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Sorry: Gomenai sai


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Sam is reminiscent about the last days of his school. He didn't make many friends or close ones but he is a little bit disappointed that he didn't have enough time, since because of his mother's work, he always moves around a lot Sam is a young student who moves to Japan because of his mother's work. His mother is hardly around and he lives with his grandma. He applies for a normal school but he finds adjusting to his new life very difficult. He has no understanding of the language. and has a very difficult time at school. He's not very smart, athletic or creative. he's just an average person. He feels bitter that he never has enough time to make some real friends. He arrives in school, and the teacher has asked a guy in class to help him get used to his new environment but he doesn't help at all, he's uninterested, often looking for any chance to ditch him to hang around his friends. He meets a tomboy type girl who notices him sitting by himself on the park swing. He normally doesn't complain when he gets home but finally snaps, when this continues. His mother is hardly there and grandma is always poorly.


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