Snake Evolution System [ Legend Of Hebi]

Shivam was a kind guy but died by Truck Kun, and later reincarnated as a Snake [HeBi] ~~~~~~~~•• "F.u.c.k I died on my life's special day when I was finally about to lose my virginity, I died as a virgin loser, I work very hard for that day and Finally, my landlady permitted me to have s.e.x with her. I wasted my four precious Years of life courting her and when the fated day of my life finally arrives. but what the hell happened to me, yes I remember" Suddenly few more hazy memories are started appearing in his mind as he thought about his previous life. "You damn truck Kun, I died in the accident while crossing the road in Delhi, I am fucked up by damn truck Kun" Shivam started to curse as he thought about his previous life on earth. He was a nerd who was living a carefree life in India, he dropped from university and doing a part-time job in a hotel as a waiter, he has no girlfriend because he was not popular among girls, but fortunately, he fell in love with his landlord's second wife and started courting her, she pitied him and finally four years later permit him to have s.e.x with her, but alas destiny was very cruel towards him, Truck Kun f.u.c.k.e.d him before he f.u.c.k her. ~~~~~ Ding [You killed tier 1 Fish you gained a beast stone, 100 Tier 1 beast stones needed for advancing next level] "What, who are you, am I become retarded, suddenly I can hear things out of nowhere in my mind," Shivam said in a low voice [I AM RAPHAEL, AND I AM GOING TO ASSIST YOU ON YOUR JOURNEY] "Raphael, what The hell are you," Shivam asked Raphael in a serious voice. [I am system and I am imprinted in your will to guide you on your journey and I will help you to become evolve ] hearing Raphael's words, Shivam was surprised, He laugh and shouted in his mind. "Oh, god you didn't abandon me. I heard many isekai stories when I was on earth, but it becomes a reality" "Hey Raphael, can I become strong with the help of yours, and what do you mean by evolution," He asked to her [Yes you can become awakened as you reached the Tier 5 beast, and you can get the human form] As your will she replied. "Raphael what do you mean by the awakened, "Shivam asked curiously. ~~~~~~ The mc is smart and loves the beautiful women. He is op and merciless at the same time. he is not some kind of mindless killing machine who kills people for no reason. Read few chapters you will like the novel. And Become part of this exciting roller coaster ride with Shivam, who is going to become a Legend. Note: English is not my native language, if you find grammar errors in my novel, please don't mind, I will correct my Grammarly mistaken words or you can point out those mistakes. *********** The first few chapters are rushed and maybe you will find grammar errors, at least read 40 chapters and then decide whether you want to continue or not...

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The North Final Part

In the early morning, the cave becomes lively again, darkness was devoured by the beam of sunlight, Tanya and Lilly were sitting on the ground and packing their things and they wanted to leave the cave as soon as possible.

"Lady Lilly what about that bastard Nicholas, are we going to ignore that bastard, this time he nearly killed us, we have to do something about him otherwise things will become very complicated," Tanya said with a serious expression on her face.

"I can understand Tanya how you feel but how can you forget that our clan can't go against that bastard yet, we are facing too many crises, and top of that father is not doing very well, if I tell this event to my father it will be going very chaotic for our clan" Lilly responded with a gloomy face.

"Sigh, I can understand my lady, but I can't forget that bastard, is he that eager to destroy our lineage, we have inherited the bloodline of "Great warrior Kamish", who used to be the ruler of the whole north but look at our condition now, we lost our power generation by generation, and we become laughing stock to others clan, how shameful is that my lady, those peoples who Didn't dare to defy us, now wanted to swallow us, how shameful that we are barely trying to survive in this world," Tanya said those words with teary eyes.

Lilly hugged Tanya and petted her head while wiping her tears.

"I can understand how you feel Tanya, I feel the same, but we have to stay stronger for the sake of our clan, I don't care about those bastard who leaves our clan behind in tough time, I can only depend on you, I know we are small in numbers but we are stronger when we were together, have faith in me, Tanya" Lilly replied.

Tanya nodded and hugged back lady Lilly while sobbing, she tried hard to stop tears, but they were continuously rolling from his eyes.


"sigh those poor women's, they lived a very harsh life, I wonder if I can help them somehow' Shivam thought while listening to them from inside the cave.

"Host, you are soft-hearted this is the harsh reality, if you are not strong enough to defend or protect yourself, you mean to die in this harsh world, where powerful people trample weak people on their feet'' Raphael responded to shivam and told him bitter truth of life.

"Yes, you are right Raphael, this is the harsh reality wherever you go, every world has the same concept of living" Shivam responded to raphael as he shifted his giant body.

"Well let's leave here we need to clear that damn " The Dungeon of Death" if I wanted to get my human form, then I can able to cultivate in those realms, I have a long road to go" with this thought Shivam started to leave the cave.


A giant Snake appeared in front of the two ladies and when they saw Shivam they gulp Mouthfull saliva, this snake was looking like a mythical creature, About 20-meter long body two Big size Horn which was bent downward the neck, Shivam was looking some kind of mythical monster, and those ladies were looking like a lamb in front of him. Shivam saw these two girls who were looking towards him with grateful expressions on their faces. And a few seconds later Lilly was on her knees.

"Thank you, saviour, you saved our lives, I don't know what happened to us if you didn't save us from those bastards, we awe you with our life'' Lilly Said Looking into Shivam's eyes.

seeing Lilly on her knees Tanya also bent down, following lady Lilly.

"Yes, Lady Lilly is right, Thank you for your help, we don't know if you can understand our language, but you did us a great favour that we can never forget in our whole life ." Tanya also said.

Looking that the two girls on their knees, Shivam felt embarrassed, but to those girls surprised Shivam nodded his head, and a sound of hiss can be heard in the whole cave. Tanya and Lilly were happy because their theory becomes true, this snake can understand them, they were very delighted to know that.

"Thank you so much'' both ladies said once again and they leave the cave while Shivam was watching them leaving.

"Sigh, I can't help them, in this condition, if I were in my human form, I was Already given my help to them. I can't bear those beauties facing so much pain, but anyway I have my things to do, if we are destined to meet again, I will aid them.'' Shivam mumbled And Started to leave the cave.


A smile Appear on Lilly's face, She was travelling toward the north and Tanya was walking beside her, but Tanya becomes confused as that why lady Lilly is smiling. Tanya curiously asked.

"Lady Lilly why are you smiling, you are looking very happy after we left the cave, is everything alright,'' Tanya asked looking at the lady beside her.

"Tanya, everything is fine, I am getting a gut feeling that we will see him again someday, He is already Tier 5 beast, And Looking at Those shiny new Horn He recently became the Tier 5 beast, my mother told me About the legend, " A beast can regain human form after some kind of Ritual" And I am sure he was going towards those ancient Temple," Lilly replied

"But they are only Legend, I never saw and heard that any beast took a human form'' Tanya responded with a confused face.

"Did you not noticed he is mutated, He has horns and those little feathers, he is Somewhat different from the regular serpent," Lilly replied

"Whatever, but those temples are not meant for the human, ancient and mystic beast venture in those temples, so no one leaves that place alive if anyone dares to go in there'' Tanya said.

"Indeed you are right", Lily responded, and they both started to leave the forest and began to journey towards the city.


"Finally, It's Time to See what kind of place is north, where that dungeon exists," Shivam mumbled and began his journey towards his destinations.

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