Sorel: The Destined Mortal 10000 B.C AGO Book

novel - Fantasy Romance

Sorel: The Destined Mortal 10000 B.C AGO


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Ages ago there were two different human tribes scattered over two different lands, divided to two different factions; Incurable and Amaranthine. Selene, a young girl who belongs to the tribe of Incurable, whom works for their tribe Elder- Simon, was unaware that she've already set her eyes on the thief who've stolen her attention, a thief with unknown origins. Upon her deep desire to the thief she made a huge mistake. As a punishment, she was sentence to marry the tribe leader of Amaranthine. &&. Present time. November 5th, year 2040. The girl named Sorel was tasked to unfold the mystery behind Selene's death after the punishment that was given to her 10000 BC ago. Her determination grew deeper when she found out something strange about her--- important about her. She's the girl was the chosen one 10000 B.C ago. Will she succeed and will be able to unfold the truth behind Selene's death? or rather unravel the forgotten lies that was burried long time ago? CLARIFICATIONS: • (10000 B.C = 12 YEARS) • Incurable is another term for MORTAL • Amaranthine is another term for IMMORTAL