39 37 - Destroy The Phantom

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Chapter 37 - Destroy The Phantom

Written By Dr. Armstrong

~〈The Wyrm〉~

"A Dragon has arisen." Those were the booming words that resounded through the battlefield.

The Egg which had attracted the attention from both sides hadn't been an actual Egg—No, it was but a Cocoon, like the Wyrm's own Chrysalis.

When a Wyrm ascends to the realm of Dragonhood, the process of evolution wasn't as simple as it used to be.

Dragons are a unique race in every sense of the word. In fact, EVERY Dragon is completely unique.

A Dragon is the SOLE member of its species, this is why Dragons don't have names... Their names are actually the names of their Species.

That's why the System calls the Wyrm's very own boss "Fire Dragon Rend." not "The Fire Dragon, Rend."

"I bestow upon thee, Champion of our Clan, the name of Gairasa." The Lord announced as the Egg shattered into a thousand, million pieces.

Earth Dragon Gairasa emerged from her Evolutionary Cocoon, rising from her former stature as a Wyrm and embracing the power coursing through her veins as a Dragon.

"Carry my name, you shall. Protect the balance, you shall keep... Arise, mighty Gairasa!" The Dragon God announced as he raised one hand in salute.

"—ROAAAAR~!*" The Dragon released her power in the form of a mighty and bellowing roar.

"...Now, as for your first directive..." The Lord stated before lowering his hand and pointing at the Wyrm with his index finger.

"Destroy the Phantom, borne of my shadow." Were the Dragon God's last words before Gairasa's attention snapped toward the Wyrm.

'Uh oh...' The Wyrm couldn't help as acidic sweat streamed down his scaly face.

"Phantom...?" He heard the little Hero behind him mutter under his breath in curiosity.

"It shall be done!" Gairasa's rough yet feminine voice shouted out loud as the very fabrics of space around her were severed in the form of a tear in reality.

"!!!" This immediately caught the Wyrm's attention as the Dragon leaped inside the space hole before the ceiling above him showed spatial cracks...

'She can jump through space...!?' He instantly concluded before using an Expel to launch himself to the side as the Dragon tore apart the cracks and descended from above.


A cloud of dust and rock was kicked up into the air as the massive form of the Dragon crashed into the hard rock.

The Dragon was more like a Drake or a Wyvern in proper terminology but then again, Rend was also technically a Lindwyrm, so perhaps those terms mean nothing...

Gairasa stood on four powerful limbs, the front of which resembled a sort of pseudo-wings that could perhaps help her in gliding with much effort, though flying with those would be impossible.

She had a large Tyrannosaurus-like snout, inside of which was like a valley of deadly razors. A pair of horn-like ears adorned the Earth Dragon's head, which was aesthetically supported by her Eagle-like eyes.

A long and segmented tail protruded from her backside, adorned with a spiny thagomizer that could rip apart any who wanted that Dragon ass.

She was slim but built like a beast, a Speed-focused build that specializes in precision and fast-paced assaults that end quickly without much struggle, an ambush predator.

The Wyrm sent several Light Arrows to the Dragon's way, but the floor beneath her collapsed before she jumped out from his side with arms outstretched.

The Wyrm reduced his weight with Heavy Attack before using another Expel to jump into the air, narrowly dodging the Dragon's quick assault.


The Wyrm's eyes snapped toward the ceiling as the world around him went into slow-motion as his Brain processed information faster than the speed of his movements.

A Spell Circuit had manifested on the ceiling, pulling the rock and dirt from the surroundings into the form of an Earthen Spear.

'That's way too fast... I can't fully dodge this without using another Expel...' The Wyrm concluded as he considered making a Light Arrow to block the Spear...

Though that thought was quickly dumped into the garbage as the Earthen Spear was already half-completed and no way could he make a Light Arrow fast enough to block it...

Expel would just repeat the exact same situation again as he saw a few dozen other Spell Circuits around the corner... He couldn't just waste MP like that.

He could just tank the hit like a Man, but that wouldn't result in anything good.

'Ah, didn't I try to do this with Larry back then...? Let's try this again...' The Earthen Spear came into view, fully formed with all the dirt and myriad ores that the Spell had pulled out from the Dungeon.

The slow-motion stopped as the Spear shot out from the Spell Circuit with speeds that matched its Caster.

The Wyrm yet again activated the Expel Skill, though this time he did not use it on himself.

「The Skill ~Expel~ has leveled up. Max LV reached.」

The invasive force of Expel collided with the Earthen Spear's momentum, drastically slowing it down as both forces pushed it up and down.

With the conflicting forces, the Earthen Spear froze in the air, neither falling nor rising.

「The Skill ~Telekinesis LV 1~ has been acquired.」

「The Skill ~Magic Power Operation~ has leveled up. Max LV reached.」

A dazzling glint appeared in the Wyrm's eyes as a small cube made of green lines manifested below him, right above the Dragon.

「The Skill ~Magic Power Operation LV 10~ has evolved into ~Precise Magic Power Operation LV 1~」

「The Skill ~Spatial Magic~ has leveled up. LV raised to 3.」

With a flash of bright blue light, the Wyrm vanished from his position, suddenly appearing on top of the stationary Earthen Spear.


The Wyrm stomped hard on the Earthen Spear, pushing it down as Heavy Attack gave even more weight to the already massive Spear of Rock.

"!!!" Gairasa cracked open the spatial fabrics of the floor before leaping out in the far distance, the Earthen Spear falling to her previous position with a loud boom.

She glared at the Wyrm who had stuck himself to the ceiling, looking upside down at the Dragon with the Soul-peering gaze of his illusionary Third Eye.


〈Earth Dragon Gairasa︱LV 1〉

HP - 999/999 ︱MP - 1,500/1,500 ︱ SP - 2,802/2,900 - 3,100/3,100

Offense: 1,200 ︱Defense: 324 ︱Magic: 2,002

Resistance: 400 ︱Speed: 3,175︱


Monster Slayer • Monster Slaughterer • Dragon • Champion

~Stat Skills~

HP Auto-Recovery LV9 • MP Lessened Consumption LV7 • SP Rapid Recovery LV 2 • SP Minimized Consumption LV1 • Life LV6 • Magic Mass LV8 • Instant Body LV5 • Endurance LV5 • Strength LV7 • Sturdy LV1 • MP Rapid Recovery LV1 • Acceleration LV3

~Attack Skills~

Energy Attack LV5 • Magic Power Attack LV3 • Earth Attack LV 9 • Poison Attack LV 1

~Enhancement Skills~

Terrain Enhancement LV 1 • Destruction Enhancement LV 1 • Impact Enhancement LV 7 • Cutting Enhancement LV 4

~Active Skills~

Dimensional Maneuvering LV 2

~Perception Skills~

Danger Perception LV 5 • Magic Perception LV 2 • Motion Perception LV 1 • Prediction LV 1

~Magic Skills~

Precise Magic Power Operation LV 1 • Earth Magic LV 5

~Resistance Skills~

Terrain Nullification • Destruction Resistance LV 1 • Poison Resistance LV 6 • Impact Resistance LV 4 • Shock Resistance LV 3 • Cutting Resistance LV 1 • Pain Super-Mitigation LV 7

~Passive Skills~

Imperial Scales LV 1 • Hit LV 7 • Evasion LV 10 • Probability Correction LV 2 • Stealth LV 3 • Night Vision LV 10 • Vision Expansion LV 1

~Other Skills~

Earth Dragon LV 1 • Overeating LV 8 • Dignity LV 2


"Oh, this one's gonna be a doozy..." The Wyrm muttered before leaping back to the battlefield.


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