11 Chapter 11 - We Are All Great Actors.

If someone were to ask all about the Queen Mother of the Rong Dynasty, everyone will tell that the Queen Mother was famous for being the most beautiful woman in the last generation and the luckiest when it come to romance.

Despite being a female, Wei Lei Shan was extremely beautiful even if she were not a fair person, which was already surprising since fair are famous for being born with all type of different beautiful appearance among the different genders.

So it was not surprising that Wei Lei Shan became the Queen of the Late Emperor and surprisingly the Late Emperor has remain true and has never gotten another ladies on his harem court because he was entirely smitten on the Queen.

The late Emperor has been famous for being loyal to his lover while remaining wise and kind as an Emperor to his peoples at the same time, he got everything he ever wanted on his life.

Unfortunately, misfortune has followed the Royal family despite of them being famous for being in harmonious relationship despite the fact that the Royal family members was basically known for fighting, betraying and unable to trust each other because of the throne, the power that they want to get hold on.

In the Royal family lineage, the late Emperor and the Queen Mother has given birth to three children, two of the first children has been born male and the youngest was born as a fair person, which become the favorite child of the Late Emperor.

However, misfortune seemed to follow this generation of the Royal family since only two of which has the Royal Blood in them was the only one that survive, the youngest child becoming the current Regent King, the first in the History of a Fair person for being granted the power over the Dynasty,and lastly the Young Emperor, which was the Grandson of the late Emperor and Son of the Second Prince, who was still young to handle how to take control over the power thst he hold.

As for the Queen Mother, Snow is currently sitting and facing the biological mother of his current body just after he got back from yesterday, which was already in seven days since he left Li Chen.

"My child, I am glad to know that you are back and safe, are you tired from your travel? You know that you have people to help you to govern the land. You should properly take care of yourself." a worried voice sounded with a familiar but unfamiliar amber eyes that was full of gentleness and love stare at him, beautiful feature, and still well taken care face which look like in her 20's despite being already in her 40's still remain enough to make a person able to lost their soul with just one glance.

Snow just remain silent, it has always been the way that the Original Xen react when facing his Queen Mother.

"Wang Lou, he was your second brother closest friends. I am sure you could trust him."

Snow narrowed his amber eyes slightly, "Do not worry, Queen Mother, I don't need any help. I can handle it."

"Child, I worry about you, look at your age, you should have long been married. I don't know why you would have cancel the engagement with him before, I know you still lo-"

Snow interrupted with his face remain expressionless at the constantly speaking Queen Mother, "Queen Mother, I told you before to forget it already."



They remain silent for a few more minutes, before a soft sigh filled with worry and care echoed out, "You know that the late Emperor and your Brothers will want you to take care and be happy right?"

Snow just show a polite smile, amber eyes lock eyes with the same amber eyes but the different was this one was devoid of emotion unlike the worry, love and kindness brimming what the older female has.

"I'll become happy when the Young Emperor can finally have the complete power on his hand safe and sound."

The woman beautiful face remain smiling in gentleness, darker amber eyes flashing slightly before reaching out and holding the hand of her youngest child.

"Just let me know if you need any help alright? You know that I am here to help you anytime, you has always been my favorite child."

Snow just nodded his head, before glancing at the cooling tea before him, a blue screen appearing before him,

Drink: Red Star Tea

Label: a famous and luxurious tea offer from the West Shang to the Royal Family.

Additional information: a dangerous and mix poison was added on the tea and was created by a mystic arts of the Bai Family. Among others, the mystic arts of the Bai Family have a high chance in curing the person taking the concoct of FH poison.

Effect: Make the person who has Cold Poison body to break down and damage more faster than ever. Three times more dangerous during the time when it wreak havoc in the person body, has the chance of 50% of the person dying.

Snow face remain expressionless, as he removed the hands holding his, before reaching out and taking a sip on the tea while not showing any sign of what he just read and over the fact that he was drinking the tea that which was basically deferential and dangerous on his life and health at the moment.

Watching in the corner of his eyes as the woman before him, relax slightly despite the little bit of unease and hesitation but with resign air around her that he could feel on the woman.

A cold glint flashing by his amber eyes before it goes back on looking dull and emotionless.

Living in a Royal family, there will always be those who act more better than those famous artists in his original world.

To better hide what they really feel deep inside of them, and showing different emotions when interacting with other people in order to fool them and make them believe and trust what they are seeing is the real them.

Showing abilities befitting from what kind of background they are born at, specially for people who are born in a noble families, specially the Royalty.

A deceitful people, that only know how to hide their ugliness and show the fake mask and lies to everyone around them, as they are unable to truly trust the people around them.

