Aisha is a pleasure-seeking rich socialite who lives in the name of fun. She was happily lounging around on a pristine beach when a disaster unexpectedly hit their place. She thought she was already dead. But when she woke up, she saw herself in another world where werewolves, vampires, and mermaids co-exist. Will she be able to escape the magical land when its ruler, the most powerful creature in Gaea, King Leandro, was already smitten with her and wants to procreate with her? ********** The look on his gleaming plum eyes raking over her body made her skin quiver. She then realized that she was stark naked! With panic rising up in her heart, she quickly covered her body with her arms, as if she could cover them all. "I swear I have my clothes on a while ago. Forgive me for my indecency, your Majesty," She stuttered. "I don't mind at all," A corner of the King's lips curled up in response to her. He lifted his rod to move away Aisha's arms that were covering her nudity to both her sides, so he could get a better view. It seemed that he was satisfied as his ravishingly attractive face that was previously void of emotion lit up showing signs of delight and satisfaction. Aisha's cheeks turned beetle red at what the King was doing. But she felt like she had no choice. She was at his mercy now. He might kill her or throw her inside a whale's mouth if she wouldn't oblige. And honestly, she liked the feeling that she satisfied his taste. ********************** AUTHOR'S NOTE: The cover photo is not mine. Your author is still a novice in writing. Please forgive me in advance for the errors. I don't have an editor yet. :') Feel free to get in touch with me FB: 77myrrhia77 IG: 77myrrhia77 Discord: Myrrhia#9714 https://discord.gg/ewWtRa27fe Thank you so much for giving this book a chance. Much love. XOXO.

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The End Of The World

"Oh my, gosh. Is this Doom's Day?" Aisha drawled as she lowered down her black cat-eye sunglasses.

Her long and thick eyelashes fluttered rapidly as she stared at the Herculean wave that was approaching her location.

She was currently lounging around at a luxurious beach far from her hometown. It was their semester break, and she and her friends decided to hop on a remote island as a weekend getaway just for fun.

Aisha rubbed her eyes, wondering if she was just imagining things. The waves were miles away from her, but Aisha noticed it at once while she was having her almost naked body tanned under the sun.

She quickly jumped up, seeing that the ocean waves were very different from the ones she had seen before. Her heart thumped wildly in her chest.

Island hopping was one of her hobbies. She was not a novice in the ocean world. Riding the waves was just an easy feat for her.

At first, she was thrilled to see such a huge ripple. She would have a fun surfing experience.

But her wide smile turned downward when she saw them increasing in size until they completely covered the brilliant blue sky.

"A tsunami's coming!" One of the tourists on the island screamed with all his might as he ran back to the main coast. He was in the waters when he saw the approaching doom.

As the other guests heard his warning, all eyes flew to the horizon and saw the horrifying truth.

"Ahh!" The people fled in panic at lightning speed, not wanting to be engulfed under the ocean's fury.

Aisha's stomach churned as her eyes witnessed the seismic sea wave slowly creeping in on them.

Her fingers went icy cold as she blurted out. "No, no, no. These are only for movies. Wake up, Aisha! You're just having a nightmare!"

They had a movie marathon last night. And the last movie that they watched was Geostorm.

It was a movie about a failed system that was supposed to protect the earth from natural disasters. But instead, it attacked the planet, wanting to wipe everything in it.

Her feet scuffled in the sand as she wished that she was just continuing the movie in her dreams. In frustration, she pulled her hair and pinched her skin.

To her dismay, her scalp burned in pain and her skin blanched to beetle red.

"Jake!" Aisha shrieked out her boyfriend's name with all her might. Her eyes darted everywhere.

"Oh, my gosh. This is real!" She blurted out as she witnessed all the people were in a hysterical mode as they ran for safety.

Keeping herself from being affected by the mass hysteria, her head tilted to her left and right. Jake and her friends must be somewhere.

They must know about the impending tragedy. All of them must get out of there alive.

With her dizzy head, she caught a glimpse at the giant sea wave. It wasn't that close yet.

She could still find them. They could still escape from the island.

"Melissa! Nadine! Norman!" She continued to shout out as she ran like a bat out of hell.

Even with the chaos, she wanted her friends to be safe.

Without thinking about her own safety, she went inside the hotel, thinking that they were in the room.

