, everyone took a step back before all of them suddenly run out at the same time.

No one told them how powerful and abnormal the Young Master of the Jun Family was!

They have to get out of the place real fast before its too late.

Li Chen, tilt his head, before raising his hand up as a purple flame has suddenly appeared on the palm of his hand and without making an action, the purple flames flicker before all of it split up and shoot with great speed at the retreating figure.

The suddenly retreating people instantly let out a loud scream of fear and pain at the same time, before all of them drop down in the ground to roll around, as they felt an imaginable pain in their entire body.

Despite the fact that the flame seemed to burn them, every single second felt so long as the purple flames seemed to enter every cell and fiber of their entire being as it give them a very agonizing pain.

It was very torturous in an inhuman way!

Snow subordinates couldn't help but retreat in abudance in a safe distance away from the frightening young man, even though they could still tell that their actions really couldn't really help them away from danger but the thoughts counts as it will make them feel better as they watch terrified at the currently rolling and howling in pain of their enemies that they have just been fighting a second ago.

"Little Xen?"

an emotionless voice suddenly echoed out softly, but loud enough despite all the screaming in the air as Li Chen turn his head at a certain distance, handsome face still retain that blank expression.

Snow amber eyes brightened up when he saw the awake Li Chen a far distance away, walking much faster toward him, ignoring the current cruel and ruthless scene before him, as all his attention is currently toward his lover well being while the person that he has been dragging behind him has long ago stopped making a sound, though Wang Lou was still retain his consciousness.

However before Snow was able to get closer and open his mouth to call out to his lover, Li Chen has suddenly made a move, it was so fast that even Snow was having trouble following his movements.

"Wang Lou?" the emotionless voice suddenly turned dark as Snow amber eyes blink a bit with confusion, as he felt the person he has been dragging all along was suddenly taken away from his hand.

Snow turned around and saw the tall and slender figure of his lover, before his confuse amber eyes meet the young man dark ink eyes, which was currently brimming an insane amount of madness, specially when Li Chen eyes turned down at the person on his hand.

Whats wrong? Snow thought as he sharply glance at the squivering Black System a safe distance away from them before turning his attention back when he felt Wang Lou groaning in pain, and saw Li Chen feet was stepping strongly on Wang Lou back before kicking the man body away from them as it flew high up before rolling on the ground and stopping a few seconds later.

Snow could only blink his amber eyes, unbothered at the scene before him, specially when there was definitely something wrong with the current Li Chen at the moment, and when Snow turned his attention at Wang Lou that could only weakly raise up his upper body on the ground while his green eyes was shooting intense hatred toward them.

A hands suddenly was place on his slender waist, pulling his entire body sideways toward the Young Jun body, making Snow to raise his small hand and place it on Li Chen warm chest.

"His mine."

Hearing the possessiveness of the young man voice before him, Snow couldn't help but raise his head up, only for a cold thin lip to touch his own, amber eyes widening at the close handsome face of Li Chen, completely surprise at his sudden move.

And suddenly, the usually calm mind of Snow couldn't help but wave a bit as he felt Li Chen lip deepening the kiss, while the large hand has suddenly place over the back of his head, grasping his black silk hair, as he find his entire body being pulled closer and the hand that was place over his waist moving gently to his thin back, causing his body to shudder in pleasure.

Everything happening was something that Snow couldn't really describes in words alone, as amber eyes suddenly become a bit unfocused as he let out a weak and soft moan, when Li Chen slowly retreated back, only to feel Li Chen lip back on his own again.

Li Chen dark ink eyes open wide the whole time, as he watch the person on his arms, dark ink eyes brimming with obsession to the point of madness as he deepened the kiss, his tongue pushing past his little Xen pink lip and into his mouth as he wrecked inside it, seemingly wanting to swallow him whole.

In this moment, all Li Chen wanted was to make this person his while he show the entire world that this person belong only to him!

No one can take this person away from him!

Not even death! As a thought of the rewards he has just gotten and what happen to his little Xen when they didn't meet each other earlier, made him completely lose his entire mind that he wanted nothing more than to burn the whole world!

A world without him meant nothing to Li Chen!

Li Chen pulled the person more tightly toward himself, tilting little Xen head so that he could kissed him more closer and deeply.




Snow and Li Chen remain lip locked, unaware or precisely unashamed at the sudden display of their affections toward everyone around that was currently watching them, specially when the enemies was still howling in pain as their entire body burned.

Snow subordunate was feeling quite speechless at the scene before them, in the side people was dying one by one as their entire body surrounded with purple flames, the other side was the supposedly ex of the Regent King with that miserable expression on his face as he watch the two person kissed each other passionately in front of him.

Only they know that all they could do was to remain silent and be a spector at the moment, though some of them couldn't help but blush a bit.

Snow that has been finally let go couldn't help but lean on the slightly undulating chest of his lover feeling weak from that intense kiss that he just experience for the first time, amber eyes a bit wet, beautiful and charming face currently in crimson color as the slightly swollen pink lip let out a soft pants sound from time to time, the red tip of his tongue looming, causing Li Chen eyes to darkened again before stopping himself with great difficulty.

Suddenly he took one of Snow small slended hand, bending over as he place a soft kiss over the small hand, dark ink eyes looking up as it met with Snow still wet amber eyes.

"Next time, you cant just touch anything that is dirty."

Snow mind suddenly flash an idea, wet amber eyes showing an amused emotion, before nodding his head obediently, as he finally understand about Li Chen sudden reaction.

Of course, his lover was just jealous.

As Snow felt himself being lifted again as he was being carried by Li Chen arms, he leaned his head over his shoulder slightly as he finally see the scene before them.

Now then, how will he handle all of this?



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