Let me make it clear, dune is not my creation. What you're about to read is a piece of fan fiction, a work inspired by the original. The book Dune introduces us to the main character, Paul Atreides. The bene gesserit instructed his mother to have a daughter, but she disobeyed the reverend's mother and decided to have a boy. Lady Jessica was meant to give birth to Paul and only Paul, but one day, she lost control of her body; she was able to choose the gender of Paul, but in her womb, a second child was formed, and he was called Damon Atreides. Lady Jessica had given birth to two boys, but on the day the twins were born, they were put into a room to let Lady Jessica rest. but not minutes after this happened, one of the children, Damon, vanished. Duke Leto searched for his youngest son Damon but was not found, and no evidence of kidnapping was shown. he pressed himself into work and focused on Paul to become the next duke after him. The question was, where is Damon Atreides? The answer is that the baby was transported to planet Arrakis and raised by the freemen people. they called him the young worm

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not a chapter message to readers.

"Okay, ladies and gentlemen, I have finished reading Dune, book one. I was having a hard time finding where to take this story and how to develop Damon more as a character, hence why I needed to finish the book. Honestly, there were three hundred pages on my phone that I needed to read, but I have ADHD, so I felt lazy to do it, and also, I have other books I am reading at once. 

But now, looking back, when I finished the book, I think we are at a good place now, and I can develop the story more. Dune is such a good book to do fanfic on because it requires intelligence in how you write, and that is what I love about it. I never thought I would read books; god knows I detested reading them. 

I am now reading Dune Messiah, and yes, I know some of you won't know what happened in the second book, but hopefully, my fanfiction gives you a glimpse of what is going on.

With all that said, should I create a Patreon? Honestly, I don't want to, because I do this for fun. And when you guys are giving me money, I feel as though I will always have to post every day. Things can get in my way in life, and I don't like disappointing people; it's just who I am. when I make promises, I keep them

question two: Should Duke Leto still die in this fanfic, or do you guys want me to save him and put more to his character? And How he becomes the father figure he was supposed to be to Damon, and how they go through the intricacies of it all. 

your choice. I already have a rough idea in my mind of what to do, but it's your guys choice. anyway make a vote i am going to read dune messiah.