22 22. OnlyFans?

Gunwoo made his way to the shop on foot as it wasn't much of a hassle to walk and he could also look out for some characters he might know.

He was wearing a black mask to cover his face as he didn't want to be stared at like a rare animal.

But still there were many who stopped to look at him as even with a mask he was a handsome man.

He was a masked handsome man!

He just ignored them and continued to walk.

On the way he noticed many teenagers with selfie sticks as they talked about different things or just randomly walked around looking at the screen and talk.

'Are they live streaming?'

Gunwoo was curious as it was pretty popular in his previous life too and was a good way to make money for jobless teenagers.

He just glanced at them for a while and ignored them as he wasn't much interested in live streaming, even though with his face he could become crazy popular by just sitting.

He soon reached his shop area but didn't enter his shop immediately as he made his way to the barber shop in front.

Opening the door to the shop he was greeted by the sight of Mikyung reading a fashion magazine with extreme concentration.

"Good morning, Miss Mikyung."

"Huh? Eh? Gunwoo!"

Mikyung, when she heard someone's voice was a bit startled at first but then looking at the man in front of her she grew excited and delighted.

It has been a long time since they last saw each other and she missed him quite a bit even though they were not that close but she still had a very good impression of him.

"It feels like ages since i last saw you!"

Mikyung said excitedly as she walked up to him and looking at his handsome face again she couldn't help but flush.

"Haha, I'm sorry, i was busy arranging my house."

"But you still look as pretty as the last time i saw you."

Gunwoo chuckled as he noticed her excitement and he could also smell a pleasant fragrance as she walked up to him.

"Fufu, thank you."

"You also look really handsome."

Mikyung was very happy in her heart that he complimented her, who doesn't like to be praised by a handsome guy such as him.

"By the way, how come you are here?"

Mikyung asked curiously as she wondered if he just came to meet her.

She couldn't help but feel thrilled at the thought of that.

"Well, I'm going to open my shop today and i wanted you to be the first customer."

Gunwoo said with a gentle smile on his face as he looked into her eyes.

Mikyung couldn't help but blush as she saw him smiling so gently at her.

"I-is that so? Then, sure!"

Mikyung was also looking forward to drinking his coffe as she was a coffee lover.

Gunwoo nodded at her and they both went out.

"But shouldn't you invite someone special to be your first customer."

"Like your girlfriend or something?"

Mikyung asked with uncertainty lacing her voice as she was also nervous thinking if he had a girlfriend.

"Well, i invited them but they are sleeping."

Gunwoo sighed as he shook his head thinking of the two tired women of his.

"Is that so?..hmm?"

'Wait.. Them?'

Mikyung was dispirited when she heard him say he has a girlfriend but then was stunned when she thought back to his word again.

"Gunwoo, you said them?"

She asked cautiously with a frown as she thought he might be two-timing, and even though she too liked him, she would still give him an earful for playing with girl's feelings.

"Hmm? Yes, i have two girlfriends."

Even though Eun-ae was not his girlfriend, she was technically his and all that was needed was just confirm her status.

So it wasn't weird he counted her as his girlfriend.

And he wasn't one who would hide the fact that he had multiple girlfriends.

"Are you cheating on them?"

She asked tightening her eyebrows as she folded her arms below her massive breasts uplifting them slightly as they stood at the Cafe entrance.

Gunwoo took a brief look at her chest and then focused on her face as he looked into her eyes.

Being stared at by Gunwoo made her blush but she still stood by her stance.

"No, I'm not cheating on them, they both know of each other and are fine."

He said with a smile as he was already prepared to get such questions and being labeled as a playboy or scumbag.

Did he care?

Absolutely not!

If Mikyung walked away after knowing this?

Too bad, and he would have to forget about her as he had other girls to take care of.

"Eh? They are fine with it? How?"

Mikyung hearing him say they were fine was confused and wanted to know more even though it was not her place to ask.

Gunwoo was fine with her asking as she will know sooner or later.

"Well the thing is.. "

He leaned down as he whispered into her ear.

Mikyung was a bit flustered when he suddenly leaned down and panicked but then when she heard the reason, her face couldn't help but turn crimson as if smoke would come out any minute.

Gunwoo chuckled seeing her like this and thought she was really cute.

"T-that seem fair, i guess."

Mikyung was amazed hearing the reason and couldn't help but wonder just how high his stamina was that he would need multiple women.

'Can i too...?'

She immediately shook her rapidly to throw out these distracting thoughts as she held her burning cheeks.

Gunwoo was having fun looking at her like this but he still had to open his shop.

"Anyway, should we enter?"

"Eh? Ah! Yes!"

Mikyung was brought out of her fantasies as she heard his voice and pushed her thoughts to the back of her mind.

"But you know, even if i have a lot of women, i would still love them all with all my heart."

He said seriously as he looked into her eyes with a sincere and determined gaze.

Mikyung seeing him so serious was in a daze and couldn't help but be mesmerized as waves Surged in her heart.


She just nodded with a beautiful smile on her face as she now had an even more better impression of him and felt a lot closer to him.

"But i still didn't expect you to be a playboy.."

She said in a feeble voice which might go unnoticed by others but, who was Gunwoo?

"That's why, you should take care not to fall for me, okay?"

He whispered in her ears with his deep voice as he held her slender waist pulling her closer to him.

Mikyung shuddered when she heard his voice and feeling his touch on her waist she couldn't help but feel her panties were a bit wet.


She said in a soft voice as she also felt the warmth of his body and its hardness against her soft body.

'It might not be so bad...'

She thought as she felt being with a man like him might be good even if he multiple womens.

Gunwoo didn't hold her for long as he entered the shop.

But he still held her hands and Minkyung didn't complain as she also tightened her grip on his hands with new feelings in her heart

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