SOLDIERs in Marvel's Hogwarts

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Chapter 89 - In Ten Hours - 2

Cloud stood up, looking at the Sling Ring, and circled his hand to create a portal, and it opened, revealing the Tesseract. Even though it seemed simple, he had no plans to place his hand in danger, so he telekinetically pulled it towards him. It struck against a few defensive measures but broke through, landing in his hand.

He didn't leave; he closed the portal behind him and turned around to see a Kree Warrior, holding the Hammer as tall as his body.

And behind him was an army that went as far as the eye could see, "Ronan?"


Cloud summoned the Buster Sword, rotating it on the palm of his hand, keeping it on his shoulder, and as a smile appeared on his lips, "You'd make an adequate distraction."

"Child. I offer you my hand, kneel before me, and vow to serve the Kree Empire."

"Huh, did you hit your head while trying to lift the hammer?"

"I have heard this from Supreme Intelligence. You Terrans favour humour when you are scared."

"Nah, only when we see a joke or thousands in this case."

The Kree soldiers raised their guns, ready to fire, but Ronan raised his hand, stopping them, "C-53…you call it Earth? That woman won't be able to protect it. If you take Tesseract, I will lead Kree Empire's Army and extinguish that Planet myself."

Cloud looked at the Tesseract, "Oh. I didn't think about that while I searched for your facilities, your research and destroyed them, and came to take this at all. Let me put it back and leave."

Ronan watched him without saying anything, and when Cloud thought this guy was silent for too long, he said, "You didn't believe that I was serious, right?"

"You weren't?"

"And they say I am hopeless."

He raised the Buster Sword, pointing it forward, "Come."

Ronan scowled, slamming the hilt of the hammer on the ground, "Fire!!!"

Cloud raised his palm, holding the hilt of the Buster Sword, with his thumb and forefinger, uplifting it, his palm facing towards them, "Stay."


A blast of telekinetic energy came out of his palm, passing through every bullet, stopping them one after the other. Before they fully came to a stop, he fired another shockwave that pushed the bullets back, causing them to return towards every soldier. Though most collided against the next barrage of bullets, a few managed to get through, striking down the Kree Soldiers that fired them.

'Too slow. I can't use that Limit Break…there isn't enough time. Magic then.'

He put the Buster Sword to stop a few bullets, pointing upwards, "Blizagga Tria."

Before, putting two multipliers on the magic was hard on him—now, with Parallel Thoughts, not so much.

Three massive hunks of ice formed above them; the Kree turned to shoot above at it, only breaking sharp pieces of it, which in turn fell on them. This ice was so sharp that it pierced through even their skin.

He took a step forward, "Firaga Tria!"

Three balls of fire flew from his hand; one landed in the front, the other two on the left and right wings, respectively. However, many of them managed to escape the range of the blast.

"Thundaga TRIA!!!"

Three thunderstorms appeared, spreading out, causing the army of the thousand Kree to spread out even further, trying their best to save themselves from the thunder.

He took a deep breath, putting much of his magical energy into his increasingly devastating attacks, "AEROGA TRIA!!!!!!!!!!"

Three massive tornadoes formed, breaking apart the walls, roof, and the people, who got pulled in by the wind, being caught up by it. The Kree got lifted in the air, swirling, firing aimlessly, and the bullets hit their people.

He walked towards them, watching the carnage caused by him, and a part of him was repulsed, but he kept moving forward, telling himself that it was necessary.

"You think this is enough? Do you think that this is all the Kree Empire has to offer?! That we weren't waiting for you?! Come! Cloud Strife!!! You shall be the sacrifice needed to bring about the Kree Empire's Glory!!"

Cloud raised his eyes, looking through the broken roof, through the floating rubble, at the army of Kree, the ships, the cannons, the artilleries.

"You end will be the end of that Planet! No one will rise against the Kree Empire!!"

"Use my power," Sephiroth appeared behind him, floating in the air, resting his palm on Cloud's shoulder.

"Mine too," Zack appeared on his right, and Cloud breathed out, "Ok."

His body started changing, his height grew, and two wings came out from his back, a black wing on his right and a white wing on his left. His feet left the ground, and with a flap of his wings, a shockwave shot outwards in all directions, with him as the centre, pushing away.

He rose to the same height at the ships, and a storm rose around him, and a word left his mouth, "Heartless…."

Black clouds covered the sky unnaturally, going as far as the horizon.


He heard their cries, fear, courage, bloodlust, and desire for war, and yet, it was all the same, "Angel."

A light came down from the dark clouds surrounding every one of them. Nothing could protect the Kree, the walls, metals, ships, or shield; when the life and energy drained from their face and bodies, one after the other, they started falling on their knees, falling forward. The ships started losing their altitude, the sound of bodies and weapons clattering to the ground.

He pulled Ronan towards him, who somehow still had the Will to hold the hammer, and managed to keep it beside him as he got pulled up, bound by the invisible energy, hovering in front of Cloud, glaring into the cat-like green eyes.

"I am alive, and that means if I see a Kree Soldier on Earth…that will be the end of this planet and every Kree that lives on it."


Cloud tilted his head, his golden hair that seemed a little longer than usual, reaching his shoulder, shifted to the side, and the dark clouds broke apart. A meteor started coming towards the planet, surrounding it in flames, with heat so intense that it could cause the water in the surrounding miles to disappear.

"Then watch. As you all die."

Ronan struggled, trying to get out of his grip, but could do nothing about it. He could only watch as the meteor reached closer and closer to the surface. The moment it made contact, a destructive wave passed through them, gorging the ground, killing everything it touched, and bringing forth destruction of the Kree Empire's Home Planet, Hala.

Ronan let go of the hammer, closing his eyes, "Kill me…Cloud…Strife."

"This is my last warning…or this will be the future of your people," Cloud dropped him, and the enormous illusion covering the whole world disappeared, revealing it to be intact to Ronan, who was falling.

His eyes were fixed on the one with wings floating in the sky, and with a flap of his wings, the space around him twisted, and he vanished.

"Heartless…Angel…power…I need more power… and one day! I will be the end of you!!! I!! Ronan, The Accuser!!!"