Six Cuties, and All of Them Are Bigshots Book

novel - Romance

Six Cuties, and All of Them Are Bigshots

Green Bean

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It was completely by accident that Su Li got pregnant. No one knew who the children's father was, not even herself. The neighbours' gossip and the pervasive online jokes about the sextuplets made her a laughing stock overnight. Su Li fled to another village and returned with her six children five years later. However, just as she was struggling to raise her children, a mysterious man approached her and claimed to be the father of the sextuplets. "Woman, tell me honestly, who have you seduced these past four years?" By chance, she found out that the father of her children was the most powerful man in the capital. He was decisive and cold-blooded, yet he doted on her so much—the only one he treated in such a manner. The sextuplets were all geniuses, each more outstanding than the last. The eldest son, "I want to study hard and buy a big villa for Mom in the future! Because our neighbor, Auntie Zhang, always brags that her son bought her a big villa!" The second child, "I want to be a singer and sing for Mom every day in the future, because Mom laughs very happily every time she hears that song!" The third child, "I want to learn how to cook well. In the future, I'm going to cook delicious food for Mom everyday. How dare Auntie Gu always say that Mom can't afford to eat in high-class restaurants." … The sixth child, "I want to join a triad. If anyone dares to bully Mom in the future, I'll kill them!" Su Li looked worried. "Children, don't let your thoughts run wild. Study hard, and improve yourselves every day, alright!"


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