1 Supreme Level Longevity Technique

[Host has been detected. Whether to bind the system?]

Aakash looked at the translucent screen in front of him and wondered if this was real or he was having hallucinations.

Aakash was not unfamiliar with the webnovels filled with systems where the protagonist would get a system and immediately or eventually stand at the top of the world.

'Wonder what kind of a system this is? Anyways, what else have I got to lose?', Aakash questioned himself while deciding which option to pick.

"Bind the system.", Aakash softly spoke out.

[Binding the system…. ]

A few seconds passed by with those words displaying on the screen.

'Is this stuck? Why do I feel a bit cheated right now?', Aakash thought to himself while heavily doubting the system's capabilities.

[Host will enter a state of deep sleep in approximately 10 seconds to finish the binding process.]


Aakash who was just sitting on his bed hurriedly laid down and looked at the ceiling while his eyelids suddenly started drooping and he quickly went to sleep.

It was only after 8 full hours that Aakash woke up from his slumber. The first thing Aakash did after waking up was to check the phone beside his bed and look what time it was.

It was already 8:00 AM. Aakash took a deep sigh while saying, "Let's just resume college from tomorrow." Aakash had missed college for almost a month and was ready to resume college from today. Alas, it was not meant to be so.

As for the system, Aakash had already regarded it as some dream that he had. Maybe it was that last tinge of hope that was still burning deep within his heart. He remembered the strange 'dream' that he had last night and called out, "System."

The translucent screen that he had seen in his 'dream' last night appeared in front of him which shocked Aakash for almost a minute before he could even react to what was happening.

"This… Is this… Shit.. It's real. It's reaaal. It's real."

The expression on Aakash's more and more excited as he looked at the screen in front of him.


Skill Deducing system

Host: Aakash Neupane (only)

Skills Deduced: None

Skills Deducing: None


Just when he was the most excited, Aakash remembered his parent's recent death and his excitement faded away as quickly as it came.

'Sigh. If only I could have had this a few years earlier. None of it would've happened.'

'Maybe this is what the protagonist template really is. Doomed to be an orphan.'

The fact that Aakash was much more mature than most 18 year olds and the countless possibilities that he had because of the system made his mood slowly lighten up.

"System.", Aakash called out softly in hope of a response. Alas, his system wasn't all that intelligent like all other systems that were featured in his favorite webnovels.

Aakash was turning a bit disappointed as he had to figure out what this system worked and so on when he noticed two little icons at the bottom-right corner of the screen.

The two icons were of a video and a gift package. Aakash was about to move his hands to try and click when the video icon he had focused on got lit up and an introduction video played.

The video was fairly short but it still made it perfectly clear on how the system worked.

It was basically a skill deducing system as it's name suggested. Aakash was the only host and was the supreme authority. Aakash could use the system to deduce various skills ranging from fairly normal ones such as computer programming, finance and even knowledge on various disciplines of science to bizarre imaginative skills from fictional worlds such as Rasengan, Sharingan, cultivation methods and so on.

It is just that based on the how complex or bizarre the skills were, it took various amounts of time to deduce them.

Aakash was a bit stunned after having looked at the introduction video and his mind started to wander around to various corners of the world.

'What should I deduce first?'

Aakash thought for a long period of time before finally deciding. "Deduce longevity technique."

Since the system didn't require anything to keep deducing skills but time, Aakash had realized that it was only his lifespan that limited him.

The screen in front of him changed and a few lines appeared in front of him.


Skill: Supreme Level Longevity Technique

Deduction Time: 10,000 years

Whether to deduce?


The deduction time listed on the screen in front of him quickly washed off all the excitement that he initially had.

"Is there any lower level longevity technique that I can deduce?"


Skill: God Level Longevity Technique

Deduction Time: 5,000 years

Whether to deduce?


Aakash gritted his teeth while slowly spitting out a few words, "Show me the lowest level longevity technique that I can deduce?"


Skill: Low Level Longevity Technique

Deduction Time: 100 years

Whether to deduce?


Aakash let out a heavy sigh and was about to quit the system panel and planned on thinking of an alternative route when he remembered the gift box icon on the screen.

Aakash clicked on the gift box icon with a dismissive attitude but the outcome of this action only left him with endless excitement.


Congratulations on opening the system start gift package.

You have obtained an instant deduction opportunity.


"System, start deducing the Supreme Level Longevity Technique and use the instant deduction opportunity."


Started deduction of Supreme Level Longevity Technique.

Using Instant Deduction opportunity.

Supreme Level Longevity Technique has been successfully deduced.

Whether to integrate the technique?


Aakash was in daze for a while. He slowly collected himself and softly called out, "Integrate."

An influx of knowledge was input into his mind which made his whole body freeze. What accompanied was a slight stinging sensation throughout his whole body.

This happened for a whole half hour before Aakash could finally relax and breathe a sigh of relief. Aakash had already planned on trying the technique as soon as possible when the system screen suddenly popped up along with a few lines written on it.


Congratulations on integrating the first skill. Prestige function has been unlocked. Host is free to explore more functions of the system.


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