Chapter 17 Another Move!_1

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"Enough talk, if you want to fight, then fight!"

Ling Xiao disliked provoking trouble, but he wasn't afraid of it either, especially since he had long ago stopped regarding Ling Chong with any concern.

Moreover, with Ling Jiu constantly hindering his cultivation, he thought, if I can't beat you, can't I at least handle your son?

"Heh, interesting, you're actually not scared?"

Ling Chong chuckled coldly, "Don't think that just because you've broken through to the Martial Veins Second Layer, you can act tough in front of this young master. Today, you will kneel!"

He had the capital to look down on Ling Xiao—

Having reached the near-half-year pinnacle of the Martial Veins Second Layer cultivation level.

Plus, advanced martial arts.

"You talk too much, I still need to treat my grandfather's injuries."

Ling Xiao looked at Ling Chong, who at this moment appeared like a mere clown in front of him.

"You brat, I'll let you be arrogant!"

Ling Chong realized that he had been looked down upon by a piece of trash he had been bullying for nearly a year, and anger surged in his heart as True Qi flooded into his palms.

Several days had passed, and his Giant Spirit God Palm had improved massively with personal guidance from his father.

Add to that the numerous pills his father had procured to enhance his True Qi.

He was brimming with confidence.

A palm strike thundered out, truly as if the Giant Spirit God had descended, the palm wind blowing so fiercely it made Ling Xiao's hair flutter wildly.

"Good fellow, Ling Chong has actually comprehended the Giant Spirit Palm Technique to such an extent, probably about thirty percent of its potential."

After all, advanced martial arts are difficult to master. For Ling Chong, with his cultivation level at the peak of the Martial Veins Second Layer to grasp thirty percent of the technique's potential was already quite impressive.

Even Ling Yixue showed surprise at this, and then a hint of dissatisfaction followed.

Ling Chong's talent was inferior to hers, his efforts weren't as great as hers, yet he could obtain a great number of pills and advanced martial arts. It was truly unfair.

Ling Yixue was on the verge of breaking through to the Martial Vein Quadruple Layer; she had only managed to obtain a single advanced martial arts manual thanks to her innate talent.

She was well aware of the difficulties in cultivating advanced martial arts.

And she knew well the power of advanced martial arts.

Even at only thirty percent of its potential, advanced martial arts still overwhelmingly crush all intermediate martial arts. Such was the difference in their levels.

"This momentum! This power! This speed! Indeed, at least twice as strong as last time! Having a good father really is an advantage!"

Although Ling Xiao didn't take Ling Chong seriously, he still never underestimated his opponents during a fight.

The Mountain and River Martial Soul circulated, revealing all of Ling Chong's information.

Therefore, he could be certain that even though Ling Chong's realm hadn't broken through, his combat ability had at least doubled from before!

However, it was somewhat unstable.

Not solid enough!

The likely reason was the excessive consumption of pills.

"Heavenly Fire Raid!"

Utilizing the Mountain and River Martial Soul to pinpoint Ling Chong's weaknesses, Ling Xiao hesitated no further, the Crimson Sun Technique activated, his fists becoming a blazing red as he then executed the Fierce Tiger Descending Mountain Step, pouncing towards Ling Chong like a fierce tiger.

Today, Ling Xiao didn't plan to dodge the Giant Spirit God's Palm; he intended to clash directly, forcefully crushing Ling Chong!

This would deliver a greater blow to the opponent!

So as to prevent Ling Chong from troubling him again in the future—he had no time to entertain this guy.

Confronted with Ling Xiao's counterattack, Ling Chong was clearly shocked, not expecting Ling Xiao to possess such a ferocious boxing technique.

But upon reflection, his Giant Spirit God Palm was an advanced martial art, and the opponent's Meteor Fist was merely an intermediate technique; he need not fear.

However, what happened next filled Ling Chong with dread.

Bursting Qi Technique!

In order to completely overwhelm Ling Chong, Ling Xiao once again utilized the Bursting Qi Technique, this time going all out, unleashing his True Qi without reservation.

Meteor Fist, eighth form—Heavenly Fire Raid!

