Skyrim: A Sorcerer's Tale

A bitter old man gets tossed into the world of Tamriel, as a descendant of a religious madman no less, watch as he delves into the secrets of magic and explores the wonders of this danger-filled world, and with luck and a lot of magic juice possibly even beyond. This is my first attempt at writing a fanfic (or anything for that matter). English is not my native language but I think there shouldn't be too many mistakes. The story will focus on magic and exploration with most likely a bit of romance later on. The upload schedule won't be rigid, but expect five chapters a week. If you want to support me financially and get access to early chapters visit patreon.com/Rastislav156

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Chapter XIII: Regalia of Dagoth

(Reyvin's pov)

I am suddenly woken up by a bucket's worth of freezing water being dropped on me, shivering like mad I jump up like a frightened cat and turn to see Morrigan holding said bucket.

Before I deliver righteous punishment I look around, and realize I am covered in hay and something sticky I don't wish to identify. Thorfinn and Bor are also in similar states, just without the water and still sleeping on the floor of what I now realize are the stables.

I take a moment to blink myself awake and turn to my witch friend "Did you really have to do it with cold water? Is our friendship so shallow that you would betray me like this" I ask dramatically while casting some flames next to me to warm myself and also summoning Scorch and having him snuggle around my neck.

She scoffs "Oh and I should encourage you to get drunker than most of the Nords and then run around with your buddies reenacting your glorious battle?"

I blink and look at her like she was an idiot "This is a Nord city." as if that explained everything.

She rolls her eyes "Ah yes because that justifies you behaving like a fool"

I get a bit irritated at this "And who went and named you my mother? I am a young mer I can be foolish when I feel like it, we all went through a lot of stress, and getting shitfaced is the scientifically proven way to cope with such things." I say acting like a wise ass on purpose.

She throws her hands in the air and lets out a groan of irritation, incidentally tossing the bucket onto Bor's head making him grunt in pain and slowly start waking up, and turns to the doors "Fine, keep making a fool of yourself, see if I care" she says before walking out.

Sigh, wome- oh no... even worse, teenage girls. This will be annoying to deal with.

Shaking my head and muttering a 'troublesome' I help Bor get up and proceed to kick Thorfinn awake, both of them are very hung over so I decide to mock them showing off my almost perfectly fine state, thank you Kyne I will leave some flowers at your shrine.

We take a bit of time to at least try and clean ourselves up by a nearby well, the passing residents chuckling at our state but no one made any negative comments, as expected.

After 'cleaning up', with heavy quotations, we go to the tavern for a morning drink. As soon as we enter everyone inside gives us a cheer and we are poured drinks without even asking, on the house as well. Maybe being an honorary n'wah isn't so bad after all.

Bor and I later left Thorfinn at his house, his mother was in front holding a ladle in her hand with a suspiciously kind smile, we prayed our friend would find peace in Sovangarde and left him to his fate.

Tolfdir is at the gate today and when he saw us he simply laughed and muttered something about rowdy youngsters.


After getting properly cleaned up I left for the Archmage's tower, today my robes were going to be finished.

The design I went for was a Telvanni inspired armored robe. It was black with purple, being the color of my house, edges and dunmeri runes stitched expertly into it.

Instead of the usual flowy form however, I combined it with blackened ebony chainmail, boots and gauntlets I bought for a pretty penny. The hood would be enchanted to completely shroud my face making only my slightly glowing eyes visible, the gauntlets would exit the wide sleeves and the long robe would hide everything else. The finishing touch was a featureless ebony mask.

I entered the enchantment chamber to find that Sergius and Savos were already there waiting for me.

The Archmage waved for me to come closer and quickly checked if the sizes were right, the robe looked to be top quality fabric from what I knew, which to be fair wasn't much.

Sergius spoke up then "The tailor we usually hire worked overtime for this, and so did the two of us, you don't know how much your discoveries will benefit the college" his face showing a satisfied smile.

I smile back and ask "And what enchantments were decided on? You two did say you would use your experience to chose the best possible."

