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Sold to Undercover


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The mystery behind Heirsha as well as to Anagen Sini can make you really wander what's hidden behind their backs. Behind what their capable of to show the world of violence. This book is really a great one! Hope you can have spare time exploring what's inside of it. Goodluck!❤ Lovelots, Cie

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I will give 5 stars to the author... The synopsis is very intriguing, it piques one interest... The story itself is good, have some spice makes one curious... All in all, it's a good story. Hey, kudos to the author!


I've only been a few chapters in but I'm definitely hooked up to the story already. Well I for one still have a lot of questions concerning the events that have unfold, like the identity of Anagen Nici, but since there has only been a few chapters available I understand the confusion it brought. Which makes me look forward to the future chapters! Content wise, I like it since it's fast paced with a bit of tragedy to fuel the MC, definitely my cup of tea. Grammar and structure-wise, it's okay, only needing a few tweaking on a certain parts which I'm sure the author can find in detail. It's a novel definitely worth reading. Keep it up Author-san!


Love it! I was trapped from the synopsis, there are many emotions in each chapter, I started and felt that I could not stop, the author is doing a great job! [img = recomendar]


for what I have read so far, I can see a very interesting world with unique character designs, and i look forward to reading more as the story really captures reader attention. well done