1 Anger

Leia furiously shook her head at the doctor standing in front of her, "Yo-you're lying," Little bubbles of tears welled up in her eyes, and her body trembled in agitation. "Tell me you're lying to me," Her watery eyes stared at him, clearly unwilling to believe that her mother was dead.

"I am sorry, miss Leia. We did try our-"

"No, you didn't!!" Leia yelled, with her finger pointing at the doctor. "The only thing you did was to let her die!" Her body quivered uncontrollably, and she shoved the vase on the receptionist's counter to the floor, shattering it to pieces.

"Miss Leia, we need you to-"

"I want to see my mother," She turned to the doctor, and her hand balled into a fist. Her breathing became heavy and her eyes became a few shades of red.

"Miss Leia, You're not in a good state of mind to see-"

"I said I want to see my mother!" She screamed and grabbed the doctor by the collar. Her red eyes dangerously stared at him and her hot breath fanned his face. "Take me to my mother!"

The doctor pinched between his brows and proceeded to free himself from her grip. However, he was furiously thrown to the floor by her.

Leia glanced at him and walked past him with her hand tightly clenched into a fist. She wandered past different rooms, stomping every step she took in annoyance, and her eyes darted from side to side. She finally halted in front of a door with "A10" written on top of it, and her eyes narrowed into a thin line.

She took a deep breath and pushed the door open. Her slender body slipped inside and her eyes peeked at the table that had someone covered in white clothing lying on it.

Her fist clenched tightly, and she slowly made her way towards the table. The closer she got to the table, the more her body trembled nervously. She stood beside the slab and stared at the body covered in white clothing. Leia reached out her twitching hand and slowly pulled the clothing down to view the face of the corpse.

Her eyes blinked in agitation and bubbles of tears filled her large eyes. "Mu-mum," Her knees became vulnerable and she fell to the floor. Her trembling hand caressed her mother's face, and she felt deep rage burn within her. "Mother," she whispered once again.

Leia clutched her heart tightly and hatefully stared at her dead mother. "You promised... you wouldn't leave." She grasped her mother, and her face grimaced in rage. "You lied to me! You fucking lied to me!" She released her grip and slipped to the floor. Her knees curled up to her chest and her head shook in disbelief. "You left me alone in this world."

A pessimistic chuckle escaped her mouth, and her gaze became distant and lost. The lines of tears on her face gradually dried from the gentle breeze that brushed against her face.

He let her die! He let her die! Her head bobbed in annoyance and her hand balled into a tight fist. Leia stood up and glanced at her mother's dead body one last time. She let out a soft sigh with closed eyes and left the room. With an indifferent face, she walked past the doctors and nurses who were staring at her with pitiful eyes and grabbed a bat stick lying beside the exit door, then made her way out of the hospital.

She wandered to a shop that sold alcoholic beers and bought one. Her lips curled into a grin and her grip on the bat stick in her hand tightened as deep rage burned strongly within her. Her next destination is home.

The gate to a beautiful mansion opened, revealing a young girl standing in the heavy rain with a bat stick in her right hand and a bottle of beer in her left hand. 

From inside the mansion, the maids dilated their eyes when they saw the young girl and hurriedly ambled outside. Their intent gaze sized her up, and one of them couldn't help but ask, "Is she okay?"...

"She doesn't look okay to me," some muttered, feeling a bit at a loss.

With folded arms, two beautiful young girls, who seemed to be sisters, walked out of the mansion and seized the young girl with their intent stare. One of the two of them raised her brow with a leisurely expression.

"Jenny, what is wrong with her? " The one that looked more slender asked her sister with a bizarre expression on her face.

"Amy-" She turned around to stare at her sister, "-How am I supposed to know?" Jenny glared in annoyance and returned her stare to the young girl in the rain.

The young girl, who was Leia, chuckled softly when she saw the two sisters who were her beloved stepsisters. She raised the bear to her mouth and gulped down a mouthful of alcohol, then turned around and threw the bottle away. Her eyes narrowed dangerously, and she began to saunter into the compound, dragging the bat in her hand along with her.

She staggered from one side to another as insane laughter escaped her mouth and she shook her head furiously, causing her short hair to flutter. She let out a sigh with a pessimistic look on her face, and her fingers caressed the bat.

She raised her eyes and glanced at the mansion with hatred. "Mr. Adolpho!" Leia yelled, crazily laughing afterward. She swung the bat in her hand and her eyes glanced at the cars packed inside the compound. The bat in her hand swirled as a wicked smile formed on her lips. She halted her pitch-black eyes on a white Rolls Royce, which was Mr. Adolpho, her father's treasured car.

She stood still and tapped her fingers on her thigh. Her eyes narrowed into a thin line as she monitored everyone. A soft chuckle escaped her mouth, and she shook her head when she saw that they were also monitoring her.

Leia's eyes abruptly widened, and in the next moment, before they could think or react, an ear-piercing scream escaped her mouth, and with the bat in her hand, she rushed towards the Rolls Royce and furiously smashed the front window, creating lines of crack on the glass.

 "Ssss..." Dilating their eyes, the maids covered their mouths, and their bodies trembled fearfully. What has this girl done? Their faces grimaced in fear and pity, and they couldn't help but swallow hard. Just the imagination of what Mr. Adolpho's reaction would be when he arrives back home already left them peeing in their pants.

"You let her die, didn't you?" Leia, whose body was trembling in rage, continuously smashed the front window and finally shattered it to pieces. She nodded her head in satisfaction and moved to the side windows. Crazily yelling, she raised the bat and also smashed them to pieces.

Jenny and Army glanced at each other, and they could see the fear in each other's eyes. "Stop her," Jenny turned to the maids and yelled, with apprehension visible in her eyes.

Nodding their heads anxiously, they rushed to Leia and besieged her. They proceeded to hold her down, but she swung the bat in a rage and hit the maid closest to her on the head. The maid clutched her head and slumped to the ground, unconscious.

"Stay the hell away from me, you bastards!" She pointed the bat stick at them and insane laughter escaped her mouth. With her head slowly tilting to one side, she glanced at her stepsisters, whose faces were ghastly white, and she smashed the window with her eyes still fixated on them. She wiggled her eyebrows at them, indirectly asking them, 'I have smashed it. What are you going to do now?'

"She's gone insane, Jenny," Amy said nervously as she turned to face her sister.

"What do you want me to do?" Jenny glared at her sister as cold sweat dripped from her forehead. "Father is not home yet and the men are with him. We just have to wait for them to come back," She turned her head to stare at the crazy girl who was laughing insanely and swinging her bat at the maids.

The gate to the compound opened once again and two cars smoothly rode into the mansion. A middle-aged man who looked 50 stepped down from the car with his hands shoved into his pocket, and his face instantly turned a few shades darker when he saw the commotion taking place in his compound.

He raised his hand, signaling to his men, who were about to rush in and hold Leia down, to stop. They glanced at him and obediently stepped back.

Mr. Adolpho closed his eyes and let out a soft sigh, clearly annoyed by the commotion unfolding in his mansion. Opening his eyes, he glanced at Leia and began to walk towards her.

Leia, who was swinging the bat stick at the maids, halted and slowly turned to see her father walking towards her with a darkened face. Her face instantly turned ashen and her grip on the bat became stronger.

A wicked smile formed on her lips, and her eyes narrowed into a thin line. She positioned the bat near the window of the Lamborghini packed on her right side and her smile switched to a warm one. "Dear father, I've been waiting for you."

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