Savos cuts in "As the base we went for the usual Magicka regeneration with self cleaning, most robes have this effect but you can expect a marked improvement in your gathering of Magicka, adding to that enchantment we made it able to absorb lesser hostile spells. Moving on seeing as you went for an armored version we used the metal parts to enhance your self empowering spells by a third, and last but not least you have the option of soulbinding the robe and armor making you able to summon them at will." a proud look on his face.

I blink actually astonished "Damn, that is amazing"

The Archmage's gaze turns conspiratorial "There is an issue however"

Oh boy here we go.

He scratches his beard "We kind of went ahead of ourselves and added too much, a grand soul won't do, we were hoping you might be able to help with this."

(A/n: I decided that black souls will be more powerful than white ones, the only way to get more out of white souls will be Azura's star)

Slouching in defeat I mutter "Of fucking course you would know" and after thinking for a moment I realize something... fucking Bor snitched on me, well our next practice duel will be most unpleasant for him.

I pull out the black soul gem and place it on the table, expecting a mighty dressing down all I get is stares, I wait for a couple of seconds and ask "Alright how fucked am I?"

The Archmage looks like he gives not a single shit, but Sergius lets out a frustrated grunt "If you got the soul of anyone even slightly undeserving I would have personally thrown you out of the damn window, but since the person you placed into the gem is barely worth calling such I will look the other way, just this once! Now use your damned sight and help us complete this."

Savos looks giddy at seeing my sight in action as we gather around the robe and armor, getting Sergius' signal I break the gem letting out a massive amount of power, all three of us combine our soul manipulation and to my great surprise, they let me guide the power into the enchantment, Savos' eyes also give out a glow telling me he is observing very closely.

I guide the soul power through the different runic sentences slowly realizing just how complex the single massive runic matrix is, yes I didn't make a mistake there, this entire thing is a single gods damned enchantment and I get the opportunity to look at every detail.

I focus every bit of my attention to the process, very carefully guiding even the tiniest wisps of power, the process takes over two hours but exhaustion won't stop me and I keep pushing on, earning the approving looks of my seniors, until finally the process is finished and before it settles I pull a 'chord' of the enchantment to my soul, binding it.

I let out a tired breath and sit down.

The Archmage lets out a giddy sound while clapping his hands "Amazing! Truly your bloodline is an undiscovered goldmine, it is a real shame the Sharmat didn't try and economically ruin the Tribunal instead of going the religious madman route, he would have probably succeeded" he starts laughing like a child.

I let out a tired laugh as well.

Sergius gives me a proud look "Honestly when Savos suggested we let you lead I was utterly flabbergasted, but seeing you doing the work of an expert or an even greater enchanter I was as proud as a teacher can be, congratulations."

I smile happily without conscious thought. They start muttering between each other but I tiredly zone them out and look at my gains from this.

[Mind: 20 => 21]

[Mysticism-apprentice: minor soul manipulation => soul manipulation]

[Enchantment-expert: soul-imbuing => greater soul-imbuing]

[Conjuration-apprentice: +bound robe(Regalia of Dagoth)]

My enchantment progress was immense, even the system agreed with Sergius, while my runic skills are still at adept level my imbuing of power was way of the charts. Surprisingly the robes were even named and accessible through the system so I decided to check them out.

[Regalia of Dagoth: Mastercrafted combat robes made for the last heir of house Dagoth. Being capable of self-cleaning and heat regulation, and granting the wearer: 200% Magicka regeneration, absorption of up to 50 Magicka worth of spells per second, and a 30% boost to any enhancement spell he casts on himself. Soul-bound to Dagoth Reyvin]

After sitting for a bit I summon the robe and get up, feeling power radiating from them makes me feel like a child that just got a toy they wanted for years. I give a grateful bow to the two mages and thank them for the opportunity before leaving the room, my heart filled with childish glee.


A/n: I hope I didn't make him too overpowered with this, but realistically such a quest would give massive rewards and he did jut become very wealthy.

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