28 28 - Spider Vs Dragon

Chapter 28 - Spider Vs Dragon

Written By Curiostyx

~〈The Spider〉~

'Yoo~ What is this...? Look's like a murder scene...' The black and white-colored Spider mused as she came near, drawn in by the sound of a massive explosion.

After her recent Evolution into a Zoa Ele, a hearty meal was what she desperately needed... A Catfish would have been preferred, but the Eel would suffice.

On the ground lay a headless Gunerave, the body part reduced to a bloodstained mush on the ground.

Drips of acid dribbled in the surroundings as hot steam filled the air with the alluring fragrance of fried Wyrm.

Not only was there a free Eel waiting to be sliced apart, but there was also another dead Monster laying beside it...

'Oh, wait... I think it's still breathing...' Well, it didn't really matter. The Shrimp was still a part of the menu~

There was also a half-severed Lobster somehow still clinging to life in the background, but the Spider opted to ignore the beast.

The Eel and Shrimp were already more than enough for a feast fit for Spiderman, and whatever little amount of EXP the Lobster could give was simply not worth it.

The Lobster watched in horror as the Spider approached the Shrimp's corpse, abruptly stopping mid-way...

'Ho... What's this...?' A screen flickered in front of her, stopping the Spider right in her tracks.

「Appraisal has been automatically denied, please do not try again.」

'Denied...? Like rejected? Hmm... I see, I see...' She did not see.

Appraisal failures were rather typical. If there was a large power gap between the target and the user, then Appraisal would simply not work properly.

But... Denied? This was a first for the Spider. It was also the first time she was ever rejected in both of her lives...

'Oi, the Person in charge of the Body... What do you think of this crazy conundrum?' The Spider asked as another Spider jumped out from her shadow—Of course, not literally.

'Hmm... This guy must be special! What if he's another Reincarnator!? What if he's our classmate!?' Woah, woah, woah, how did she get there!?

'...Really? That sounds really stupid.' What were the chances of her classmates also reincarnating?

And why would they end up as Monsters too? Even if they did experience the same thing, they would probably stay Human...

She still wanted to feel special, damn it... Q-Q

'Yeah, you're probably right... Well, if he's special then the guy must have some quirky powers or something... We should kill just him.' Her Parallel-Self stated.

After all, it was better to eliminate your enemies before they become troublesome.

And so, the Spider lifted up one of her sickle-like arms and sliced down on the Wyrm, eager to get some fried Shrimp...


"Aaaaaa~!" The Spider screamed as her field of vision spun around like a fidget spinner, her form sent to the skies after an impact.

—Boom... Grrr~!*

Dust clouds were kicked up as the Spider's body smashed against the rocky ground, accelerating through the floor as her HP dwindled back to double digits...!

She had become a victim of the iconic FALCON PUNCH!!!

...Though this time around, it had been DRAGON PUNCH!!! instead.

Her primary mind had almost been sent into the abyss of torpor as she climbed back up to her feet...

'What... Oh god... I think my... bones are broken... Wait, do I even have bones?' Spiders did not have such organs, but do Taratects even follow the same anatomical rules?

The Spider glanced upward at the perpetrator of the attack, it was...

'Uh... Nice pussy???' Perhaps the compliment would work this time around.

It didn't.


'Aaaaaaaa...!' The Spider just barely leaped out of the way as her previous position had been reduced to ash and smoke, burnt asunder in the infernal flames...

Of course, the perpetrator had been too slow for the Goddess of Speed... (☆∀☆)

Speaking of the perpetrator, the Spider sent an Appraisal to their way... Hopefully, it worked this time around.

〈Fire Dragon Rend︱LV 20〉

HP - 3,701/3,701 ︱MP - 3,109/3,122 ︱ SP - 3,696/3,698 - 3,665/3,665

Offense: 3,281 ︱Defense: 3,009 ︱Magic: 2,601

Resistance: 2,645 ︱Speed: 3,175︱


Monster Slayer • Monster Slaughterer • Commander • Dragon • Champion

~Stat Skills~

HP Rapid Recovery LV3 • MP Lessened Consumption LV6 • SP Rapid Recovery LV1 • SP Minimized Consumption LV1 • Longevity LV5 • Magic Hoard LV4 • Instant Body LV5 • Endurance LV5 • Herculean Strength LV5 • Sturdy LV5... Etc

(A/N: I'm not going to waste you're time, just look at the wiki.)


'L-LE... LE THREE THOUSAND!!!???' All of the Dragon's stats were in the triple digits × 3...


Another burst of inferno exploded as the Zoa Ele leaped out of the way, this time... The attack actually grazed her!

'Shit...!' Just this one move that she mostly dodged had dealt massive damage to her HP...


'Nope, Nope, Nope...!!! Time to fucking Nigerundayo, bitches!!!' Such a fight would be unsustainable, time to skedaddle.

Dragons were existences way above Wyrm... Basically, way way above her current pay grade...


~〈The Overlord〉~

Rend watched the little Taratect flee like a little bitch, it was quite an amusing sight for the Overlord Dragon.

He gazed down at the Anomalous Wyrm with an Inferno still in his jaws...

The Dragon swallowed back his infernal breath as he gave the background Lobster a funny look.

"By Right of Conquest, I declare you a member of my personal guard..." The Dragon announced as one of his claws poked the unconscious Gunelift.

The Lord's order still rang in his mind, compelling him to finish off the little Wyrm...

But he just ignored it, Rend simply didn't give a fuck.

"...You are his, yes? Then I shall treat you as a part of him... Carry the little one and follow me." The Dragon stated before turning back to the lava stream, not caring about Larry's opinion.

Larry sat there, processing what had just transpired...

Now he understood, he now knew why his Master was such a crazy maniac... Perhaps, perhaps he had the right idea...


"You thought it was MC vs The Spider, didn't you? What a silly little Goose, you are." -Remark

Stones, and I'll make it MC vs Spider ≖‿≖

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