Snow White's "Dwarf" Book

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Snow White's "Dwarf"


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What the hell are they doing?! Are they serious! Really, here? Right in front of the Lee's mansion! Lee Sung Joon, the first son of the House of Lee, the number one elite business powerhouse of Country S, saw his little sister smooching with the milkman in front of their mansion!!! Is he seeing things or is it that his sister went mad....nevermind he'll find out himself! Snow, or Lee Nun Songi, the youngest and most doted upon daughter of the Lee's, is currently pinned on the wall by Jin-ha while "he" blew on the girl's eyes to get rid of the dust that went inside. From afar you could say that they look , well a little ahh...compromised? Jin-ha: Stop wriggling Snow or I won't get everything out... Sung Joon: What the!@#$ What is "he" getting out! Snow: Come on Jin-ha make it fast! I can't stand it any longer! Sung Joon: * ~ * Author's note: This is not a graphic novel, at the most its PG 14. :)