There's only one reason!

Cecelia sighed tiredly and looked at the long stone stairs in front of her. "Why are the stairs so long?! It's also so hot!" Even though she held an umbrella, she could feel the heat of the sun which was so unbearable for her. Compared to the summer in London, the summer in Tokyo was so hot that she thought that she was almost dead.

Laura shook her head and said, "You lack exercise." But even so, her face was full of sweat because of the sun.

"I'm not a gorilla girl like you," Cecilia said with a snort, but then she blushed and said, "Also, with how weak I am, Haru will protect me."

Laura snorted and responded. "If you want to become his woman, you should be able to protect him!"

"Well..." Cecilia thought for a moment then nodded. "That might be true." But then she sighed and asked, "I wonder where he is now."

"He's going to go back, what are you worried about?" Laura snorted, but inwardly she was also worried about Haru, wondering when he was going to come back.

When Cecilia and Laura kept talking, Houki, who was walking in front of them couldn't handle it anymore and asked, "Why are you two here? I am busy with the preparation of the festival, you know?" Her aunt had asked her to become a dancer on the Kagura dance during the festival, but suddenly Cecilia and Laura called her and told her that they were going to help her. Even though she was confused at why they decided to help her, her aunt agreed without hesitation since they lacked helpers right now.

"Huh? Didn't you ask for our help?" Cecilia said with a displeased expression.

"Yeah." Laura nodded with a displeased expression and asked, "Didn't you ask Charlotte to ask us for help for the summer festival?"

"You should be grateful that two IS pilot representatives have decided to help you." Cecilia cast a contemptuous gaze and asked, "Why don't you say a thank you to us?"

"Well, I'm also curious about the summer festival in this country too..." Laura murmured as she observed the number of stalls in the surrounding area. She felt it would be great if she could walk around together with Haru in this summer festival.

Cecilia also felt similarly to Laura since it was her first time to come to the summer festival in this country. Unfortunately, Haru wasn't with them, which made her sad.

Anyway, Laura and Cecilia were practically free and they had nothing to do. They also didn't have any intention to practice since they were all bored, so when Charlotte told them that Houki asked for their help for the summer festival, they didn't have hesitation and decided to help.

"But this Japanese shrine is surely amazing, how old has it been again? Centuries ago? I'm surprised that it is still in a good condition," Cecilia said while observing the shrine in front of her with amazement.

"Humu!" Laura nodded and said, "I can feel the Japanese soul from this shrine."

The area of the shrine was large and it was located on the top of the hill so they could see the surrounding areas. It was also surrounded by a lot of trees which caused the temperature to become slightly cooler even though it was in the summer.

As they arrived at the top of the stairs, they could see a long "Sando," which was a road to walk toward the shrine. There were also various other important ornaments and buildings that were built on the top of the land from stone lanterns, sculptures of the guardians of the shrine, purification places, worship places, the main hall of the shrine, and several others.

Even if it was for the first time, Laura and Cecilia came to this Shinto shrine, they could tell how grand this shrine was.

Still, as they marveled over the shrine before them, Houki's voice caused them to stagnant.

"Huh?" Houka was confused and asked, "I did?"

"..........." 2x

Cecilia and Laura looked at Houki at the same time in silence and somehow they had some premonition in their hearts.

"Um... Houki-san, Charlotte didn't call you?" Cecilia asked softly.

Houki shook her head and said, "No, you two suddenly called me and told me that you were going to help so I came to pick you up. As for Charlotte, I didn't know anything."

"What's happening?" Laura was confused.

Cecilia's brain moved at the fastest speed and her instinct told him that there was a big conspiracy that happened around them. "In other words... Charlotte lied to us so we wouldn't go back?"

After the training camp event, Cecilia, Laura, and Charlotte lived in Haru's house together so it was weird when Charlotte suddenly told them not to go back.

"But why?" Laura was confused.

Houki frowned and said, "There might be a reason why Charlotte didn't want you to go back?" She also knew that Cecilia, Laura, and Charlotte lived together in Haru's house. Personally, she also loved Haru's house and even imagined her future to live with him, have a child together there, and had a passionate action... Cough! Cough!

Houki suddenly felt that her face was burning at that moment.

"A reason why she didn't want us to go back...?" Cecilia murmured before her eyes were wide open. She, without hesitation, turned and ran. "I'll go back first! Houki, sorry, I won't help you!" She dashed and left the flabbergasted Laura and Houki.

"Wait! Wait! Don't leave me!" Laura quickly chased after Cecilia.

Houki was also startled, but then her eyes wide opened since she realized that there was only one reason why Charlotte didn't want Laura and Cecilia to go back quickly. "...Has he returned?" She also wanted to follow the two girls, but she stopped and snorted, thinking that she shouldn't chase after them and it should be the other way around. "Hmph! I won't forgive you if you don't meet me later!" Also, she also felt conflicted about her feelings, especially when she thought about Ichika. She furiously shook her head at this moment. Luckily, her aunt told her to wash her body to purify her soul and body, so without hesitation, she poured the cold water into her hot body since she was afraid that she would be burnt.


Haru and Charlotte tested the quality of the bed inside his room, and personally, they were satisfied with it.

"Don't go, alright?" Charlotte said meekly as she leaned on Haru's chest.

"I'll stay here. You don't need to worry." Haru caressed Charlotte's forehead and bangs, causing her to purr cutely, but suddenly his expression changed. He quickly hugged her and hid below the bed.

"Wh - What?!" Charlotte was startled when Haru suddenly hugged her body. She was still tired after testing the bed for several hours, but if he wanted to do it again, then she didn't mind.

But who would expect part of Haru's room to explode?


"................" Haru and Charlotte.

They saw a huge hole appear in his room and they saw two Infinite Stratos hover in front of the hole of his room.

"Hohoho..." Cecilia laughed while staring at Haru and Charlotte who were covered in a blanket and smiled. "It's been a while, Haru." Even though she was flushed when she saw Haru's body, this time, her smile was so cold that it could freeze anyone who saw her smile.

"Even though you're my wife... even though you're my wife..." Laura was already broken and her face was so red that there was even a lot of smoke that kept coming out from her head, especially when she saw Haru's naked body together with Charlotte, who was also naked.


Haru and Charlotte could only look at each other with a bitter smile at this moment, thinking that they might have a long day.

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