So, Snow finding himself in the presence of the Queen Mother that gave birth on his current body, knowing that all what they are doing is nothing as the warmth scene that it currently look like to other people since they knows that they are just lying on each other and being suspicious despite not having evidence that they are against each other in the first place.

This is the Royal Family, even with all the power they got, the both of them still has to show to be respectful and showing the complete and loving family that they are known for in the Dynasty.

In this Palace, the Royals and their subjects are all great liar and fake people who hide behind the scene.

What do you expect on a Royal family? For people who live in the Palace, where one mistake, can mean the end of your life?

It was the reason why Snow find it fascinating about how the last 4 generation in the Royal families, that they manage to remain true and loyal against each other, specially in the generation where Xen was born, only the Queen Mother seemed to hate them completely despite being their mother.

The late Emperor children has been quite affectionate on each other, they care and love, that the power that the throne has to offer weren't enough to break their bonds.

The Royal family has been love, because they love the people in their land at the same time.

So Of course, the world tell you that not everything can have a perfect happy family, specially regarding the Royal Family and misfortune has finally struck them hard in this generation.

And it was not because of brothers fighting over the throne, no, it was because of a woman, a female.

The beautiful female being the downfall of a nation? Snow believe it all now in this life of his, because he has the living fact right before him.

It was his mother, the Queen Mother of the Rong Dynasty, the cause of all the tragic disaster that the Royal family is currently facing.

One could say that the late Emperor has always been a good emperor, wise and all that, the only bad sign was the fact that he has fallen in love at first sight with the most beautiful female in the last generation.

Xen Queen Mother, Wei Lei Shan, has been the most beautiful person in the whole Dynasty despite not being a fair, because a fair person is a fact that they are far more beautiful, charming and adorable than the other genders.

Yes, the Late Emperor has remain true to the Queen, but the feeling that they have is not reciprocate from what he is currently seeing now at the moment.

As Snow amber eyes take a glimpse of the invisible blue screen appearing when taking a look at the woman before him, it seemed that the Queen Mother doesn't love the late Emperor at the same time.

And seeing the rate of hate being so high up, oh yes, she seemed to still feel guilty of causing all the death and chaos in the Dynasty at the moment because she was still their mother, the woman that has given birth to them, but the hate she was feeling was so high and heavy that it wasn't enough to stop her from murdering all her children's.

At least Snow got some clue about how and who was the cause of all the misfortune in their Royal family, he refuse to accept that it all happen because of coincidences and the fact that the Queen Mother is entirely an enemy from the original Xen suspicious from before are true.

The original Xen has always has a suspicious over his Mother, specially when his instinct has always been telling him that there was just something wrong about his Mother even when he was still young, and the moment that he didn't listen to what his instinct was telling him that he almost died for it, so then Xen has always trust what his guts has been telling him from that moment on.

Xen instinct doesn't always appear, but when it tell him something, that is the moment that he has to listen to it.

Although, as he looked at the screen in discreet, there is a name written on it under the Alliance which the Queen Mother was partner with all, it make sense that the disaster happening wasn't only her fault, since there is no way that she can do and has plan all of it by herself.

The Queen Mother is powerful but she was not that powerful enough to cause the danger and death of Xen love ones.

Oh, he find the Permanent Appraisal Skill he got in the trade shop so very useful, specially on his current situation despite how costly it was, Snow love the challenges but he was also not stupid and prideful enough to not use any of his cheat at all.

Besides, this first world is very special, where he is allowed to open the trade shop unlimited time and being able to buy any on it without limit at the same time also.

So, Snow plan to get more skills and items later on before he left the world for the next one, he will never get the chance anymore.

Oh, Snow couldn't help but raise his eyebrow mentally, when he saw a very important word written on the screen.

Alliance: Wang Lau, the current right minister of the Rong Dynasty and the secret lover of the Queen Mother.

Of course, it make sense now even though it felt so stupid but love of course can be the source most problems, specially enough reason to cause disasters to other people at the same time.

Because of love, if it not because of revenge about the death of someone love one then it can be because of the love of a lover, it all comes of the word 'love'.

The late Emperor has been so smitten to the Queen Mother that he made her Queen without thinking that she doesn't love him back. After all, he was the Emperor, the person who was the top in the Rong Dynasty, so why should the Queen Mother unable to love him right?

So when the late Emperor died, everything has fallen and all the danger and disaster began.

Placing the empty cup on the desk, amber eyes glancing at the other people in the room one more time, his gaze staying a few more second longer at the one behind the Queen Mother before turning his gaze to the woman before him.

"Queen Mother take care of yourself. Your child is leaving now, there are more important thing I had to handle."

Snow standing up while the Queen Mother remain sitting, knowing that the original Xen has wanted her to not move much because she has been feeling unwell because of her age, and Snow won't change that fact even if Xen has been a fool for this small affection he still has despite the suspicious of her being the enemy.

