Sorcerer...Cyborg??? Book

novel - Fantasy



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"Kothar had left fear behind long ago, he knew that to become truly powerful, he would have to walk into the very jaws of death, again and again, until either he died, or overcame the limits of mortality. " A struggle through endless planes, obliterated by the Devourer. Kothar, a cyborg reincarnated into a world of magic, embarks on a journey of new knowledge, fierce battles and an ever-increasing need to become stronger. Combining the technology of his past with the magic he learns, Kothar seeks to become powerful beyond comprehension, to exact revenge on the Devourer. Follow Kothar as he fights against all manner of strange beings, explores exotic worlds and meets the oddest characters as he journeys through the myriad planes, hoping to find his way back to the Galactic Alliance, or whatever remains of it. Updates twice daily! Discord: https://discord.gg/9V7Umgvy3p Ko-Fi: https://ko-fi.com/very_yellow_newt

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