1 Chapter 1

Sophia's pov

It was strange. I went to the window. They didn't look familiar. They looked my age though, one was at least 16 or 17 the other looked 18. I never saw them before. My parents were asleep and so was my little brother Colin. I wondered what they wanted.

I then went to the door and opened it. The younger one smiled. He asked "are you Sophia?" I then said " I am, but what do you want with me? I am not very important am I?"

I too started smile I couldn't help it. His smile was contagious. The older boy then began to speak, he told me what and who they were. They were some type of Alien.

He then confirmed his age and the younger boys too. He was 18 and the other was as I guessed almost 17. He kept saying "we" even when he was talking about himself. I then asked why and they answered: "There are two souls in our body. We share a body. We can both be in control but Jacob is shy and clumsy and doesn't like to talk to people and be in control because he thinks they won't like him." The other boy nodded. He then said "I do not know Jake very well he is always hiding except for the times he is awake before Ivan is. I then asked his name. He said my name is Luka some people call me "Luke." Luka told me they were here on a mission to save people and also to find their person. I could tell Ivan, Jake and Luka wouldn't hurt me. I asked them to come in. They did. suddenly Luka fainted. Luckily I caught him. Ivan told me it was normal for their kind to faint after a long journey. "I will also faint after about an hour or so. Jake will have to come out after that." he said. He also told me that he, like the rest of his kind eat regular food so I don't have to worry about it. Since Jake didn't use any energy since he was sleeping throughout it he will be awake until I decide to go to bed. He also told me about their kind.

It was truly fascinating. How when their people find their person. Their person could have every power imaginable. But it was also sad that their kind could only turn into animals and change their ages because their person strangely would be the only one who could use those powers. He sat their and after an hour he fainted and out came Jake. He looked scared. "Hi Jake." I say.

"H-hi, S-sophia." Jake says stuttering. He seem scared that I will make fun of him or that I wouldn't like him. I haven't even got to know him yet.

"So." I say. "Are you okay? Don't worry about me not liking you. I haven't gotten to know you yet. I would like to too." I say. I hug him and he relaxes a bit. "Do need something to drink?" I ask.

"Some water would be nice." He said quietly.

I smile. He is so adorably polite. I get up and get him some water.

I come back and give him the glass and he drinks it slowly. "We should really be heading to bed." I say. I live in a pretty big house so it has many spare rooms. He helps me put Luke into one of the spare rooms and I show him his. We brush our teeth and he asks me if he could sleep with him. He is scared of the dark. So cute!!! I say yes and we get in to bed. I learned that they change their ages so he changes into his 4 year old self, snuggles into me and falls asleep. I look at him, kiss him on his head and fall asleep. I knew that it was a little fast but I'm their chosen human so I'm guessing with their kind of alien they have bonds with their humans that click when they meet. It is going to be a long day tomorrow.