Bowing to show his respect and filial piety to his mother one last time, Snow left with a swiss of his long sleeves along with his people following behind him.

The Queen Mother, watching her youngest child leaving before sighing deeply after he was completely gone.

"I really like that child among my children the most."

"Please don't worry yourself your highness, you have given him a chance. It was his decision that will cause his fate." another voice of the woman said before stepping forward, the Queen Mother turn around before glancing the room entirely since she weren't aware when it was only the two of them left.

Before turning to the woman before her, she has been with her when she was still young and has follow her when she came in the Palace, "I... know... but that child really love him you know. If he just went along with the engagement then I won't have to be doing this."

"My lady... you don't have to feel this way. Its not your fault."

The Queen Mother just smile sadly, "But Green, I... still cause my children's death." before Dark Amber eyes flashing with overwhelming hatred, "I feel sad but I will still do it again because this is all for my love, this time, we can finally be together."


"Greeting Your Highness, I am glad to find that you arrive safe and sound from your travel."

Snow amber eyes turned and stare at the middle age man before him, handsome and manly looking despite his age, smiling genuinely as blue eyes stare with a hidden fond at him.

A screen suddenly appearing, Snow completely ignore it for now, before nodding his head toward the man, before he continue to walk away since he has to meet the young Emperor next and that was more important than acting nicely to the person who has just greeted him.

Although amber eyes, stare and read at the invisible blue screen that was still following him, eyes staring at the man name, Wang Lau, for a second before turning at the Alliance part which was surprising since here he thought that his Queen Mother was being use with 'love' but it seemed that was not the case.

The same word as 'love' with his Queen Mother was written in the details, meaning that Wei Lei Shan and Wang Chen really feel true love with each other, even after all this years, it remain the same.

Snow couldn't stop his lip curving up, amber eyes laughing with mirth, ignoring the people who has somehow start staring at him, specially some people in the courts that he pass by.

Beautiful and Charming face turning stunning at the expression currently being shown out in the open, not knowing that he just got the other people get the sudden idea if they should fight and allied with him.

Sometimes a person face, specially the beautiful and stunning one, can be enough reason to change how the person view you.

So love huh? This was all happening because of 'Love'?

Because of the unfulfilled love between the two of them, which was the Late Emperor has ruined that all this disaster, death and chaos are all happening?

Then how about he fight them because of 'Love' too?

Snow decision with Li Chen seemed to be the right thing to do at the moment.

Remembering Li Chen, Snow couldn't help but gracefully raise his left arm, using the sleeves to cover half of his face, but amber eyes shining brightly was enough to enchant the people he walked pass by.

Ah, Li Chen, he can't wait for him to appear.

'Come... Come... Catch me My Love... I am waiting for you. Come get entangled in this life of mine, I wont be letting you go.'

Before Snow turned around, he caught sight of something green before completely ignoring it as he continue to think of a certain special person.

Suddenly, a handsome man with slightly wild brown hair appear in a corner, green eyes staring in fascination at the person who just pass by before it darkened at the thought of being ignored after that few seconds of catching the brightly amber eyes attention.

What happen during the time that he was gone?

Suddenly, he felt uncomfortable at the lack of attention that always follow him around before the anxious became more stronger when he thought of the fond expression he just caught a glimpse of in that amber eyes of his and something more deeper that he can't explain.

He can tell that those emotions was not for the Young Emperor, it was meant to someone else, something that should be impossible for Xen to feel toward someone.


Xen... Xen still love him! He won't allow anyone to get Xen feeling away from him.

"Lou?" a soft whisper asked in hesitation causing Lou to turned around and watching as a person gracefully walked toward him, someone with a slender body along with beautiful silky white hair with bright blue eyes with a very mesmerizing face, specially with the red flower mark between his forehead showing that he was a fair person.

"Ah... Hello my little flower." Lou said with love on his voice along with a very intense green eyes as he look at the fair person that express a blushed with that delicious looking white cheek that turned peach, making a person want to bite on it, which Lou did, causing the person to be flustered on what he did but not stopping him since they are married after all.

Yes, as he hug the person on his arms, Lou doesn't regret marrying this person, the person who was deemed as the most beautiful person in the Rong Dynasty at the moment, even when his little Fei was already married to him.

Xiao Feiyu was still famous for being the number one beauty in the Rong Dynasty.

But still, as he walk away along with his wife, Lou still felt uncomfortable over the fact that Xen is no longer showing the attention that he thought he has been hiding before him.

They has grown up together along with the Second Prince, Xen was meant to be his even if the engagement was cancelled.

So, Lou won't allow for his attention to be going to someone else, Xen will love him forever.

He will make it stay that way.


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