Sister, Back-off From MY MAN

An extravagant wedding was taking place in South Korea, the eldest son of the Song family was getting married to the youngest daughter of the Lee family. “We are all gathered today to witness the marriage of Song Ji Hun and Lee Aera. I am duly authorised by law to solemnise marriages according to law of…” "Wow, what a beautiful view!" A breathtakingly beautiful woman, exclaimed loudly interrupting the ceremony. Every guest present there turned their attention towards the magnificent, beautiful voice when they saw her, their eyes widened in shock as if they were looking at a ghost. The woman they all believed to be dead, was now standing right in front of their eyes. She enjoyed their reactions after finally reaching the bride and the groom, the woman first looked at the bride and smiled, "Hey baby sis, are you that desperate for marriage that you would even marry a SECOND-HAND MAN?" Then the woman looked at the groom, and sweetly greeted him, "Hey Husband, long time no see" ... Lee Kiaraa and Lee Aera, are biological sisters but their relationship was so strained, they were worse than step-sisters. In a big conspiracy, which was unknown to Kiaraa, both her parents were killed. When she decided to dig deeper about it, there were attempts to take her life too. Left with no choice and forced by the circumstance, Lee Kiaraa fakes her death to secretly find her parents’ killer. Due to the sudden wedding announcement between her husband and her sister, Kiaraa’s plans are changed and she comes out of her hiding to reveal herself. ... WPC 199 - Gold Prize PS: This cover does not belong to me

Reyram · Urban
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172 Chs


"Wow, but when you would be interning, your identity will be known to all, right?" Kiaraa asked Hwan.

"Yes, the other interns and people involved in the program would be aware of it, but we all will be signing non-disclosure agreement to not reveal our identities to anyone else outside the program. If in future, we end up working in other entertainment companies, then also we need to keep each other's identities a secret. The other people working in the company, who won't be associated with the management team too will never be aware of our real identities"

Song Ji Hwan explained in detail.

"So, wait, the kpop artists, others actors working in that company too won't be aware of your identity?" Kiaraa looked surprised as well as excited.

"Yeah, they won't know. They will only know us by our pen names." Song Ji Hwan confirmed.

"That is so exciting" Kiaraa almost jumped in her seat.