Son of poseidon monarch of Quakes, Ice and Domination

An orphan gets reincarnated as the Son of poseidon, brother of percy jackson see as he changes the fates of people around friends and foes alike see as he becomes a monarch that is feared by his enemies and loved by his companions.

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4 Chs

Chapter 3

August 18th, 1993

Hospital In New York


A high-pitched scream could be heard while multiple individuals stood inside a bedroom as the woman who screamed, Sally Jackson, was lying on the bed exhausted while holding her 2 newborn sons.

"Have You decided on a name for the children miss?" A nurse asked. 

"Yes the firstborn shall be named Elijah Jackson and the second shall be named Percy Jackson" Sally whispers with a smile on her face as she hands her children to the nurse as she lies to recuperate after childbirth. 

Another place 

The three fate... 3 very powerful women, The weavers of destiny. Their Origin is unknown, some have many speculations about them. Some say they were born from the essence of Night, also known as Nyx. And some say they are the daughters of the King of God. They were so powerful that supposedly he didn't have any more children with their mother, the titan Themis, in fear of his mother's more powerful children that could potentially dethrone him. Clotho, who is in charge of the fate of births, is the one who weaves the string of fate for any mortal or immortal. Lachesis, who is in charge of measuring the lifespan, and string, and Atropos, who decides when to cut the string, signifying when they die.

Clotho was weaving a brand new string of life... A new fate. She then went into a trance weaving this particular string, her hands just kept moving until she finally stopped.

When she came out of her trance she looked at the string in front of her in shock, for normally any string woven would be a beautiful color blue, but this one was different from the rest... This one was bright white with an Icy aura around it.

Clotho called out to her sisters, "Lachesis, Atropos, you have to see this!" She yelled out excitedly.

All three sisters appear around the string in their real forms and share glances and say 

"It looks like he is finally born...He shall be our husband from this moment forward, he shall live a long and fruitful life, with great fortune"

"We should start making plans for him knowing his path as one of the children of the big three it is not going to be an easy life for him," says Clotho.

Both of the other sisters agree with this and bob their heads and they all whisk away to make plans for the up-and-coming husband-to-be. 

To be continued...

(This is not gonna follow the Percy Jackson series fully he is gonna be in a couple of books but he's gonna explore and gain experience and allies in his travels and even pick up some girls along the way. One thing I plan for him is to not be at the whims of the Olympian gods if push comes to shove hell just move on or destroy them his fatal flaw won't be like Percy where he's loyal to them his might be his pride.)