Somnus's Descent (For Re-Publishing Under Sharestory.io) Book

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Somnus's Descent (For Re-Publishing Under Sharestory.io)


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Hi Guys! The novel has just been republished here on webnovel with all the available chapters. Here's the link :) https://www.webnovel.com/book/somnus's-descent_22943900006381205 Hope to see you there! "Keru wanted to run. He wanted to forget and pretend the world hadn't ended" In a world of fantasy and magic, Keru is an up and coming silver class adventurer. To the curiosity of those around him, he possesses a unique bloodline ability, the power over the domain of sleep, the strength of which belongs only with the class of blessed high nobility. To no ones surprise, he wanted to keep his past hidden. To his sponsor's interest, the deal they struck could cause a fun headache for her counterparts. To Keru himself, the price he paid was still unknown. *First time writer If I would describe the MC's inner personality at the beginning he would be someone that's: Reckless Conflicted Result-Oriented Emotionally Driven Pragmatic This isn't gonna be a harem novel, just wanted to get that out there ahead of time. The MC at beginning is someone who's impulse control has deteriorated severely. A lot of the trouble he gets into is because he's reckless and emotionally-involved in delicate and nuanced situations. However, he usually gets bailed out by his natural gifts and talents which allows him to continue with his carefree attitude... until it inevitably doesn't. I really want to tackle this part of the MC's character and what are the effects this kind of mindset has to an individual and those around them. *Credits for Image to KELLEPICS https://pixabay.com/images/id-2847724/ Free for commercial use under Pixabay License with no attribution required


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