Skyrim: A Sorcerer's Tale

A bitter old man gets tossed into the world of Tamriel, as a descendant of a religious madman no less, watch as he delves into the secrets of magic and explores the wonders of this danger-filled world, and with luck and a lot of magic juice possibly even beyond. This is my first attempt at writing a fanfic (or anything for that matter). English is not my native language but I think there shouldn't be too many mistakes. The story will focus on magic and exploration with most likely a bit of romance later on. The upload schedule won't be rigid, but expect five chapters a week. If you want to support me financially and get access to early chapters visit patreon.com/Rastislav156

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Chapter XLIII: Conclusion

I awaken with the feeling of something pressing onto my face.

Really woman?!

With a grumble I push Sybille off, accidentally toppling her off the bed in the process.

After a loud and surprised yelp, she slowly gets up, her hair covering her face, and extends her claws while glaring at me "Give me one good reason not to gut you this instant Reyvin."

"Why don't you remain still when someone decides to plant their foot on your face while you sleep?" I grumble while completely ignoring the razor-sharp claws that were uncomfortably close to my eyes.

She retracts her claws and moves her hair behind her ears, then gives me an amused look "Many would kill to have my foot on their face."

I actually flinch in disgust at this "I already told you, woman, I am no degenerate."

She chuckles "So sayeth the Mephala worshiper."

"I am not her-" *Sigh* "You know what I don't feel like explaining the intricacies of my demonic contracts at the moment. Let's just grab breakfast and get ready to welcome the returning heroes."

"So defensive Reyvin."

"Dear gods you are such a pain." I grumble while summoning my robes. And when I do so I notice that my mask has been permanently broken... dear god if that staff actually hit me...

Happy thoughts!

"A good pain I hope?" Sybille interrupts my little panic attack.

I snort lightly "Right." and wave in her room's general direction "You should go get dressed, I have something to talk about with my employee."

"Very well" She passes by me and gives me a peck on the cheek "See you later~" and leaves my room while swaying her hips.

With a stupid smile on my face, I down a flavored stamina potion, read: magical energy drink, and head to see Davos.


I arrive at the servant's quarters and knock a couple of times, not long after a disheveled Davos with dark circles under his eyes opens the door and looks at me with great unease.

With a raised eyebrow I ask "I presume your current state is due to a certain spider lady visiting you last night."

He grabs my shoulders and tries to shake me, but just ends up shaking himself with how tired he is "D-do you have a-any damned idea how ter-rified I was?!" He hisses with a pronounced stutter.

I pat his shoulder and he flinches "Come now Davos, we have already dealt with so many horrors, what is an annoying spider lady going to do to you?"

He keeps trying to shake me, much to my amusement "Annoying spider lady?! Are you fucking insane?!" his eyes turn a bit bloodshot "Do you not fear the gods you complete madman?!"

I raise a finger in front of my mouth "Indoors voice please."

He grunts in annoyance "Of course you would not care one bit, why should I be surprised."

I gently grab him by the shoulders "I knew she would not do anything to you, after all, she did visit you at my indirect behest."

"Y-you made her come to me?" I think he is starting to foam at the mouth a bit at this point...

I tap my foot while staring down the shivering Dunmer "While this drama is amusing, I do need to know what your answer was."

His shoulders slump "Of course I accepted, she didn't even want me to bind myself to her. As if I even needed that much, joining a great house, no matter how defunct, is already enough."

Both my eyebrows rise at his comment "Why would you be ready to sacrifice so much just to join a house?"

He seems to think I am joking, but when he realizes I am not he palms his face "You really are somehow the most knowledgeable Mer I know yet the most clueless at the same time. Joining a great house is the only way for a filthy peasant like myself to move up in the world." He smiles wryly "Not all of us can woo the local Nords like you can, m'lord"

I chuckle "Already getting started with the m'lord's, eh? There is no need for that, just call me boss like you used to."

He sighs in relief "Good, calling you that would have grated on my mind."

I snort lightly "Well then, I guess I don't need any ceremony for you." I spread my arms dramatically "Welcome to the sixth house retainer!"

He chuckles but still bows "I swear to serve with honor my lord."

"Neat." I drawl "Now what exactly did ole' Mephy bless you with?"

Davos' eye twitches at my casual disrespect of his new patron 'deity' but knowing my relationship with her he keeps his opinions to himself and explains "I can now walk on all surfaces and jump farther, all while being a lot quieter. She did say my blessing will grow with your own."

Did she give me a personal Spiderman?! Almost makes me forgive her for her manipulations... which is probably also a manipulation of its own, now that I think about it.

"That will be very useful." I nod "But I do have one question..."

"What is it?" He asks with some caution.

"If you were so eager to join a house, you do realize you could have just asked me to proclaim you my retainer at any point after Rorikstead, right?"

He stares at me for a long, heavy moment and with a defeated mutter of 'Fuck you Reyvin' falls unconscious out of sheer frustration.

"He really is fun" I hear Mephala's voice in the back of my head.

I snort "I know right?"


Just when the cruel midday sun was about to cover the city, I found myself standing atop the Solitude gatehouse's crenulations, once again partaking of street mystery meat and enjoying every second of it.

