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Traversing Thousand Sorrows

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I will just say it.. I will post this just to warn any inncoent readers This novel contains at least three case of ntr so drop it if you don't want the sadness

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I wanted to try it, till I saw a review that it was a righteous MC, upholding his righteousness...... So long story short another peerless martial god..... No thanks. We the followers of Lord fifth will stay on the side of shamelessness.


NTR is a BIG NO for me....................................................................... So, the Story & Character only get 1*, if it was possible i would 0*......


Its a good funny story and i like it. <one of the novel which i want to read more chapter. It would be good if you do a 20 per week :D .


I’m not one to review these fics but considering the quality and outright falsehoods of some of these so called ‘reviews’ I find it necessary to give a more reasonable opinion. Without going into detail this is a good Chinese novel, better than most and as entertaining as anything on here. This is my favorite, currently updating, Chinese novel and I couldn’t name another, updating or complete, Chinese novel I like more than it.


I strongly recommend this novel, if you are interested in intelligent plots regarding military strategies. It is not exaggerated as in records of the human emperor and compared to that novel it shows more of a xianxia element. This novel might be slow sometimes and there are a few draggy chapters, but overall a great novel. Don't bother with other people, most importantly this novel is worth giving a try. Only problem I have found so far is the irregular updates. Sometimes two weeks without nothing, but then a mass release to compensate. I hope this novel will see its end.


NTR should go and die in a ditch somewhere and save us the pain of reading it. I would be glad if there was a tag for this kind of stuff in the site so people would be warned in advance without having to read reviews.


The story is totally of a righteous MC character where he goes and fight the bigger realm cultivators to fight to death just for some feeling he has for rightfulness and feeling for the other passer-by characters ..atlast he will be defeated and will surrender thinking of his family..totally a collapsed plot..😐😐


Website: Qidian CN Views: 4.51 million Recommendations: 2.71 million Rating: 9.3/10 from 1185 readers. Chapters: 2254 No of works: 3 I like reading this novel. It's not cliched like many other novels where MC is constantly fighting arrogant young masters who bully his friends, family or girlfriends. This is a cultivation novel fused with a bureacratic system where MC has to use his political wits to survive in addition to his OP skills. The novel has good characterisation and plot development even though it's pretty slow. The world building is excellent too. Unlike other novels, MCs flaws are magnified in this one, that only makes it more real and believable for the readers. MC is not completely likeable either and he grows colder as the novel progresses but despite that you would root for the MC. A negative aspect of the novel could be that there is brutal depiction of violence against women and some readers have also complained that aspects of NTR appears later in the story. Apart from these minor issues, this is a fantastic mature Xianxia novel for people who are looking for something different from the usual Xianxia novels. IMO though people should not despise the novel because of minor reasons like NTR, people should be chilled about NTR. Cheating is common in real life so why can't it be portrayed in novels. In many CN novels (including this one) the MC has more than 3 wives and 4 concubines(metaphorically or literally depending on the novel) but you can't accept it if the fairer *** seeks comfort from other men? Even women are people too you know, they are not perfect just like men.


I strongly recommend it who have strong heart! its truly lots of mature build. Other novels MC protects their harem members with strong plot armor! fuckin no sense but everyone wants it. But this novel is different, Mc have harem but he is not that strong for protect his womans. all womans have their reasons and make lots of sense. well its ntr


So far so good. Not some reincarnated character from another world with heaven defying knowledge at his advantage.. But I have some doubts about the Orb of Will thing, do they have to depend on it at all times? Why can't they just cultivate using the Spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth? Anyway, I'm liking 'Soaring the Heavens' and more updates..


This doesn't have NTR... Some stupid ***** ruined such a good novel's release rate.... **** you! If not for this, this novel would certainly have been the best in the whole of the web novel in this bloody site.


This novel feels more like wuxia instead of Xianxia. Most of us read Chinese novels for enjoyment but this novel offers almost zero enjoyment. Perhaps it would be change in future but so far it's a dull read. The translations are fine but they could use some polishing (Yao race=Monster race. Yao core=monster core).


This is hidden gem, these who rated this novel low is never read this novel, idiots. Politic and scheming is whole another level in this novel, every worth MC says, every actions is very carefully planned. I still remember what MC said: "There's no one up there who will speak for me." His enemys too not that aggressive like other trash huanhuas, very realistic characters, thinks carefully planned too good (before action they always carefully think and plan to hundreds year ahead, amazing isnt it). You can even say that most of enemy is not exactly enemy, sometimes they side with MC sometimes not. Novel have feeling comedy, slice of life, revenge, qonquest realistic type MC. Ntr will not happen until ch1000, so its safe


I read this novel, went to chapter 297 and accidentally saw that they say in this novel there is NTR. At first I was very upset, but I think there was a misunderstanding. NTR is when a girl voluntarily or forcibly has *** with another person with the protagonist (he watches it), otherwise it's just cheating or rape. There's nothing wrong with this (this of course depends on the actions of the protagonist). If the hero's betrayal must kill both if the rape is only the enemy (from such a woman I would refuse, in my understanding it is impossible to rape a girl if she does not want it and she has a strong love for the protagonist, she would simply commit suicide, in any other case she is just a whore) . Even If this hero NTR was connected, then you need then just to avenge both and all. NTR terrible in there, whores were always (even good that they revealed), but the main character should behave properly, to forgive and be bezzhalostnym.Na moment the hero is takoy.No if in the future it will become a spineless rag I was very disappointed in This novel.I searched information on Chinese sites, but really did not find anything, I certainly can be mistaken, if you find a skinte link.


Reveal spoiler


A really damn good and funny novel. I don’t understand how it doesn’t have more readers. Good translation and editing too. Keep it on. 👍🏼👍🏼


Story is very lame, slow, and nothing impressive. Dialogue is very verbose, uninteresting, and unnecessary. The start of the novel kills any enthusiasm to continue reading the story. MC's personality is too ordinary including his intelligence. Only thing that MC has going for him is god-tier luck and even the people around him seem to have it. This novel is literally about you reading about people winning lotteries.


I hope this story continues some day people complain about a simple ntr being that it happens in reality there are much worse stories in this respect when the protagonist takes his journey to power he must step on the corpse of his enemies to conquer him but it is not always just that ... he must also deal with the loss of loved ones to overcome terrible emotional traumas in order to not only gain his power but also the mental stability necessary to wield it for it is the weaknesses that shape its character and firm its conviction to move forward, not success. if this story embodies all of this correctly it is a great novel.