With the terrifying boost of the Bursting Qi Technique, the power of this move increased several fold.

At that moment, Ling Chong no longer saw Ling Xiao before him, but instead a burning meteor!

It was a fierce tiger flying in from the horizon!


Without any fancy tricks, fist and palm collided with a brutal crash.

The advantage of the Advanced Martial Arts Giant Spirit Palm lies in power and momentum!

And the advantage of the Falling Star Fist is likewise in power and momentum!

A collision between a giant deity and a falling star!

With the aid of the Bursting Qi Technique, Ling Xiao brought the eighth form of the Falling Star Fist, "Heavenly Fire Raid," to a level that even Advanced Martial Arts would shy away from.

To put it plainly, Advanced Martial Arts are just more powerful, but if the power of Intermediate Martial Arts were multiplied several times over, the gap would practically disappear.

"Crack... Crack..."


Ling Chong let out a miserable howl as his arms were directly broken by Ling Xiao's terrifying power, sending him flying out afterwards.


The flew Ling Chong crashed into a wall, spewing a mouthful of fresh blood and his eyes became confused.

"He's not dead, is he?"

Even Ling Xiao was startled by the power, truly afraid he might have killed Ling Chong on the spot.

If he really had killed him, Ling Jiu would definitely come after him to fight to the death, because killing and injuring were two entirely different concepts.

"No! Impossible! How could my Advanced Martial Arts lose to you, how could it!"

Ling Chong wasn't dead. He slid to the ground and struggled to stand up, but his arms hung useless at his sides, unable to be lifted.

He shook his head frantically, totally unable to accept this outcome.

Another move!

Ling Chong was defeated by Ling Xiao with just one move, again!

The disciples of the Ling Family on the scene were all breathing rapidly with tension.

They found it somewhat unbearable to accept such a result.

In a fight between martial artists of the same level, although the outcome is unpredictable and anyone might win, a defeat in one move is just too hard to accept.

Moreover, the losing party had also cultivated an Advanced Martial Arts known for its strength.

"Good that he's not dead, in that case, I won't accompany you any longer!"

Ling Xiao made sure Ling Chong wasn't dead, then hurriedly left with the doctor.

At this moment, his True Qi was really exhausted. If someone else challenged him, he would have no way to cope.

Watching Ling Xiao leave, a slight twitch appeared on the corner of Ling Yixue's mouth.

This outcome was also unexpected for her.

"Who would have thought that the Bursting Qi Technique combined with the Falling Star Fist could produce a force more terrifying than the Advanced Martial Arts Giant Spirit Palm! This Ling Xiao, he might astonish everyone at the annual competition."

"Sister, what kind of sorcery did Ling Xiao use? How could he possibly defeat Ling Chong in one move?"

Watching Ling Chong being carried away for treatment, Ling Fei felt very envious.

For Ling Xiao had made quite the impression on Ling Yixue by defeating Ling Chong in one move in front of her.

"Sorcery? Hmph, I advise you to concentrate on your martial arts practice and stop daydreaming all the time. You have good talent, and if you were more focused, you wouldn't have lost in the light-work skill competition today!"

Ling Yixue spoke coldly, "Even though both have the Martial Veins Second Layer cultivation, Ling Xiao's True Qi is more robust than Ling Chong's, and besides, he is adept at utilizing the synergy between martial arts. Just now, that punch included the Falling Star Fist, Fierce Tiger Descending Mountain Step, Bursting Qi Technique, and Crimson Sun Technique—all four martial arts. Aside from him, who else can achieve that?"

"This! How can Ling Xiao be so formidable? Has he been playing dumb all along?"

Someone asked.

"That shouldn't be the case. Perhaps he had a sudden epiphany!" Ling Yixue shook her head.

"But where did he get so many Intermediate Martial Arts from?"

Another person questioned.

"I'm not sure about that. However, Intermediate Martial Arts can be bought at auction houses. The ones he's practiced aren't exclusive to any particular school, so it's not too unusual," she replied.

Despite her confusion, it was unquestionable that Ling Xiao was formidable.