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Sold to Undercover


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Heirsha(Irsha) is a girl who's numb to feel anything she could. She was raised by her grandfather who is/was already bed ridden. At a young age, all her loved ones left her without her, bidding her piece of goodbye. She felt like the world turn its back that she could only stare at it and instead of getting angry and hysterical, she chose to be numb. To not feel anything because of the thought, 'it's more easier this way'. And it was like destiny played her life, again. Her grandfather almost die, yea almost. Things happened so fast that it seems like time slipped into her hands. Getting to know her grandfather's last will before he bid his farewell, she doesn't have a chose but to do it. She goes with the flow, rather for she's numb, she doesn't care at all. She did what she was told without a word. But fate and destiny both played her life well. She ended up into a trap that she didn't expect at all. Being sold to a man she doesn't know was a big thing for/to her. In that incident, even how much numb she is, she didn't expect that emotions, different emotions stirred her. Those different emotions that started to grow inside her like a newborn baby, does love included? Well, let's hurry and find out what will be her journey this time despite her life, being played all throughout. A CIELBITCH and Purple_Glory collaboration.