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Solo Levelling: Perception


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World: - Solo leveling Main heroine: - Sung Jinah Harem: - No **** A guy died and was granted skills and some mission to get reborn in the world where resides his fictional love and so he jumped without hesitation. He was trained to hone his skills and was left in the world of dungeons and monsters where death was as common as a daily sale. Yet, the boy found a way to live his leisurely life with his girl and see this world burn for all it could. ***** A/N: - This is a chill story and I would upload as much time as I get. No promises. There would be centric romance and would only turn harem if I get enough response. Skills would be cliche since I am not a true weeb but know my shit to write some decent fiction. English isn't my first language so expect some mistakes and if you want to criticize, then please make it worth checking. If I get enough responses, I would do a poll for harem members but no Cha Hae-In tho. Sung Jin Woo would die single that way.


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