*Prologue for the fic after Ryu Desu is over*

Chapter 1 - Demise

Written By Curiostyx



Ganondorf's field of vision blurred as the Master Sword impaled his forehead, skewering through his Brain.

'Haa... Haha... Demise... So he has finally come for me...' The Gerudo King realized almost instantly.

The bright light of the evening sun bounced from the blade, blinding the King in a flash of sunlight.

'Ha... So bright... Even in my death, those Gods still spite me...' He cursed the Goddesses.


「Acquisition of ~Light Resistance~ and ~Faith Resistance~ successful.」

His right hand slowly crept to his forehead as blood dribbled down from the wound.

The Princess and her Hero went on guard in response to his sudden movement.

The King's entire life flashed before his eyes. All the way from his royal childhood, his imprisonment by the Hero of Time's hands, and finally his death by the current Hero of Winds.

'Ah... If I could get another thousand lives after this one, I would choose to be nothing but who I have become...' Throughout his whole life, he had absolutely no regrets... Except for the one thing he never had.


「Creating a new body that perfectly matches the current body of Individual ~Ganondorf Dragmire~... Failed.」

「Creating a new body in the image of ~Ganondorf Dragmire's~ past iteration... Successful. 」

His hand caressed the wound, dying it red in the color of blood. The Gerudo King then brought his hand to his face as he smelled the scent of sweet iron.

'Hm... If only my people still lived... Perhaps... Perhaps, I could have been a Father by now...' As the last remaining Gerudo left in this world, he really only had one wish.


「The Unique Skill ~Family~ has been created.」


An unnerved expression made its way into the Hero of Wind's face as he beheld the King of Thieves drinking his own blood, Princess Zelda wasn't as bothered but the action still disgusted her nonetheless.


「Acquisition of Extra Skill ~Blood Drinker~ successful.」

'This pain truly brings nostalgia... It's even the same people who I'm fighting...' Well, it wasn't actually the same people... But then again, it kind of is.


「Acquisition of ~Pain Resistance~ successful.」

The King's right hand went up again, this time gripping the hilt of the Master Sword.


The King of Evil pulled the Blade of Legend from his forehead with a loud whistle... This action immediately alerted the Princess as well as the Hero.

"Link, stop him...!" Princess Zelda shouted to her Hero as he was closer to the mad Gerudo.

'What a fine Blade... Perhaps I could have won all those years ago had I wielded such a Sword...' He mused as the iconic image of the Hero of Time appeared in his mind.


「Failure to transport the Item ~Master Sword~ to the new body. Searching for viable solutions...」

「Solution found: Creation of Parallel Item with ~Master Sword~ parameters... Successful.」

「Aditionally, the Skill ~Item Box~ has been acquired.」

'That guy... He had truly been built differently... No way can this kid compare...' The King mused as he gave a terrifying stare to the Hero.

"Link... The... Wind... It... Blows... TO YOU!!!" Gandorf shouted before leaping with a burst of wind towards the little Hero.

"Die, Link!!!" With the last remaining life in his eyes, the Mad King sliced down with the Master Sword...



...And the Hero's left arm was severed.

"!!!" Link released a pained expression as a burst of agony invaded his senses.

"LINK!!!" His Princess screamed in unadulterated horror.

「The Unique Skill ~Malice~ has been created.」


The Master Sword was dropped to the ground with a loud bang as the very life of the King of Thieves left his old eyes.

Even in his very last moments, the Fallen King still wished for the Hero's downfall...

The corpse of the Great King of Evil stood in place as if it was a statue, unmoving and unperturbed by the surroundings.

The Princess rushed to her Hero in panic and worry as she gazed over his severed arm.

But then...

...The corpse suddenly moved.


A kaleidoscope of color filled the King's field of vision. His Spirit flew between the dimensions, swimming through the astral sea of the Ethereal Realm.

"Is this... Is this the afterlife? A-a lot more colorful than I imagined..." With all the suffering that he had caused, brimstone and fire were what he expected to see...

Of course, his own actions regarding Hyrule were perfectly justified but the suffering and demise of his own people could never... Ganondorf didn't want to think about that any further.

"I can't feel... There is nothing to feel..." His sense, every single one of them had been blocked. He couldn't smell, hear, feel, taste... Well, he could still see.

"I remember... Why did Zelda say something about a copy of the Master Sword... Why..." His question was interrupted when the King realized something.

"...Why... My voice... Is... Getting softer...? Wasn't this... Wasn't this how I sounded back then!?" Back in his youth, when the World hadn't been flooded and when his people still lived...

His voice sounded exactly like his younger self!!!

「Fabrication of New Body completed. Beginning Transmigration process...」

"What-" The King's words were shortly interrupted as he felt the force of a thousand million Elephants crashing into his very Soul.

"RAAAAGH!!!" The Gerudo King's Soul was launched into the very gap between dimensions as he flowed through an almost endless ocean of epilepsy-inducing colors with speeds even faster than Time itself.

Countless bubbles containing the history of an endless amount of Worlds passed him as the Gerudo's Soul traversed the Ether.

Eventually, his form gradually slowed down as he neared a rather humongous bubble.


Cracks appeared in the sky as the heavens shattered with a loud boom.

From the cracks, a burst of malevolent energy clouded in black and red spilled out, veiling the sky in shadow.

The Gerudo King was shot out of the cracks as his form descended from the very sky like a falling comet, a cataclysmic meteor.

"...Aaaaaghhh!!!" The King's bellowing yet goofy scream resounded through the surroundings.


The King's face fell flat on the ground, though he didn't seem hurt at all, it was the ground that shattered instead.

"Ah... Shit..." That's right, shit.

Ganondorf got up and clutched his head in pain, his world was spinning, and he couldn't see shit.

"What the... Why am I naked!?" Yep, that's right. The Great King of Evil was currently no different than a baby wearing their birthday suit, leaving his 9-inch Monster to freely feel the air of this new world.


"9-inch!? Why did it shrink!!??" As a King and the only Male of the Gerudo, his 'Size' had truly been his biggest pride... In more ways than one...

"I'm also... Shorter? Wait, wasn't I this tall back then!?" Previously, he stood at the monstrous height of over 10 feet tall... Yet it seems that he had returned back to the measly height of 7'6 feet...

Which was exactly his height back when he fought with the Hero of Time...

"It seems my body has degenerated back to this point... Even my precious beard is gone, how unfortunate..." Back then, he had made the mistake of not allowing his beard to grow.

He simply did not want to look old, but in hindsight, the beard made him significantly more... Majestic. Yeah, that's the right word...

"Now... Where exactly have I been transported to...?" Ganondorf asked nobody in particular as he observed the surroundings, trying to make sense of his current predicament.


"Young Ganondorf used to hate facial hair, but then it grew on him." -Remark

This Goose demands the Stones of Power, else he shall stop laying the golden eggs.

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