3 Submitting Sci Papers

Aakash entered the cafe and took out a bottle of sprite from the refrigerator while entering the private cabin where his friends usually stayed.

Aakash fist bump with Rohit and Nabin, two of his friends that were already sitting in the cabin while asking, "Where are the others?"

"Ankit had to go pick up his mom and Zenith had some work at home.", It was Nabin who spoke out and answered the question while Rohit was focused more on eating.

Aakash took a few sips of sprite and then proceeded to light up a cigarette. The gang talked about a myriad of things ranging from politics, new technical inventions, recent news about their common friends and so on.

It wasn't until 8 PM that all of them collectively got out from there and headed home. Rohit went back in his own bike while Aakash dropped Nabin home.

The first thing Aakash did after going back home was cook for himself. Aakash's parents had just recently died and according to tradition, he had stopped eating meat, garlic and many such things which had made his food bland.

After having some dinner, Aakash quickly got on his computer and started looking at the latest research papers on computer science.

Computer science itself is a vast subject. Aakash was focused more on AI. Aakash read some of the latest research papers on AI and noted down a few topics that he would be working upon.

It was already 11:00 PM by the time Aakash had finished reading some research papers while noting down enough ideas for him to write papers on.

Aakash had spent most of the either sleeping or using the longevity technique, which was as good as sleeping, so he wasn't feeling really tired.

The first topic that Aakash chose to write a paper on was using dataset condensation techniques to preserve the data efficiency during model training and furnish membership privacy. This specially focuses on mitigating the leakage of sensitive data in Machine Learning.(This paper was actually published by SonyAI.)

Aakash fully focused on the topic while madly typing on his computer. It was obviously very easy for him to write the whole paper. It only took about 2 hours. But what stumped him was the fact that he had to provide a basis for all his work and give various references to anything that might have links to the ideas in the paper that he had written.

Aakash decided to do it later on and went to sleep. The next morning, Aakash woke up at 6:00 AM all thanks to his alarm clock and had a simple breakfast before leaving for college.

College was still bland and very much theoretically oriented and the only reason Aakash had joined college in his hometown instead of going to Kathmandu was because of his parent's death.

Aakash was bored throughout the classes as he was already well familiar with all the topics that were ever going to be taught to a Bachelors level student and even the flaws in these things being taught.

'I don't know if I should continue taking classes. This feels like a total waste of time though.'

Aakash and his friends still hung out at the Tripura Cafe and it was at this very moment that a thought hit him.

'Not everyone gets to have a fairly easy life like mine. Let's see how many people's lives I can change.'

Aakash and his friends soon went back home while Aakash who had been extra motivated by his own thoughts came back home and started crunching on his computer.

The first paper was completed and the work on second paper was immediately started. The second paper was named Bootstrapped Meta-Learning.

It proposed an algorithm which allows the meta-learner teach itself, allowing to overcome the meta optimization challenge. The algorithm focuses meta-learning with gradients, which guarantees improvements in performance.

It was essentially an algorithm that would increase it's efficiency by learning how to learn. Just the paper would probably make waves in the scientific community but the fact that Aakash could already write such an algorithm if he wanted to was even more awesome.

Aakash finished writing both the papers at around 8:00 PM and cooked himself some dinner while checking which journal to publish these two papers in.

Aakash finally decided on submitting to IEEE Access as it was a open access and could be then viewed by anyone for free. This would be beneficial to him as his mail goal was to earn more prestige.

The cost of publishing your paper on IEEE Access is $1,850. Aakash had this money readily available with him. After all, his parents had left quite a bit of heritage for him.

The compensation from their accident had also been credited to Aakash's account recently. It was an airways accident which resulted in the compensation amounting to almost $160k.

It may not seem like a lot but in a developing country like Nepal, it was a sum that most people wouldn't be able to earn in their whole lifetime.

Aakash paid the amount and his article was put up for review. Normally, it takes 4-6 weeks for an article to be published. Aakash knew this and started working on the actual techniques that he had conceptualized in the two papers.

Aakash wrote down two more files with actual implementation codes of the things that he had just written papers about. He was going to patent these implementations in his name and either sell or license it.



Skill Deducing system

Host: Aakash Neupane (only)

Skills Deduced: Supreme Level Longevity Technique, Supreme Level Computer Programming, Supreme Research paper writing skill

Skills Deducing: None

Prestige: 4

Lifespan: 172


'System deduce body polishing technique that can help me reach the best physique.'


Skill: Physique polishing technique

Deduction Time: 100 years

Whether to deduce?


"Start deducing."

Aakash decided not to sleep and started practicing the longevity technique while setting up his alarm clock for 5:00 AM.

In the morning, Aakash went for a run around the neighborhood while thinking of his next plan for prestige. Scientific papers were just a small aspect of his plan to earn prestige.

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