Chapter 16 Breakthrough Pill_1

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"Okay, sister, I believe you. So, Brother Ling Fei, shall we start?"

"You don't need to rush me!"

Ling Fei and Ling Xiao both took their positions on the starting line. About one hundred meters from the starting line, two disciples of the Ling Family stood.

The two competitors needed to run around those two disciples and back; the first to return would win.

The process didn't call for soaring through the air or flashy moves, only speed mattered.

At this moment, the eyes of the spectators were all on Ling Xiao, eager to know if he, who had already created miracles twice, could surprise them again.


At the command from Ling Yixue, Ling Xiao and Ling Fei shot out almost simultaneously, one like a swift flying in the sky, the other like a Fierce Tiger descending the mountain.

Only, Ling Fei was in the air, while Ling Xiao seemed to run with the ferocity of a tiger.

"Hahaha, what the hell is this? Does he think he's a tiger?"

"So ugly!"

Some disciples who supported Ling Fei began to laugh out loud mockingly.

Ling Fei was pleased inside too, but he didn't have time to watch Ling Xiao's movements; winning the race was his priority.

The laughter nearly came to an abrupt stop.

Because although Ling Xiao's movements were indeed ugly, his running embodied the ferocity of a tiger, even stirring the air into waves of motion.

The speed at which he ran was by no means inferior to Ling Fei's.

By the time they looped around the two Ling Family disciples, the two were almost in sync, with Ling Fei barely ahead of Ling Xiao by less than a body's length.

However, they all knew very well that Ling Xiao knew the Furious Qi Technique!

If he could almost keep up with Ling Fei without using the Furious Qi Technique, what would happen if he did?

What would it be like?


A gust of wind gave them the answer!

On the way back, Ling Xiao suddenly unleashed the Furious Qi Technique, his body shooting forward like an arrow released from the bowstring, instantly reaching the finish line.

He was a full three body lengths ahead of Ling Fei!

"My God... This! This guy is too insane!"

Someone stood up and exclaimed.

Many more were in a state of shock!

They knew all too well what such speed meant—it would grant a tremendous advantage in combat.

"How did he do it? Brother Ling Fei's speed is extremely fast. Among the disciples of Elite Hall, he's definitely one of the best. How could this Ling Xiao be three body lengths faster than him!"

"This guy is a monster. It's been only two or three days since he entered the Book Collection Pavilion, and he has managed to refine his Lightweight Body Technique to such a degree..."

"It's impossible! Just impossible!"

"How could I lose? How could I lose!"

Ling Fei's face was ashen, and he knelt on the ground, dazed.

It was over. Years of popularity had been ruined, and now he had to give up a Breakthrough Pill.

Was the Furious Qi Technique really that powerful?

He didn't think so; his brother had practiced the Furious Qi Technique before.

His purpose was the same as Ling Xiao's, yet in reality, although the Furious Qi Technique could indeed boost speed and strength momentarily...

The immense consumption that came with it was unsustainable.

What was going on with Ling Xiao?

He couldn't understand it at all.

To use the Furious Qi Technique three times in a row and still appear to have energy to spare? Was this guy a monster?

Whether he could understand it or not, the contest had come to an end.

Ling Xiao had won, and with a clean sweep of three victories, Ling Fei had lost miserably.

"In this contest of Lightweight Body Technique, Ling Xiao is victorious. Junior brother, you truly hide your capabilities well. Here's the Breakthrough Pill for you!"

Ling Yixue took out a Breakthrough Pill and handed it to Ling Xiao.

She knew very well that if Ling Xiao went to ask Ling Fei for it, he would never get it, but she didn't have to ask—Ling Fei would bring it to her.

In fact, because they had entered the Ling Family at the same time, and their talents were roughly equal, Ling Yixue had always paid close attention to Ling Xiao.

However, as the gap between them grew wider, their chances of interaction became increasingly scarce.

