1 Chapter 1 The Fatherless Bastard

Argh….argh ahhh "stop it" 

"It hurts" Arghhhhhhh 

"yes kick him harder,make it hurt"  a boy said to a group of boys. 

His body convulsed in pain as he was being beaten up by a group  of boys . This was a usual occurrence to him as he was the bastard of the city. 

A young girl about thirteen years old pass by and witnessed this scene "hey leave him alone"One of the boys walks up to her "what you gonna do about it princess". 

Infuriated the girl gave the boy an uppercut to the chin and he flew over the boys landing on the ground. 

Angry at the scene the leader shouted "boys screw that bitch up" the boys quickly dashed towards the girl but she was agile and had good reflexes. She dodge the attacks using her spirit power and gave them powerful blows using her spirit power. One boy grabbed her long white silk curly hair, she swiftly turned around and kneaded the boy in the crotch. 

She gave another boy a roundhouse kick and within five minutes she had incapacitated the four boys.  

The leader darted towards the girl trying to kick her in the back using his spirit power  

The wounded boy on the ground shouted "behind you"  

Alerted the girl quickly bent down grabbed the attacking hand and flung it towards the wall with the boy. 

The boy bumped his head against the wall and bled from his forehead profusely staining his fiery red hair   

The boy looked at the girl with bloodshot eyes and said " I'm gonna make you regret not minding your own business " 

"Hm..come at me I'm not scared of you am very strong and you can't just bully a boy"  

"So what if I  bully this boy, he is a fatherless bastard with no spirit dæmon beast and I bully whoever, wherever, whenever " the boy snorted " and I'll make your case worser than his " 

"Then come beat me up" the girl said 

" ha….hahaha ha…..ha little girl am from the Denzvel family, I'm Claude de Denzvel one of the prestigious families of Amoria City and I have the diamond armoured bear as my spirit beast ha I'll beat you up" 

"Let's dance then my princess" 

The girl launched an attack towards Claude but it seemed like he felt nothing 

"ha girl this my diamond Shield you can't hurt me" 

The boy dashed towards the boy with so much speed and punched the girl towards the wall. He looked at the girl, bleeding from the mouth and coughing violently " girl don't go easy on me use your spirit beast" 



"That's my girl" said the Claude but suddenly he felt his body convulsing inside, he felt agony all over his body ,coughing out blood violently he looked at the girl  

" you girl what have you done to me ~cough~cough~ your eyes what wrong with you, you're not human your spirit power it's terrifying" 

" what aura is this? Her spirit beast what is it ?" 

The girl look at Claude " Aww is the big bad baby boy terrified. Don't worry,  I'll just hurt you"  

She dashed forward and punched him in the stomach, kicked his knees that he collapsed on the ground kneeling, then she delivered a blow to his nape knocking him unconscious.  

Before loosing his consciousness he noticed there were two bright red monstrous eyes behind the girl staring at him,deep into his soul  then slowly drifting into the darkness.  

The looked at the defeated Claude and sneered  

She heared groan from behind her she turned and run to the boy who was beaten up by the boys " wake up boy wake up stay with me"  

' it seems he's unconscious I'll just heal him ' she thought. 

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