Sybille was busy doing her best to avoid the sun that was quite bright today for some reason... maybe Auri-el blessed our victory? Or that is what I would say if I was at all religious, it was probably just coincidence.

While I was busy with my inane thoughts time seemed to pass quickly, and soon I saw a cloud of dust rising in the distance, the army was here.

(General pov)

As the tired legionaries trudged their way back to Solitude, their leaders were stuck in a state of constant worry. They were close to the city now and at any moment they could find it completely overrun with undead.

But instead of a burning city and the cries of the dying, they were greeted with the sight of a peaceful Solitude, with everyone going about their business as always. Some even voiced their happiness at seeing the sprawl still standing.

If the undead ever managed to get their claws on that place...

Before they could relax Rikke got their attention "It could be just another trick, or maybe Potema hasn't yet left the catacombs, we should not relax yet."

Any further paranoia of hers was interrupted by a completely healed Savos laughing loudly while looking at something on the gate house.

Everyone squinted their eyes and immediately deadpanned at the sight of Reyvin swinging his legs off the walls like a child and waving at them without a care in the world.


(Reyvin's pov)

We descended down to the gates as they were being rapidly opened to let in the beleaguered soldiers, there was an air of excitement that was slowly spreading through the city and some of the local Nords were already starting to bring out the drinks, even though no announcement was made yet.

The first arrivals passed the gates not long after that, and before we could even give our greetings, a very tired and barely conscious Torygg grabbed me by the shoulders and forcefully asked "Has she been dealt with?!"

I slowly nod "If she wasn't, would I be standing here?"

He lets out a long, tired sigh "Good, that is good..." And promptly falls asleep while standing.

I turn an amused eyebrow to Bolgeir who grabbed him before he could fall, and the tall Nord reacts like he always does, with a bemused chuckle.

With a shake of my head I make my way to the wounded legionaries to see if anyone is in need of help. As I close in on the carriage that was carrying them I notice Savos hunched over a man whose leg was cut off and slowly regrowing it while keeping the man calm with illusion magic at the same time.

Without turning around the Archmage says "I note a distinct lack of sword on your hip, Reyvin."

I sigh "It is a bit of a long story."

He snorts "And with that centurial understatement, do come and help me while you regale me with your exploits."

*One very long story, and one very weirded out legionary later*

We leave the now fully healed soldier behind, as we walk Savos wipes his hands on his robes, which clean themselves near instantly, and turns to me with a mix of amusement and ridicule "So, you are telling me you actually spat at one of the Daedric princes?"

I do a fake cough to hide my embarrassment "It was not one of my brightest moments I know."

"Not one of his brightest he says..." Savos shakes his head "You do realize that she WILL actually attack you now, right?"

I wave him off "Her influence in the north of Tamriel is minimal, the only place I would be in any real danger would be Summerset, and I am not going to that place without an army at my back."

He seems satisfied with this "As long as you are aware." then his frown turns upside down as he smiles "I am very impressed with Sybille though, when she was younger she would have jumped at the opportunity to betray someone for power."

"Oh? Is that how she became a vampire then?" My curiosity gets the better of me as I ask.

He gives me an amused look "That is not my story to tell." And after an unnecessarily long beat of silence he quickly nods "But yeah that is totally how she became a vampire." and giggles like a mischievous child.

I stare at him blankly "Thank the gods you don't have any descendants, I don't think this world could deal with more of you."

He actually stumbles at this, but quickly pretends like nothing happened "Riiight.... I just remembered I have some business to take care off." He gives me a quick wave "Later kid!" and disappears with a pop.

Well that was weird.


(General pov)

The eight of Evening Star 197. of the fourth era was a day of great celebration for the people of Solitude.

After the King woke up from his exhausted nap he announced to everyone that would hear the great deeds of his subjects, and a great feast and hunt were planned to honor those who died and those who returned victorious.

The talented young bard Marco was at the same time excited and disappointed upon hearing the news, disappointed that he was not allowed to partake in the glory, but excited at the inspiration he got for the song he planned on writing about the heroic deeds of his King and those of his teacher.

He rushed to the wizard's tower in hopes of presenting the first draft to his teacher, and soon found the young Dunmer sitting in his armchair, drinking something very strong and staring into the distant setting sun.

Marco approached him and knocked on the opened doorway to get his attention.

Reyvin turned and asked in a dead tired tone "And what do you want brat?"

"Are you..." Marco started carefully "Are you doing alright there, teacher?"

Reyvin grunted in annoyance "No."

"What bothers you, if I may ask?"

His teacher once more stared into the distance "I have come to a startling, and terrifying realization."

Marco felt a bit of fear in the back of his mind as he dared to ask "And what did you realize?"

Reyvin's demeanor shifted from a tired one to one of panic and rage "Today is my birthday, making me eighteen years old. I am an old fart now Marco... it is all over!"

Marco stared at him for a long moment, slowly palmed his face, turned around, and left the tower.

And so it came to be that the song about the King and his loyal Court Wizard became the song about the King alone.


Grant me stones so I might throw them at the Daedra!

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