4 Chapter 4: Evolving

Chapter 4: Evolving

Author: Primordial_0609


It has been 1 year. Since, the werewolf incident took place.

Currently, Baldwin has been given the position of chieftain.

In this one year, Baldwin had level upto 13. Killing the weaker goblins. Because his grandfather only allowed Baldwin to kill low ranking goblins.

In actuality, Baldwin made a lie saying. He gets stronger after killing others. So, his grandfather allowed him to kill low-rank goblins. That didn't do much damage to the tribe.

However, Baldwin ignored his grandfather and killed a few higher-level goblins. Actually, the only reason he was obeying his grandfather was to learn his magic.

His grandfather was the only mage in the entire tribe. So, he could only rely on him to learn magic.


"Guu.. Gaa! (Good, grandson! You are a prodigy in magic!)" Baldwin gramps exclaimed. Baldwin conjured fire around his surroundings. Four fireballs floating around him.

"Gaga (Thanks, gramps.)" Baldwin said, he had a little cold tone. Getting adapted to a goblin society, with his human memory intact. Gave him alot of toll, in his mentality. He had to eat those disgusting rotten meat of Lycans brought in the hunt.

He also was forced to mate with goblins girls, to give birth to childrens. Those goblin women were disgusting. And, He couldn't reject others because he couldn't fight with his Gramps back at that time.

Baldwin really wished to kill his Gramps. But, he had to hold it. Until he learns the mechanics of opening and closing Gate.

Gramps hasn't taught Baldwin the mechanics of Gate yet. Because the Gate opening ritual was a sacred ceremony. Only, most loyal one to the Goblin God could obtain. Now, seeing Baldwin always kneeling infront of Goblin God statue. Is making him think, he should reveal the mechanics of opening Gate to Baldwin.

"Guu giigu (So are you ready? Today is the day for opening Gate.)" Gramps said, looking toward Baldwin.

"Guu Gaa (I am ready. You can open the Gate.)" Baldwin said. He had a bulky build liel that of hob-goblin. Even when he was still a goblin. He was wearing iron armour, iron sword in his right waist. A battle axe hanging behind his back, daggers around his left waist.

"Guury Grruu (Okay, You will take 20 Goblin Warriors with you. May the hunting be blessed by Goblin God.)" Gramps said. Baldwin only nodded, moving toward his hut. He eats the rotten raw meat infront of him. Drinking, shit smelling water.

'I want good food. Please God or whoever! Please, I want to eat good foods.' Baldwin cired, taking a bite of raw meat. He gulped his water.



Soon, getting his meal over. He walked out of his hut. He was welcomed by 20 Goblin Warriors.

They all had cracked iron armour. They preferred weapons with them. They all were alittle afraid looking at their Chief. It was well known that this generation Chief likes to kill his own tribe mens.

"Guu (We greet the Chief)" all of them bowed their heads.

Baldwin raised his hand. Soon, moving toward the shrine outside the tribe's living area.

"Gu Guur (Gramps, We are ready. Open the Gate.)" Baldwin said. He wasn't like how he was one year before. He has matured alot in this one year.

"Gu Gu (Okay. Return home same.)" Gramps said, giving the bracelet to Baldwin. He chanted some words.


Soon, a huge Gate appeared infront of the shrine.

"Guu Gaa (We will be going for the hunt then.)" Baldwin said, being followed by his Goblin Warriors.

Entering inside the Gate. It was the same one year before Glade.

'How nostalgic.' Baldwin thought inwardly. When he takes his sword in his hand.

"Guu Gaa (Take your weapon. Be ready for combat.)" Baldwin said, all of his Warriors nodding. Quickly equipped themselves with daggers, swords, clubs and spears.

"Graaa!" when a nostalgic howl hitted Baldwin's ears.

"Gugaa! (Get ready!)" Baldwin said. When he leaped forward.

"Graaa!" Steel-fanged Lycans also charged toward Baldwin.



Within a mere second. Baldwin sliced off Lycan's head.

"Guaa! (Kill them all!)" Baldwin said, counting the number.

He found 23 Steel-fanged Lycans running toward them.

"Guyuuu!" Goblins roared in fury.

All of them charging ahead. Mercilessly brawling against the Lycans.

Baldwin raised his hands, chanting few chants. He conjured Fire around his right arm.


"Fireball!" Baldwin exclaimed. All the flames around his arm, gathering through his palm. He shot a Fireball, immediately buring many Lycans in its range.

Some unlucky Goblins also dying by the flames.

'Extra exp.' Baldwin heartlessly smirked.

While some Goblins were angered by this behaviour of their Chief, though they silently watched their brothers-in-arms getting friendly fire.

Baldwin couldn't care less about others.

As, He was currently brimming in confidence for clearing this Dungeon by himself through those extra exp.

"Guu! (Charge!)" Baldwin roared, his green hand holding a sword.


He swooped his sword. Slicing another Lycan's head.


Baldwin sliced yet another Lycan head.

Soon another pack of Lycans joining the brawl.




Baldwin, without much fear, slashed another Lycan. When, a Lycan chomped one of his Goblin Warriors.

Baldwin, swiftly dashing there. Stabbing the Lycan who attacked his subordinates.


Killing him in one swipe.

"Graaa" a Lycan leaped toward Baldwin.


Baldwin swung his sword.

The Lycan chopped into two, its bone, blood, intestine and organs spilled all around the ground.

"Gaaa!" one Goblin roared. Fighting against the Lycans, all of them surprised and awed before Baldwin's might.


Stabbing the tiny head of Lycan. Baldwin killed another enemy... kicking the Lycan away.

[Level up!]

'Good.' Lycan thought, sensing a strong presence heading their way at the speed of the train.