It wasn't until today that he seemed to see once again the spirited and ambitious Ling Xiao of the past.

"Thank you, senior sister! So, can I leave now, everyone?"

When Ling Xiao took the Breakthrough Pill from Ling Yixue's hand, his fingers touched the girl's skin.

That instant felt like a jolt of electricity.

This sensation was so special—could this be what a boy expects when he thinks of a girl? Is it the feeling every boy gets at a certain age?

Not bad at all, he thought, wanting to keep holding Ling Yixue's hand continuously, soft and velvety, with a gentle warmth.

This scene made the onlookers practically breathe fire with envy. Ling Xiao gave a faint smile, took the Breakthrough Pill with thanks, and then walked towards the courtyard.

At least today's matter finally came to an end. If things kept dragging on like this, he truly felt he couldn't take it anymore; even the doctor must be getting impatient.

The disciples of the Ling Family that initially blocked the path all stepped aside to give him way.

Such is the dignity of the strong.

Ling Xiao had won against Ling Fei by merit and thus deserved such respect.

"Young master, you're so impressive!"

Far from being annoyed, the doctor actually gave Ling Xiao a thumbs-up, his face full of admiration.

Ling Xiao smiled wryly, wishing she was a pretty little girl instead.

"Let's go, doctor, I held you up for quite a while today. I'll have another reward for you shortly."

"Where do you think you're going, you piece of trash!"

As he was about to step through the gate, two people came towards him, one of whom was Ling Jiu's son, Ling Chong.

He was the same unlucky one whose rib was broken by Ling Xiao with a single move.

Who would have thought that in just a few days, he'd already be bouncing back to life?

"Just went to your place to find you but couldn't. Good, now that we've run into each other, let's settle both new and old grudges. Last time you were disgraceful and ambushed me, young master. Today I'll make sure to beat you until you're searching the ground for your teeth! Oh, and it would be best if I also break a few of your ribs!"

Excitement and malice gleamed on Ling Chong's face. Having been cooped up at home nursing his injuries, he had almost gone stir-crazy.

Not a day passed without him thinking of vengeance!

Not a day passed without him wanting to vent his anger on Ling Xiao.

Even though his father had vented his anger on his behalf in the Book Collection Pavilion, it wasn't enough.

He wanted to beat Ling Xiao himself, and make Ling Xiao a laughingstock in front of everyone!

Last time, he lost in a single move, and the frustration had been gnawing at him.

The person beside him was his cousin, a disciple of the central family branch at the Pinnacle of Martial Veins Second Layer.

Looking at this, Ling Chong seemed to be worried Ling Xiao might run away, so he brought along a helper.

"What's happening here?"

Ling Yixue noticed the situation unfolding here and couldn't help but frown and ask.

"Senior sister, you might not know, but before entering the Book Collection Pavilion, Ling Xiao won against Brother Ling Chong with underhanded tactics, even breaking his ribs. Ling Chong here is out for revenge," one disciple explained.

"Underhanded tactics?"

"Apparently, Brother Ling Chong was lenient with him, and he, not knowing better, launched a surprise attack."

"Do you believe such nonsense? When has Ling Chong ever held back in a duel with someone else?"

Ling Yixue said with a cold laugh.

Although she seemed like a graceful fairy, she dwelt among the mortal world, well aware of human warmth and coldness, and understood some of the internal affairs of the Ling Family.

Ling Xiao's ordeal was something she had also experienced, but since she advanced faster, she encountered it less often.

She had already decided to intervene and help.

Ling Xiao had just sparred with Ling Fei, and his True Qi must have been greatly depleted. Now facing Ling Chong, even if he was capable of fighting, he might not be a match for him.

However, unlike her, there were people who were delighted.

Take Ling Fei, who lost to Ling Xiao, for instance.

The moment he saw Ling Xiao being stopped by Ling Chong, a schadenfreude expression instantly appeared on his face.