1 Prologue

Vromia pointed his gun towards the young lady, whose back can barely function to help her crawl away from the man. It was late dawn, and people were still sleeping inside their homes. The mystic atmosphere rose with the fogs surrounding the whole narrow ways within the woods. There was no one else to reach out for help, even if how many times the lady kept wailing for it.

"Help! Is there anyone out there?! Please... help me"

The heavy breathing of the young lady occupied the intense incident which Vromia has set to make an end to her. Her legs were shaking as she tried to run away from him. She kept falling with her knees getting dirty. She covered her mouth, and her tears kept falling on her cheeks. Her chest clenched at the thought, he's back. He's back to do his unfinish business he couldn't years ago.

Vromia walked at a slower pace than the young lady made. Staring at the helpless but terrified eyes of the woman in front of her, he couldn't find himself to feel something. He couldn't care less about this woman pleading for her a second chance in life. He had enough with this nonsense mercy!

"Why do you need to do this, huh?" The woman cried her words out while kneeling in front of the man's coldness. His eyes are void with any emotion that you can either feel hell or nothing at all. She wished, she'll be back with being numb, after all, it was all his doing. She clenched her hands into her chest and grip her shirt tightly that she just want to take her heart out because of too much pain.

As soon as the lady looked up to Vromia, their eyes met. Vromia glared at her with no emotions, and she can comprehend that the man who used to love her before was now dead.

"Anagen from the ancestors of Nisi, ever since we met, I've never loved you."

She looked down, calmed herself, and continued sobbing in silence. And the last time she knew was the sound of the bullet escaping from Vromia's gun hit the middle of her forehead.

But before the bullet made an end to Anagen's life, she whispered,

"I will see you again..."

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