"Owaaaa!" the beast roared. Soon, revealing the figure.

Baldwin grinned at the newly entrance.

'Look who it is. This shit dog will die by my hand.' Baldwin thought with a wide grin. Showing his yellow teeth never brushed since his birth.

He glared at the Werewolf infront of him.

"Owaa! (Haha! More toys.)" the Werewolf laughed, licking his sharp claws, watching the Goblins.

"Graa Grugru (What are you looking at? Fight me.)" Baldwin's voice making Werewolf too immediately look toward him.

"Owaa Owa (Haha, Aren't you arrogant one?)" Werewolf grinned in amusement.

He decided to charge toward Baldwin, His claws sharping in the pace.

Baldwin began chanting his spell.

"Lighting." Baldwin's right arm soon covered in lighting. He clenched his lighting fist.

As, Baldwin fist and Werewolf claws collided.


Both of their collisions. Brought a huge gale in the Glade.


"Graaa!" Baldwin roared. Soon, his lighting fist overpowered the Werewolf.

His fist crushed Werewolf claws.

As, he punched the Werewolf face, throwing him rolling away.

"Owa" Werewolf grunted in pain.

Baldwin checking the wolf using [Peek] to check Werewolf stats.



Name: None

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Race: Werewolf

Rank: C

H.P: 2,028/ 3,300


"Gugu Gugara (Haha, Look at that. You haven't improve abit in this 1 year.)" Baldwin commented in mockery.

As, he sheathed his sword.

He took out his Battle Axe hanging behind his back all this time.


With a one swing of his Axe. A huge pressure descended in the Glade.

"Gua Gaa!! (My warriors. I will handle this dog myself. Watch me!!)" Baldwin roared, brimming in the fury of past.

Both Goblin Warriors and Lycans immediately stopped their clash hearing Baldwin.

All of them watched their leaders battle each other.

"Grrrr." Werewolf growled in anger.

He was enraged, getting mocked by a weak green skin.

"Graa! (Fight me!)" Baldwin then roared out, tightly gripping on the hilt of his Axe by both his hands.


He swings his Axe. A huge wind pressure folded with his Axe attack.



Werewolf used his claws to block the attack. A loud spark lighting from their collision. Baldwin immediately lets go of his Axe. Squatting down, swiftly he unsheathing his sword.


He slashed at the torso of the Werewolf.

"Owaaa! (It hurts!)" Werewolf grunted. His torso turning bloody, leaping away from Baldwin.

Baldwin immediately chanted his spell.


"Fireball!" Baldwin shot a Fireball toward the Werewolf.

The wolf caught in surprise. The Fireball hit its body with full force.

The entire body of the Werewolf blasting open.



The Blood of Werewolf splattered in the sky. Soon, it fell to the ground like rain.

[Level up!]

[Ting! Host has reached lvl: 15! Host can evolve his race!]

[Checking, Host stats…. Ting! Host can choose which race he wants to evolve in these three.]

1. Hobgoblin

2. Skeleton Warrior

3. Bugbear

[Please, Choose the evolution.]

Baldwin was extremely happy, when he heard he could finally evolve.

Checking the option. He quickly analysed all three races. And, remember whatever he could about them.

Hobgoblins were a higher form of Goblins. That has High-level intelligence and brute force.

Skeleton Warriors must be skeletons that are skillful in weapons like warriors.

Bugbears are also a higher form of Goblins. But they don't have green skin, instead have fur. While, they possess strength above Hobgoblin. They also are feared by Goblins.

'Hmmm…' after pondering for abit. He thought, all possibilities of all three races.

'I guess. I will choose Bugsbears.' Baldwin thought, clicking over [Bugbear].

All of Goblins and Lycans were terrified by Baldwin. Lycans because they saw their boss getting slaughtered right infront of their eyes.

While the Goblins because he suddenly began to glow brightly.

[Ting! Host has chosen the race: Bugbears!]

[Evolving Host from Goblin → Bugbear]

[Evolving…. Evolving…. Ting! Evolution is successful!]

[Ting! Congratulations, Host! Your rank is evolved from D → C-]

[Ting! Host has acquired a racial skill: Fear!]

Fear: You can use this skill to enemies weaker than you. The ones under the skill, will fear you. Reducing their strength, defence, sense and Intelligence. More weaker individuals may also die of fear from the skill.

[Ting! Host active skill: Slash (E) has been evolved into active skill: Heavy Slash (C)]

[Ting! Host active skill: Stab (E) has been evolved into active skill: Smash (C)]

[Ting! Host active skill: Peek (E) has been evolved into active skill: See (C)]


Gripping his chest. Baldwin looked over this body. He had his green sticky skin changed into tan colour. Brown hair growing over his chest, legs, arms and face. He was now 5'7 ft tall.

:Bugbear photo:

'I feel more power than before.' Baldwin exclaimed, pleased with the results.

He felt his Strength and some other stats also increasing. So, he quickly opened his stats.




Name: Baldwin Walker

Gender: Male

Age: 5

Race: Bugbear

Rank: C+

Authority: 9% (over system)

Job: None

Title: Chief

Dungeon Level: D+

H.P: 3,500/ 3,500


Level: 15

Strength: C+

Defence: C+

Mana: C-

Agility: C-

Sense: D

Intelligence: D


[Passive Skill]

>Night vision (E+)|, Emotion Control (E+)|

[Active Skill]

>Physical: Smash (C))|, Dash (E-)|, Tackle (E)|, Heavy Slash (C)|, See (C)|

>Magical: Fireball (C)| Lighting (C)|

[Job Skill]


[Racial Skill]

>Fear (C+)


>Iron Sword (E+), Iron Dagger (E+), War Axe (D), Iron armour (D).


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