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Slice Of Life: Webnovel by Hutu April. On my first day of high school, I was enthralled, nervous, enthusiastic and experiencing all kinds of emotions at the same time. As I arrived quite early on the first day, I didn't expect Aradhana Avanti, my middle school crush to be there. It's been a month since I have interacted with her, so I was awkward and couldn't initiate the conversation. No, I am not that pathetic. There was a reason. It seemed like the whole world was frozen. Only me and she existed. I could hear my heartbeat quite loudly, the loudest I have ever heard. "I like you." These are the words I recieved from her on my first day of High School. And... "April fool!" ... right after that. Haha ... ha. What a start of my High School life. I could only say, "Figures."


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