186 Side story: The happy ending

12 years later

The annual festival of Lorelai was here but unlike all the other years Arius wasn't just attending it with his family.

Caesar's family was here for a short vacation and they all decided to attend it together.

The first dance was always of Arius and Azalea, then he switched with Athena while Azalea danced with her son, Aries.

Aries looks were exactly like his father's. Blonde hair and golden eyes but his personality was much more sophisticated and unlike his sister who was four years older, he was much more calm.

Caesar had his dance with Nora while his son Noah danced with his twin sisters Jade and Ruby who were two years younger than him. All three of the kids had black hair and brown eyes.

Then they switched with each other.

The stage was filled with laughter, illuminated by orange and yellows lights.

Music filled the place.

The festival was as lively as always.

All the people enjoyed their time.


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