What about me?

Haru thought for a while and decided to ask something, "Have any of you tried 'The Training Ground' and 'Tower Game'?" His mind was thinking about how to solve his problem and he didn't have time to think about the update in Group Chat.

Shinobu: "It's a good place to train. You should try both of them."

Gintoki: "Yeah, it's a good place to relieve stress."

Haru thought for a while and decided to do that after he had solved his trouble first. He didn't want to fight while his dragon was standing hard. He thought for a while and asked, "Kouha, how is your home? There isn't a problem, right?"

Kouha: "I am going to fight the Al-Thamen in our country with my brothers." He was grateful for him to ask this question since it was quite easier to mention it.

Kuroneko: "Do you need help?"

Kouha: "If it is possible then I will be glad for you guys to help."

Luffy: "Then, I will come to help you!" He had gotten bored training all the time and wanted to go on a journey.

Korosensei: "Nyuhuhuhu, I am also curious about your world Ren-kun."

Teppei: "If the octopus goes, then I'll go. Let's go to the black continent later."

Tsunade: "I am sorry. I am the leader of my country. I won't be able to come."

Kuroneko: "Me too. I need to go to school." She knew that even though she had power, she needed to keep it a secret.

Yajima: "I feel that I am too old to fight there."

Gintoki: "I will come. I want to test my Kamehameha."

Shinobu: "Then, I'll go. I am not sure whether I can be of your help." She wanted to go to the other world and also met the other members of Group Chat. She only hoped that the people in another world weren't as perverted as Gintoki, Korosensei, and Haru.

Kouha: "Thank you, Shinobu."

Haru thought for a while and remembered that Kouha's step-mother was very beautiful.


"W - What?!"

Iwasawa and Shiina were started when they heard a loud noise from his table.

"What's wrong, Haru? Did you drop something?" Iwasawa asked.

"Yeah, my bad," Haru said, and looked at his dragon that had stood up once again.


Kouha: "Haru, how about you?" He knew that Haru was powerful and he wanted him to help him. He was also very close to each other and wondering why Haru didn't say anything earlier.

Haru suddenly received a private message from Kouha. He thought for a while and said, "Kouha, do you remember my reward after the quest?"

Kouha: "It's a variation of Light Magic, right? Is there something wrong with that magic?"

Haru: "Yes, the side effect of that magic is very bad."

Kouha: "Side effect? The same as me?"

Haru: "Yeah, you have eaten devil fruit from One Piece, right? How does it taste?"

Kouha: "Terrible. I also have become very weak in the water. It's the same as you, right?"

Haru: "There is an option to erase the side effects of that devil fruit."

Kouha was surprised, "What? Really?" He hurriedly checked the Group Chat and had found the option. He thought for a while and hurriedly erased the water sea weakness on his body. He twitched his lips when he looked at the price of the other option.

Haru: "Have you done it?"

Kouha: "Yeah. Why don't you tell me?!"

Haru: "I thought you knew about it."


Kouha: "Then, you should be able to erase the side effects of your magic, right?"

Haru: "I can do it but I don't have enough points."

Kouha: "What's the side effect of your magic? Depending on the side effect, I will help you when you come to my world."

'Help me...' Haru was speechless and looked at his dragon who didn't stand up. He sighed in relief and knew that he was normal. He thought for a while and didn't mind sharing it with him, "This magic is very powerful. I can destroy every member of Al-Thamen quite easily with this magic." He knew that everyone in Al-Thamen had tasted the forbidden pleasure during their life and it would be easy to defeat them.

Kouha was surprised, "Really? What magic is that? How can you be lucky?"

Haru: "That's why the side effect is also very strong."

Kouha: "Don't keep it a secret. If you really can defeat everyone as you said earlier then I will really help you."


Haru: "No. You can't help me."

Kouha: "Then who can help you? Also what magic is this?"

Haru: "Ugh... the side effect is quite strange but the magic that I have gotten is 'pleasure magic'."


Kouha: "Pleasure magic? Really?"

Haru: "If you forget to watch the 'Fairy Tail' anime or read the manga again or you can directly read the description in the store. It is used by Larcade Dragneel."


Kouha replied after he had read the information about this magic, "Damn, this magic is powerful but...."

Haru: "Yeah...." He also helped with this magic.

Kouha: "Hahaha, isn't that good? You're a harem protagonist! That magic is very suitable for you."

Haru: "...."

Kouha: "So what's the side effect? Do you need to have sex every day?"

Haru: "....."

Kouha was speechless, "Really? You need to have sex every day?"

Haru: "That's the gist of it, but I need a woman to help me."

Kouha: "Hahaha, that's funny. Is it only a woman or is it alright with me? I am more beautiful than a girl."


His dragon twitched a little and he took a deep breath before he replied, "Don't joke around!"

Kouha: "...I am not joking."

Haru: "....."

Kouha: "I am joking."

Kouha: "But you can come, right? Please....." He added a cute emoticon to asking him to come to help him.

Haru: "I know."

Kouha: "Then, I'll wait for you."

Haru: "Good. Tell me when you're going to fight Al-Thamen."

Kouha: "I know."

Haru and Kouha talked for a while before they ended the chat. He sighed and calmed himself. He saw that the bread was almost empty and thought to close the cafe before suddenly he saw a black luxurious sedan parked in front of his cafe.


Haru saw a girl that he had seen yesterday, "Kirari?"




Haru looked at his dragon again and decided to accept it rather than hide it.

Shiina was curious and decided to peek at what was under the table until she saw something very big hiding inside his pants, "Is that a weapon?"


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