1 "Why Not Singing?" (1) | The Reason

Research has shown that most teenagers and youths love music. Medical professionals have proven that it is a medium of relief and mental healing. I fancy music; singing is my hobby. It is a perfect way to express myself.

However, not everyone reasons in the same way I do. For example, my best friend, Asa despised singing. Although she loved it when I made some cash out of singing and took her out for dinner, she used to warn me against singing around her. She never told me why until a day came.

It was my sixteenth birthday. It was also the d-day of the famous yearly singing competition in the university. Asa and I made it to the university just last month. So, it was my first performance in a new environment far away from home. Asa encouraged me day and night but would not be present for my rehearsals. Although I felt sad, I understood her. I wished I knew the reason.

On this fateful day, I was chosen to sing last. I rehearsed to sing 'Try Everything' by Shakira. I believed that the song had the ginger I needed. Before I mounted the stage, I searched thoroughly for Asa but I could not find her ponytail. So, I sang without the hope of anyone cheering me up since I knew no one but Asa. I felt bitter, though did not express it.

Surprisingly, the competition ended and I emerged as the best singer with a cash price of fifty thousand dollars. I was joyous of course. I just wished Asa was there. She would have planned out a party immediately as always.

Just in time, the devil herself called me. I picked it up only to hear her crying. "What happened???" She could only mention the name of the hospital. It only took me nine minutes to get there. When I saw her, I was broken. She told me that her mom was dying and she needed twenty-five thousand dollars for urgent treatment. I ran to the cashier and paid all the bills. Although I am an orphan, I could not bear to see the death of another parent.

What perfect timing! I calmed her down and told her about what happened in the singing competition. She only nodded. I was confused. Then, she began a narration of why she hated singing exactly. She lost her father because her mom sang a composed birthday song to her husband when he was overspeeding. He was called for an emergency of life and death at three in the morning. Since he was a heart surgeon, he felt that telling his wife would not be necessary. So, when his wife called him and sang her specially composed song, he was carried away and had a fatal accident.

I became speechless! I could only comfort her. After a while, the surgery was over and successful. We ran to her mom's sickbay. Asa carefully hugged her and praised her for being strong during the surgery. Then, a thought came to my mind, "Why not singing?" Asa once claimed that one of the songs on my phone was her mom's favorite. I had asked the doctors if music could boost her recovery. They gave me a yes. So, I solemnly sang "God Is Good" by Don Moen. Asa pinched me to stop but instead, I increased my tempo. Before we knew it, her mom sang along. Asa was marveled.

It is been two years now. I can confidently say that I have a caring mother and a darling sister. At present, Asa and I represent the university in different singing competitions. Truly, music is life.

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