Perhaps they weren't aware of what's going on outside. Breathlessly, she quickly opened the door.

As she did so, her jaw dropped in complete shock. What she was seeing was far more appalling than the approaching sea swell.

Melissa, her best friend ever since she entered the campus, was completely undressed as she romped on her boyfriend, Jake, in their bed.

Aisha felt her body tremble as she eyeballed them and engaged in an act that she and Jake haven't even tried yet.

"Was I too boring for him?" She thought as she gave them a butcher's eye.

Melissa was slithering around Jake like a snake who was about to eat him whole. Jake seemed to be enjoying it.

His face radiated with exhilaration, while his shiny black hair bounced with every rhythm of their bodies.

Her hand flew to clutch her chest. She didn't know if it was the brewing disaster outside or the hurricane-like mess inside the room that was sucking the oxygen out of her.

Her skin felt cold and clammy, making her feel that she would faint any time.

Still, the two were so engrossed in their indecent action that they were oblivious that Aisha was already there, watching them betray her.

The rage within her slowly swelled up, larger than the gigantic waves outside the building. She felt her blood pressure freezing her neck and jaw.

This was the last scene that she would want to see before she dies!

"Screw you both!" Aisha grabbed on the nearest throw pillow that she could find and threw it at them. Melissa and Jake both bolted up.

Melissa immediately covered herself in a white blanket, speechless.

"I-I can explain," Jake stuttered as he threw on his shorts to cover half of his nakedness at a breakneck speed.

He was about to go to Aisha, but she was already storming outside the room.

The hotel guests outside were already running around amok. Some of them were looking around for their lost loved ones.

The evil ones took the opportunity to steal from others' properties. Those include her so-called friend Norman and Nadine, who was already running out of the hotel with Aisha's bag with them.

Nadine saw her and told Norman. But it seemed like Norman told her to pretend not to see her, as Nadine suddenly looked away.

They both ignored her as they cramped up with the people going to the elevator.

Aisha couldn't believe her eyes. "Seriously?" She muttered in disbelief, in the midst of the screams of the terrified people around her.

Just a few minutes ago, her boyfriend and best friend were having fun playing Judas. And now this?

She has an inkling that they were just exploiting her money for their whims. But it's okay with her. She was having fun anyway.

But she didn't expect them to be this greedy. And in the midst of the mayhem, that is.

They were supposed to be looking for her. Or Jake and Melissa. But they were too selfish to care at all.

Indeed, it is true that people's true color only showed up in times of pressure.

"I wish the tsunami will catch up to you all!" She shrieked in extreme annoyance as she turned her back and tried to escape on her own.

Because of her rapid-fire moves, she was already on the first floor in no time.

However, water was now already coming inside the building.

With tears streaming down her eyes, she quickly dialed the number of her parents as her eyes darted around wondering where else she could go.

Even though they always neglect her, she was worried about them. They were miles away from where she was. But this disaster might still affect them.

Her hands were already shaking as she thought that she would die anytime soon. But she kept on trying as she tried to get out of the building.

To her sorrow, they weren't answering. Like they usually do.

She then dialed her stepsister, Julia. But she, too, wasn't answering.

Instead, to her horror, she saw on the internet that the whole world was already in turmoil.

It was not only on their island that the tsunami broke out. But also in other parts of the world.

Some countries were already buried underwater, including her own.

Her shuddering knees finally gave way, making her slumped on the swamp of water.

"Is this really the end of the world?" She blurted softly, accepting defeat.

At that moment, all her memories came flashing through her mind.

She saw herself just having fun with life, enjoying what it could offer. But deep inside, she knew that she was very lonely.

Aisha let out a long sigh as she looked at her phone again, hoping that someone from her family would answer.

Their voices were the last thing she wanted to hear before her life's journey ends.

She already felt alone all her life. She didn't want to die alone.

As she did so, she noticed that there seemed to be something at her back that was casting a dark shadow on her screen.

She turned her back to catch a glimpse of what it was.

Her eyes went wide open as she saw the enormous wave on top of her.

She drew in a deep breath and closed her eyes as she accepted her fate.

"I wish I could live in another world where I would feel loved," she wished with all her heart before the rippling waves finally crashed on her.


Lonely is not being alone. It's the feeling that nobody cares.

Grab a friend and don't let her feel lonely today. ;)

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